Monday, March 24, 2008

F1 2008 Malaysia

yeaaa .... finally the race is over , and this is really unexpected results , i mean for malaysia track , is hardly to predict who will going to win. anything can possible be happen , like Toyota first round being thrown out , Massa engine goes undescribable and never ends the race an so far drivers points is 0 ......for this seasom , a great starts for Petronas BMW and so far construction standings got 19 points , leading by Mclaren 24 points.

Anyway , there's still 16 more circuit for them to race about , will see what happen when mid of the year . What most excited still ... Singpore race track , even had conversation with few of the FIA people , not just me, their own people also cant wait for the day to come. And even got news but don know how true that this might be malaysia last day light race ... means there will be a pissible malaysia will starts night race starting 2009. How true is it ... wil see what happen later laaa.

awwww .... luckily for Yip this year as he had a chance to follow the Safety Car driver on track leading the cars for all the support race during starting . Thanks for him so i had the chance to incharge on the 1st Grid

" Kids ... is important to see left n see right before crossing the road yaaa....... " :) . And also this year i was told to incharged at the Metal Gate where everytime the safety car come in or out i have to open the door.... in short ... Penjaga Pintu ( the gate man) .....

Every year there will be support race before the actualy race starts , this year the FIA include 2 news race which is the Speedcar Race , which is more like US Narcar or Daytona race. And another which is the GP2 race , basically is also F1 car which they used yearsssss ago , just that the only differrent compare with F1 is the engine.

Michelin Porsche race , which used to be a must race for every motosports events , same as any other race , they will follow the tour race and end of the year will pick the winner of Asia Porsche racers.

An unexpected visit by Tun Mahathir when he visited the medical centre when me n siva walked back to our tent after shift. This is my 3rd time seeing Tun Mahathir so close. First saw him at Kiara Hill riding horse early morning when i went for a jog. 2nd time same in 2006 during F1 event and that was his last year as PM. third time at medical center visit at F1 event.... :D

Massa walked out to the track for car parade.

Alonzo being interviewed .... the press said he was neglected this time as he was not as fame as last year , well ...rumours i guess . still i will support u .....

Mr.Handson aka jessen walked back after the car parade.

The famous rookie Hamilton ..... get ready for the race

This is the moment where 2 laps before the race over , u can see all the photographer rush n get a closer to look for a best view to snap pictures. hehehe ... the best view already taken by me laaa..... :P

The crews , the mechanic , the bosses n managers waiting for Ferrari back after the winning.

Kimi had the luck to won the first ..... yet , still , i like ferrari team but don like kimi , a cocky guy ..... i thought i was the only one hate him , "hate" ... i cant figure any words... or maybe let me re-phrase. " i thought i was the only one 'du-lan' him ..... but then many of us , the marshall also have the same way....... "
Why ahh ... long story. to make it short , he got AP.

the winning team 1st Ferrari , 2nd Petronas BMW , 3rd Maclaren
the drivers : 1st Kimi aka du-lan , 2nd Kubica , 3rd Kovalainen

This is the team AT&T sponsor by Air-Asia , and even saw SoonYean boss , mr. Fernandaz walking out the Metal gate before the race starts. is honor for me buka pintu for soonyean boss..... and then i ask his boss send regards to soonyean also. The boss praise u lei.... :P

After the race , the cars have to park at side lined up for medical checkup......

Managed rush on time to see the drivers interviewed ... nice job for Petronas as this is the 2nd time on stage , good luck for Kubica in next race.

ok ok.. kimi .... good good...

KOvalainen ..... a star is born , congratulations but still a long way.
This year ended early as usual each team will have parties on. Didnt join their party for long , but just drop by to greet some drivers. the next thing is to rush back for a nice sleep.

Next round, Bahrain ... here comes the 3rd round.

hehehe ... managed to take the video for starting , before the green lights on, all the racers on preparation.

After the race started , the first round when the drivers pass .. it took only 1 minte and 20 seconds.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Final countdown for F1 weekends

F1 Season just started last week at Aussie land , and it was really really an amazing race for a new season happening at Australia , Especially the starting at pit area when honda bang on others jus at the first turning point.

