Friday, December 15, 2006

White Christmas coming......

I know i should have blog in a little earlier about december , well , u know laa , always conqured by laziness. Anyway , December is about Xmas ..yea. wat can u think of ... Present exchange , Santa & Santarina , Rudolph the red rose rain-deer , Frosty the Snow man ... and let me introduce to my 2 years old Xmax tree

My 2 Years old Xmas Tree

However my Aunt n cousins drop by our house to pay us a visit, and is been quite long didnt seen them, especially my nephew. As many people like to say this " Waaa... U grew up so tall already ah" .... that's wat jus the same i told them. Wat really surprised me was , they can even play a good mahjong as this i had been trying to learn for years. And sitting there hearing them keep on shoutin "PooNG"... and then " Goong"... This really amazed me. i think i should take up classes by now. Hope till when come to CHINESE NEW YEAR , i can be ready to go to battlefield. My nephew,King of Mahjong age 12 ,16 , 11