Monday, July 30, 2007

3 years old Birthday party

" Open the door , i promise i will not be naughty barbie again......... "

" wu~~~wuuu~~~~ is cold inside ahhhh ....... "

" okok , i promise i will go to the party and be good girl ....


Among so many events i did , this is one of the most challenging , not big but kinda pretty hetic , is a 3 years old little girl birthday party . His dad love the 2 kids so much that his son when age of 3 had the bday party on the cruise , and this time is his daughter , age 3 , Elaura lau .... a little girl who love barbie princess n Barney so much that his dad wouldnt mind spending the money asking me to look for princess barbie , Barney the purple dinausor , mingle clowns , magician for her daughter birthday party , photographer and even videocamera man to shoot the entire events.

The Barbie princess cake was from Just Heavenly , once thanks again Nigel for making such lovely cake , after the cake out , everyone sang birthday song , everyone took photo of the cakes , and then the cake being cut n served , people were fall in love wit the taste of the yummy chocolate favour cakie. One day before the event , i have to collect from nigel place since they don open on sunday , and made me have to clear all the stuff inside my fridge .

how lucky for Elaura having such wonderful parents , they told me once , they don have such memory when they were young, so now they will give a nice n lovely bday memory for their kids. Will you be spending this kinda money for your future kids ?? what will u do for your 3 years old child birthday in future ??? :D

Adorable Alaura ( above ) and the princess ( below) promise not to be naughty anymore , turned and change into real life princess :D , since we cant call her jus princess , so we named her ...errr...... Yen , Princess YenYen.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Dancing Bumblebee

In Transformers movie , the guardian bumblebee for Sam sure looks damn cute , and before the movie everyone was complaining about bumblebee for not being himself as in genaration 1 bumblebee , that's the wagon instead of camero. But after the movie , bumblebee tends to be very famous coz of his outstanding performance , he don't talk , but he can dance , he can pee-pee to human , he can transformed to new Camero 2008 , he even put on his tears even break apart at the end ......... if there's "Transformer AWARD " among all the robots..

2007 ..... Transformers robots in disguise Best Actor goes to ... * drum rollssssssssssssssssssss............... *

BUMBLEBEE .................

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lunch at Yik Kee, Karak

Early morning me and Foo sending Giovanni , my YE ( youth exchange ) from italy to his 2nd host family which is located in Pahang. (well, will blog about that guy later ) .

After sending him we decided to back to KL , but then we intended to have our lunch at Karak , a small town which filledwith lovely food. I almost forgot when is the last time me and Foo travel out-station hunting for food. Me n foo love to travel to other states all the time when we were in our work, of coz not forgeting food also , usually we love to hunt for half bolied eggs wit hainan bread for tea time , from north till south malaysia.

ok ok ... so , back to Karak , we stopped by a restaurant called Yik Kee , for sure is not the same as the one at KL. When you reached Karak town, can be easily identified.

What made me most wanna try is the Yam pastry ( wu kok ) , and th restaurant famous Durian Pastry. The Yam pastry , one thing really i look into it is the Yam weather hos soft , and i can guarantee that this is also one of the finest n bestest Yam pastry i had tried. And for the durian pastry , i not sure about others , but for sure this is my first time, and the taste .. that's why Foo also bought 4 for his families n i bought extra 2 :D , it is best if can eat it in hot.

here is wat the boss recommanded us , one of the famous wantan soup , infact they had a big prawns wrap up. and later realized everyone came into the shop do ordered each self a bowl of wan tan soup.

since we are not too hungry , We ordered just a plain duck noodle for 2 person , infact , the duck was way too crispy that i dont actually love to eat duck , but this plate of duck noodle really made me irresistable.
after the lunch , felt little unsatisfied , so might as well we did some take away of the durian paste. I think if next trip i do go to east coast , for sure i will drop by for lunch , OR alternate ways is to go to their other branches , that is the main branch in Karak, they have others branches in Klang Valley , which i think i might go there for a try in near future.
Yik Kee Restaurant
Karak : No.29, Jalan Besar , 28600 Karak , Pahang
Tel : 09 - 231 1240

KL : No38, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman , TTDI ,60000 , KL
Tel : 03-7277 3240

Sunday, July 22, 2007

what's friend for ...

well , we used to hear " i scratch ur back and u scratch mine " .....
Even monkeys do the same thing .... itchy itchy yaa..ya...yaa..yaa....