Not really a fans of Alonzo nor Mika , but i think they have to think for another strategy.. or plan B if they wanna win this season , no doubt is still early to say. Hamilton , the rookie , a future racer to be , will keep an eye for him for this season.....

This week will be the 2nd race at Malaysia SIC ( Sepang International Circuit ) , can't wait to this 2nd race results. trust me ... it will be another amazing race. While can see the crews still busying setting up the tracks and pit area ......

2 hours race .... 1 week preparation ..... night n day....

" STOP day dreaming Nicolazzzy ..... Start working........... "

For this season , Malaysia race is one of the race been waiting for ...and another new track , Singapore race. :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Pleasant Afternoon

" You have to be thinking about the future and investing in the future, or else you're goin to fail "

This is the main point that remain in my mind ,after a lovely afternoon conversation with someone who's a great influencer , and at least , he's my another new idol ....Tan Sri Dato Teh Hong Piow

Starting with own business is totally different compare working for someone, of coz there's nothing wrong working for others , jus that to me, i prefer working 'with' others. Yet , too many things still i need to learn from others and society.

When you're not from a profession field , always learn from zero ... that's how i was taught by someone. Able to lower one's self-estee to learn from zero is always the person i respect most , especailly someone who is elder than me when he ask me to teach and guide them , it made me so tiny and like nobody.

Conclusion , there's no short way . only one way ..... plan and work for it :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Some Shock n some Shiok!!!!!

I think these few days , or maybe weeks , or maybe months... who knows maybe years , the conversation still aroused the matter of this 12th General Election topics. The never ending stories , and wonder what is the most common topic you guys been hearing , as for me .... is the same sam stories as well.

Elaine shared with me about this site , and is kinda funny ... the funniest part was " Some were Shocked and Some were Shiok..... " , What say you !!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Time For A Change

8th March is a big day for the Malaysian , and also an important day , yet it also re-write the history of malaysia over past 40 years. Some cried because of joy and some cried for dissapointment. However , there's not always sunny day.

Malaysia 12th March election day , i missed the past being a bad boy not voting , this year i think is time for a change , for a better tomorrow.

I was amazed when i got news from the north ,knowing the opposition hadnt been loosing since starting counting the votes. Then slowly from Perak site , Negeri Sembilan .... but what i most wanted to know is the results from my area Peatling Jaya Utara, which is 2 parties Chow mee Fun n Pan Cheng Wei ........ when the results out , happy to see the others parties crying :)

The parliment no doubt really needs somone who can voice out if anything goes wrong , someone who dare , someone who cares the community , but not just talk talk talk but no action , or jus being selfish for their own community races , yet Malaysia always put the motto "Peace n Harmony "

At least this year , this decades , we will see how the opposition leads , and of coz , being a citizen , if a new government is not doin their job right or not being satisfied , for the next election , we as citizen also have the rights to change. what we want , a better tomorrow. For those who not voting , please do take a good look what the new government can do , then ..... vote for them , being good or bad.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Warmth OF Spring Concert 08

A project been waiting for long to starts , not like others events i did .. this one i had slepless night , high blood pressure up , kidney almost failure , lung system almost stop functioning .... but luckily managed to survive till monday.

If you ask me how's the show , i would say great to the performace ..... but i do admit still many section i lack of and need to be improve especially in A&P and sponsoring. To rate this i give myself 5 out of 10 .... but i'm glad something i learned from here. And next year , will make it a bigger and better show.

This event mainly is for charity , fund raise to the Lion Club Renal center , working closely with Lions club of Cheras, out mother club. This event idea brought up Last december , is very short n challenging , deducted the chinese new year , we had only... less than 2 month to prepare. means i had not been sleep soundly for 2 months. :D .

" The Warmth of Spring Musical Concert 08 " ...... the preparation started early 1pm , the Leos came to the Actor Studio for help up and rehearsal of staging

Our VIT ( Very Important Talented ) English Emcee , Robbi Heng aka Robarto aka Robert Heng rehersal with our new first timer Chinese Emcee , Tammi-san aka Tammy L or might as well jus call her Tammy will do ..... we had here old n new combination Emcee of klcc.... "The RoTa " group.

