Thursday, July 12, 2007

July's Thoughts

2007 , half year gone , what had i achieve so far , at least i need to have self check for myself. Looking back to my List , things had been goin on as scheduled.

1) About Lifestyles , at least i still commit to myself , my team n my boss (kekeke) where helping them as usual and least meeting them one a week for gathering and group check. And this does not affect my income although it had been slightly reducing, but hey.. least i still got royalty to pay my car n my condo. ( checked )

2) when i started my new company A.P.E , i didnt axpect to done it so big , as usual , mayb jus supplying bands for wedding function ,supply to some events company , but don kow when , and have to thanks my partner, Shah, came into the company , and don know how or since when we started to get involved in more projects , some are really big company and i totally jus like dreaming , and what came to unexpecteation is to involved in the Robotcon events , and then started to give A.P.E another new dream n targets. ( checked )

3) Travel , is wat i love to do , and planned to do annualy, regardless where , local or other countries. And supposingly i planned to go japan this year but then later i found that for the past few years i had been having too much fun ,and is time to do something different. which i had to focus on A.P.E ( un-checked )

4) health concious is something my family always kept mentioned to us, well, even weiwei also always keep on reminding me, not to forget always she will tell me stories wat happen at hospital and the death caused by high blood or diabities these days no more old people but the younger had the privaliege too. and of coz i knew how important it is , and i don say i'm 100% healthy , but at least i still remain my activities, went for Kiara hills walk or jog least 2 to 3 times a week , and glad that now finally found someone who can walked along with, and also my mission to help him to loosen some weight . ( checked )

However there's also few unforseen incident happened , it was really a challange for me when my grandma hospitalised suddenly and in coma, and it was the day before the robotcon events. And all our family was in a panic situation , especially my dad , knowing how he felt , been doin some talking to him , hope he can be more stronger and as a elder brother among of his 6 , somehow he is tough ..... and started from that moment , i felt like i have even bigger responsibilties , a lot of things struck to my minds in this short period . i know is not nice feeing to lost someone , and many of the times we don wish to happen , but somehow at the age of 80 .. there's nothing we can do when seeing her lying on the bed. Doc did his best we knew .... now , is jus waiting for time. but as what our family had meeting on it and to understand the situation , and also to prepare for it.......

well , lastly .... failed my japanese intermediate 1 exam .. OMG... no excused for this. KNN ..... :D


Lilian Tan said...

hey howhow, failing ur jap intermediate isnt that bad, u can always take it again. Plus it is not the end of the world. I failed mine before but in the end got the full cert but what for?

since i havent been speaking jap for a long time, i have put my cert to waste.

anyway it is always good to keep up with u life thru ur blog.


wmw said...

All things in life happen for a reason. Good and bad. But you will realise that it leads to something good later. Have a blessed 2nd half 2007!

catsndogs said...

lilian : no worries , i'm ok wit that... :D

wmw : blessed to u too ... :)

Irene said...

glad to read your blog and knew that you have managed to achieve most of your goals.. keep up your hard work! gambateh!

wishes you all the best in the coming year..bless you! by the time u become a big big big boss, make sure i am still in your "friend list"!

catsndogs said...

irene : well , even i don become big big boss.. u still in my fren list.. but the problem is... which Irene are u in my fren list.... a i have more than 5 'irenes'.... can be little more specify... :P