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Everyday is Felari day

Since Shell came out wit the six different type of Ferrari , was thinking going to collect it , but my dad was even faster than me , call me up said he already bought 2 , so we just thought why don we filled up all our 3 cars petrol n get all the models car. :)

It will so great if have all the 6 real cars in real life , driving every single one's a day....

Monday till Wednesday - Enzo Ferrari , Ferrari F50 n Ferrari F430 . Since is a working day and need to meet-up some clients , a proper car will give a proper impression.

Thursday and Friday - Ferrari 360 Spider and Ferrari Superamerica , since weekends is coming , and will be great for going up clubbing area picking up some cool friends around. and Saturday will drive along Ferrari F2005 model , have a speed at sepang circuit .....

some might say is jus a dream laa , but the worst things and scary part is , people living in the world without any dreams ......... " wait , sorry for interuptting, what about sunday ? " ... ... " wat car to drive " .















Latest "Ferrari tut-tut 2007 " , where you can drive your family and love's one around at the nearby park.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Joey .. Love and being missed forever

she's been a great kiddo since first day came to our family

She's been a playful kiddo and yet smart enough

She's very intelligent and always not being a naughty ones

She's always makes us happy n cheer us up eventhough we scolded her

She's always like to enjoy herself inside the aircon room

She's always step to the gate on sunday morning hints us to bring her to the park

She's always like to join us for durian session when saw us home wit big durian

She's always snatched Snowy food even though we gave her enough food , bringing other's food to a side of corner , enjoying herself ...............

She's like to go under the table when heavy rains

She love to stay under my pc table when i'm working

She enjoying my leg massage over her body .....

She will be Missed and Loved ... in our family .. Merrories .... always ,...forever ...


Thursday, July 12, 2007

July's Thoughts

2007 , half year gone , what had i achieve so far , at least i need to have self check for myself. Looking back to my List , things had been goin on as scheduled.

1) About Lifestyles , at least i still commit to myself , my team n my boss (kekeke) where helping them as usual and least meeting them one a week for gathering and group check. And this does not affect my income although it had been slightly reducing, but hey.. least i still got royalty to pay my car n my condo. ( checked )

2) when i started my new company A.P.E , i didnt axpect to done it so big , as usual , mayb jus supplying bands for wedding function ,supply to some events company , but don kow when , and have to thanks my partner, Shah, came into the company , and don know how or since when we started to get involved in more projects , some are really big company and i totally jus like dreaming , and what came to unexpecteation is to involved in the Robotcon events , and then started to give A.P.E another new dream n targets. ( checked )

3) Travel , is wat i love to do , and planned to do annualy, regardless where , local or other countries. And supposingly i planned to go japan this year but then later i found that for the past few years i had been having too much fun ,and is time to do something different. which i had to focus on A.P.E ( un-checked )

4) health concious is something my family always kept mentioned to us, well, even weiwei also always keep on reminding me, not to forget always she will tell me stories wat happen at hospital and the death caused by high blood or diabities these days no more old people but the younger had the privaliege too. and of coz i knew how important it is , and i don say i'm 100% healthy , but at least i still remain my activities, went for Kiara hills walk or jog least 2 to 3 times a week , and glad that now finally found someone who can walked along with, and also my mission to help him to loosen some weight . ( checked )

However there's also few unforseen incident happened , it was really a challange for me when my grandma hospitalised suddenly and in coma, and it was the day before the robotcon events. And all our family was in a panic situation , especially my dad , knowing how he felt , been doin some talking to him , hope he can be more stronger and as a elder brother among of his 6 , somehow he is tough ..... and started from that moment , i felt like i have even bigger responsibilties , a lot of things struck to my minds in this short period . i know is not nice feeing to lost someone , and many of the times we don wish to happen , but somehow at the age of 80 .. there's nothing we can do when seeing her lying on the bed. Doc did his best we knew .... now , is jus waiting for time. but as what our family had meeting on it and to understand the situation , and also to prepare for it.......