We started our ball rolling with first performace , a young talented 9 years old girl with indian dance , was surprisingly seeing her dance in such a professional way , her mom told me she beend doin a lot of hard stunt herself at home... and she's a very polite litte gal , everyone she see.. she greet people. How sweet :)

Then the Rhumba group , the band i been workng with for events , knwoing them can play how professional and knowing them how talented they are. The unique of their group is, the like to have new idea in music , to mixture the music with chinese and western style , also mixture the instruments using western n oriental as well ....

Next is the China Acrobats from Shan Dong , well ..i know they are pro , yet still this is the most worried me performance , a u know laa.. i didnt prepare any medic stanby, if things goes wrong , touchwood n thanks god nothing happen , Pantai hospital is the nearest in bangsar :P . Every performers on stage when acrobating , can heard the crowds expression " WOooooooo...Ahhhhhh....AHHHHHHHHH ....... ". However , knowing them enjoy the performance .

no medic on standby .... i don do claims if any broken plates yaaa....

sweating when the china guy stand on it that high ... as i say , no medic prepared....

Again .... No medic prepared.....

Like i said..... No medic prepared .. and no opener prepare as well incase stuck...

Again .. still... worried.. NO MEDIC PREPARED.....


finally able realised my long long breath after the last show.....

A group of very young talented chinese performance , the came in diffrent backgroup , but with one dreams... to play for the passion , and to perform giving back to the society :)

Zuo Hao with his Guzhen , knowing this talented kid 4 years back when i help out in one of the event organised by their parents. that time he was only 17 , and already can played a perfect GuZhen and ErHu skills , after 4 years , he became more solid and mature in his skills .....

Mrs Sieh and his Brother Xiao Xiang , a very nice andeasy going person who love to sing till their lung out , and then Xiao Xiang even won numerous award in singing contest during 80's , Infact Zuo Hao family n Mrs Sieh are just neighbours .

I think most of the people been wanted to see this face changing , a very specialty and classified as important stunt in china. Malaysia who learned Face changing not much , but what so special about this one ...... she's the first malaysia female face changing or known as " Bian Nian " . and she was not just female but a very young n sweet female . A very talented girl i been working with for others events and surprisingly she been doin more than 1000 shows.

Finally came to the end with a group photo together with the Lions club and KLCC Leos.

As i said .. the show woul not be successful without the help of my gang , the KLCC Leos , here i deeply thanks them bottom of my heart.
Robbert & Tammy --- Always my first choice Emcee list no matter what , The Pro and the incoming future Pros. :)

SoonYean -- I think he witness the whole show in a very nice view , the control room ... thanks buddy for helpin me in last minute even though u mayb cancelled ur dating. And please mail me some nie shots n video clips u took yaa.. :P

Kiwi -- thanks for sweet gal helpin me taking the photos when i'm running around , nice shot and nice position u had ovr there. even without moving off. :P

Ztuan -- Tuan tuan where's ur puan puan , the video guy , also last minute turn up to help me without complaining , although this might be look like pirated video shooting , clamied by him . i'll help you camera-ing during ur wedding lor if u want. :)

Elaine The Hobit -- A very lovely Ursher to count on , coz she will always choose her best lovely sweet helpers and macho young hansome guy to work with.

Grace - A very very millions thanks to the sweet gal on helpin out the stage. The show will not go that smooth without her and her crew , the young Blood from KLCC Leos , you all the best always.... . Like i say , The show is impotant ,but never ever left out the backstage crews . Also i told her , in future if she quits as an Auditor , i will recruit her work as my stage manager or i will introduce her to the events line.. wahahahhhaa

anyone i miss out here....... Lion Foo See Yow , my mentor who always my guidance. THANKS :).

For sure next year , another bigger events , same crew , not same time , might not be same place , or maybe will.... next round if u're not telling your friend about this show. It's goin to be a great loss :)

A short video clip of face changing also know a "Bian Nian "

Sunday, March 02, 2008

How to Market your New Restaurant !!!!!!

Sent by a friend and was pretty funny ....
As figure it out , this is also one of lastest method to do A&P for your new buiness restaurant or... anything and i thin it works. Check it out