Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Taiwan trip @ place

okok ... first session just a roughly about food , infact there's more food that i had taken , somehow managed to show few pics . Anyway , here just again a brief one will do about some interesting places i drop by :

Yuan Shan hotel 園山大飯店 , one of Taiwan famous hotel whereby usually when some VIP guest will be staying. Of course i don mean me... ah hemmm :P

when first walked in .. the impression people first time will be "WWOOOoooooooooo..... " . This hotel in the early days were actually shine where run by the Japanese.

Xi Men Ding 西門丁 ﹐a place where lots of youngsters hang around during weekends , here , you can find the latest updated trends , hip hop style ... yoyo style .... is a lovely place for youngsters. That's also where every single night we drop by besides 市林夜市 Shi Lin night market.

故宮 , Gu Gong , a palace where store lots of Chinese ancient stuff , also known as a national muzeum. You will be surprise seeing all the luxurious old stuff. But there's a saying that many of the stuff inside got missing , stolen by own country people... :P

自由廣場 , time square ... the name just changed lately. This is the reason why x-president Chen lost his vote gau gau.... and it was their selection day when i was at their country. well .... politics , never ending stories.....

101 Tower , used to be the tallest tower when Dubai took over the name of tallest.... well, there's never a tallest. People like to get the tallest , the biggest , the longest...... well , records are meant to be broken till end of the day.

Taiwan people do similar as japan , enjoy goin to onsen , especially when winter time .. it help to de-stress :) , at Yang Ming San 陽名山 where you can find a lot of Hot Spa. Some even provide rooms for couples , hot spa cum accommodation. Is cheaper stayin at hotel actaully... :P

Jiu Fen 九份 ﹐so called little shanghai , basically there are lots of winding road. In the early , here is famous for mining , and you can find all the shops were like attached together along the wall. A place more like frazer Hill , but here is colder , the strong wind really blown u away.

Found an interesting places deep deep a corner .... Condom world. kekeke .... Bryan were so happy found the Kungfu long lost secret recepi where you will learn many styles... Lifestyles.. ahahaha. Too bad he aint going to lend us.

Yeh Liu Geopark 野柳公園 ﹐a beach area where a lot of different kinds rocks which caused by wind and splashes of sea causing the specialty of rocks. One of the highlight is a look alike rock of Queen Elizebert side face.

However , just a short trip for me, but i'll definately be back for 2nd time because there's still lots of places i haven been , this is not the main point ... the main and strongest reason for me to back there because ...... I CAN BUY SHOESSSS again.......

Taiwan trip @ food

Finally my 2008 first trip ... TAIWAN . I don't know where will i be heading next , but before that , just focus here shall we. Basically what's so special if you ask people about Taiwan , for sure you will get same answer... FOOOOOOOD , lots of lots of hawker stall. And even for my trip this round , i don think i had a proper meal or rice for dinner or nasi lemak for my breakfast either....

Everyday morning a simple one.. will walk everywhere , anywhere to look for food , where ever we feel hungry there's always stall next to the street. Some of the food we ate :

my favourite ... I cant translate into english , it just go straight into my tummy. Inside the bread it filled wit vegetable , they call it.... Taiwan pizza :) . In Taiwan , many people dies coz of cancer , main reason because most of their food are deep fried n oily .... hey, what the heck , i' m on holiday , will do my diet after back KL... :D

A very temptation stall where can find it everywhere , usually they are very flexible moving the stall here n there anytime.

Shi Lin night market ( 士林夜市 ) a very famous night market in taiwan where for food lovers , that is the paradise , a place for everyone sure must drop by , and we even went there every night for supper . A very famous special bread where covers and makes it like popiah .....

This is also ShiLin night market famous ' Ho Chien ' ...... Basically , there are more than 10 small stalls, if u ask which is better , well..... they are about the same.

Pasar malam in SS2 do sell uncle Bob fried chicken... the main concept origin from Taiwan , and wait till you taste the really original crispy fried chicken from Taiwan , and u will be surprise to know that inside the chicken filled with bacon and cheezeeeee... :P , ohh noo, hungry now.

taiwan smelly beancurt , "chow tau fu" ..... it smelly outsite but yummy when u eat it ....

In Taiwan , you can easily get any 'ABC' .... but the best part of it is the ice , where it is totally different from Malaysia , they ice seems to be very very smooth , it's really melt when u spoon into mouth.

They called it 棺材麵包 , coffin bread ..... the best part is when seeing the lady bake the bread n then fried it , then cut slice open the open n put all the gravy inside , and taste yummy yummy too....

Dumpling ... one of Taiwan famous food , everyone loves it , it just totally different from other places...

A special mixture of all red bean and yam , is nice to take it especially during cold weather ......

A very local dishes at 'Dan shui' 淡水 , ah geh ... that's what they name it. They have normal ah geh , abalone ah geh and back pepper ah geh ....... which i prefer black pepper ah geh. Ah Geh.. tau fu filled wit some fish paste where inside with noodle. Even the Prime Minister of Taiwan also been to this shop for this local food.

Night time at Taiwan , Beef noodle stall are pretty famous... and cheap cheap cheap ....