well , lastly .... failed my japanese intermediate 1 exam .. OMG... no excused for this. KNN ..... :D

Friday, July 06, 2007

TV9 Transformed into No.2

Got a call from Toy Wokers , they being invited to Cinelessure ..AGAIN by TV9 , reason ??? Since TV9 having a private Transformers screening , they invited Toy Workers there to set up the booth to display the toys , infact turned out all toys were sold out 70% . However i was honor being invited by Toy Workers where allowing APE-D-Bots to be there as apperance and also for the lauching of their turning into No2 station in nationwide TV

i think this is the how many times i also forgot i steped into cineleisure for the past 1 month , happ as well to involved into transformer events, even more happy to watched again for FREE.. i think include this one will be my 4th time ... and i know few more to come. These days we been memorising the script almost to nearly 80%.

And i must say , from today onwards i will pay more attention to Tv9 , so surprising that Tv9 turned to be Malaysia 2nd largest station view by nationwide , followed by TV3.

well, i don mean to be rude , who says toys only for kids or guys , some of the pretty ladies here also bought their favourite toys , and what even more surprised they say " i wanna hold this around in arms , telling people where i bought it ".. phewww.. free advertising for Toy Workers , and infact , Toy Workers shop's reputation had now even grow higher , much much higher . You know wat to do la later, dai lou ......

Again , this is what my next project will be transformed ......shortly .....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Leo KLCC turned 10th

" another 10 years passed , is a miracle, and i'm sure our club will still make another miracle in 10 years "

That's roughly my sms quote when MinHan message asking me send something for the club. i thought mine was short , but CheeYee was even shorter than mine. Guess who's the longest message sent.... non other than Father Robert Heng, Amen . i think non of us managed to finihed reading Father Robert message... :P ( mind to write again show us ahh )

our club had a lovely 10th anniversary at Bon Ton restaurant , jalan Conlay, next to Prince Hotel. many of out past prrsident attented this lovely 10th anniversary , some of our members even rush all the way from Singapore . sooooo touched.

i have to say the food there was great as i took the fish set with mashed potatoes , salad wit cheese. i think i was too extremely really hungry that when the food came i jus ate n forgot to snap teh lovely pic. i think for food bloggers even how hungry they still will snap photo huh.. don they ????? so, i still not qualified a food blogger. wahahaha.....

the environmen there was indeed very cozy and i would say is a lovely place for gathering, small gathering i mean , and this short lovely evening really turned up a meaningful eveing to the club.

Our 2nd Past President Leo Jason performing his GuZhen skills... damn shiok

The most lovely band , Elaine n Soonyean , if i tell u guys the had nothing ... u have to believe me, they are really nothin.

NO no.. honestly, we are really playing chicken games song ... really , trust me

SoonYean came out wit most touching moment , " Late NIght wit Leo SoonYean " ... he gave his 4 pages long speeches. i mean i can felt that is not jus a paper writing, but truely inside his heart. wat caught me most from his word was ' the day we had together in club, the moment we had been cheerish , the fun , the laughters ........ " . i was so touched n almost wanna tears drop n went to hug him... what i can say ,Soonyean although you didnt see him much attending the club meeting, but he sue is the man behind the club supporting the youngs one.... stay the spirit n fire on ya.

Leo CheeYee , our 4th Past President wit her lovely baby n hubby along to the anniversary dinner.

The Young and Old groups of Leos , together we stand ... more stronger.

Cake Cutting by current President Leo Zetuan which also his last day duty . i should say he did a good job in his fiscal year of Leo service , and now is Lee's time, and for sure will we always be there to support u. Together will the rest of the Past President and Lions on stage.

the lovely cake from Just Heavenly , is marvellous .
10 years .... my god , cant believe we had gone through 10 years. And i believe KLCC Leo will still remain as strong as before even though in another 5 years.