Thursday, June 28, 2007

Transformers Premiere

The day been waiting for , Transformers .. more than meet the eyes.

was excited about this day premiere on 27th instead malaysia showcase it on 28th.

Even benfore the show started , can see all the transformers die hard fans waiting impatienty for the show to starts.

since is a premiere, the cinema did a very tight security , not allowing phone ,camera or even laptop to go inside. When the show started , all the fans were clapping hands and shouting , as i think all the people in the hall had the same common.

at the first sence , the first robot to be in transform is Blackout , Oh my god... as soon as the forst tranformation, again ,the transformers fans were shouting n clapping hand for it .. and of coz goes same to me as well. and after that for almost 15 minutes , don know why.. i jus cant hold my tears , and even my whole body were sweating , this is the moment been waiting for actually.. since last year been counting down .

Infact, everytime , every robots that appear , the crowds cheers n clapped , every robots that transformed the crowds cheers n clapped , when Optimus Prime first appeared, everyone cheers n clapped , when opitmus prime change to robots mood , everyone cheers n clapped . when they heard they say about " Autobots , Roll out "... " One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall".... " More Than Meet The Eyes " , goes the same , the crowd cheers n clapped , and of coz from that every single moment, i jus not me anymore , i just join in the crowds.

Tranformers movie will hit another block buster not jus in Malaysia i guess .. and u can imagine in TransMy there are over 1000 fans members, for wat i heard from few feedback of the members, minimum they will watch it at least 5 times .. well, i think it will break the recored of Spiderman 3 .... and for sure goes same to me , i will watched more than 5 times as well.. or 10.


wmw said...

I got to catch it, thanks to you! I wanna see it again!

catsndogs said...

haha ... thanks for accompanying. anyway.. will be watching again tuesday morning :P