Taiwan sausage ..... you can find at Malaysia , wait till you see the size over here .....Size does matter , so do the taste :)

Every day , every night , every minute every second .... is all about food. And maybe because of the weather and the tummy easily get hungry with no time limit. for me i think Besides bangkok , Taiwan is another food paradise consider nice and cheap ......

next , will blog about few places i been ..... to be Continue

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

unexpected event

A lovely Monday morning , sun do shine brightly an hot , but as we all know Malaysia weather cannot be trusted. 2008 starting events for cash converters for 2nd consecutive year , and last year my first event was actually cash converters , therefore this event really means a lot to me.

As this year they wanna to be outdoor at MInes Beach resort BBQ , things sometimes just cant predict , noon when we arrived is still having hot weather , but that does not last for long when a dark clouds blowing to our direction in a very fast movements. And then without any preparation it just suddenly rained ..... heavily. But that does not stop us from continue the event.

So ,with our backup plan which is to move back to the shelter place nearby the cafe area , however things still goes smooth as we plan. We started with a cool Capoeira dance , well basically Capoeira is more a Brazil martial arts + street dancing , is both mixture and make it a perfect fight. And if anyone notice a commercial of 100 plus where a guy performing Capoeira inside the water , well.. check this out where he perform live.

Eventually they did the starting performance , it was merely a short performance , but it got a lot of applause from the crowd. After that follow by the speech from the company President.

The whole night event we filled with laughters when we play some games , and also we played Cash Converters Beach Idol .... where they had judges like , randy , jackson n paula of coz. During working days , the people were so serious about their work , but when comes to fun time, these people sure know how to have fun. And is really my pleasure to do their company annual dinner , and wish me luck for the 3rd coming year ...... :)

Friday, January 04, 2008

New area to hang around

The project of NZX finally launched on 1/1/2008 , what so special about that place was , it is the first biggest open cover area store in Malaysia , and the developer behind it is actually same as DigitalMall in section 14 , reason why they can put such high A&P for it ...... it basically will be another bangsar area, hmmm... well , not really also. but if anyone been to Bugis at Singapore, more or likely like that.

well, NZX actually located at Ara Damansara , or you can come from the old airport road passing through the Hyatt Saujana . I don understand why they put NZX ( Niu Ze Xui ) and the intention putting this name , but the place was not bad after all , another hangout place ......

next time jus ask... hey wanna go ' CCW ' for drink ... ??? ' Cow Car Water' ...... okok fine, is just direct translation of NiuZeXui , i'm typical china-man maa....

canopy setting up to sell Chinese New Year stuff like flowers and vase , greeting cards , cookies...
heheheh , apartment behind is where i stay ,call me for yumcha if come over la :D

at least people will not afraid of getting wet if rains ...

VCD & DVD .... don ask if they are original or pirated

shirts for men n women , but i guess women shirts are more , see ..see... girl business is good to earn .

Toys and lingerie are available also ... wonder what about if toys+lingerie = ____

Tele-communication kiosks is definately can find everywhere , not to mention they started business with IT n telecommunications .

wooo hooo..... Big Apple donut in da house , no need go to Curve anymore :P

This is really cool ... the Kopitiam where you can choose on ground floor 1st or 2nd floor to enjoy your meal n coffee.

Basically, that's not only Kiosks they had ... they even have StarBucks which open the same concept as the Kopitiam. weiwei is the most happy people in the world , incase you cant find her at home...... go to StarBucks to look for her. Since kiosks opened , latest before Chinese New Year , more kioks and the shops around will open as well , and i'm sure this area will be crowded with people during weekends .

For the shops area , what i got to know from the sales site office that what kinda shop will jump in such as Secret recepi , Chicken rice shop , Mcdonalds , 7-11 , 3 banks already in , Dome and some pubs. I guess in future i'll be lazying in the area too , or if happen anyone drop by me , or ..... look for me at Starbucks. :D

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

1st blog in 2008


It seems so fast , already the second day of 2008 , this year , i must not waste anytime anymore , must double and triple my effort. And yet i can see will be a real blasting year for me , and i'm wishing all my friends and loves one , family the same.

New Year resolution ?? used to write it down 5 or 6 years ago , but not now anymore ... but that doesn't mean i don't have new year resolution ya..... Just make it simple , since i love travel , i will make my new year resolution go traveling. Actually 2007 i had been a good boy as i didn't go travel any place. Is kinda hard , seeing friends travel and i had to stay back due to my own commitment or maybe is my resolution at 2006 , saying not to travel for 2007 and concentrate on my work , i can proudly say , yes i done not easy though.

okok ... i think i knew what is my 2008 resolution for the 1st quarter, TRAVEL...... and in fact i already decided to go Taiwan on 11/1 .... ticket booked as well , bagpacking ... :D . And then March , probably will attending friends wedding in Bangkok. Hmmmm... that's my short term resolution plan :P , after that only will plan for my 2nd quarter resolution.

And of course , will arrange my time for being able to travel and then not loose focus on my work , that's what i call Absolute Pleasure ....... :D