Monday, March 24, 2008

F1 2008 Malaysia

yeaaa .... finally the race is over , and this is really unexpected results , i mean for malaysia track , is hardly to predict who will going to win. anything can possible be happen , like Toyota first round being thrown out , Massa engine goes undescribable and never ends the race an so far drivers points is 0 ......for this seasom , a great starts for Petronas BMW and so far construction standings got 19 points , leading by Mclaren 24 points.

Anyway , there's still 16 more circuit for them to race about , will see what happen when mid of the year . What most excited still ... Singpore race track , even had conversation with few of the FIA people , not just me, their own people also cant wait for the day to come. And even got news but don know how true that this might be malaysia last day light race ... means there will be a pissible malaysia will starts night race starting 2009. How true is it ... wil see what happen later laaa.

awwww .... luckily for Yip this year as he had a chance to follow the Safety Car driver on track leading the cars for all the support race during starting . Thanks for him so i had the chance to incharge on the 1st Grid

" Kids ... is important to see left n see right before crossing the road yaaa....... " :) . And also this year i was told to incharged at the Metal Gate where everytime the safety car come in or out i have to open the door.... in short ... Penjaga Pintu ( the gate man) .....

Every year there will be support race before the actualy race starts , this year the FIA include 2 news race which is the Speedcar Race , which is more like US Narcar or Daytona race. And another which is the GP2 race , basically is also F1 car which they used yearsssss ago , just that the only differrent compare with F1 is the engine.

Michelin Porsche race , which used to be a must race for every motosports events , same as any other race , they will follow the tour race and end of the year will pick the winner of Asia Porsche racers.

An unexpected visit by Tun Mahathir when he visited the medical centre when me n siva walked back to our tent after shift. This is my 3rd time seeing Tun Mahathir so close. First saw him at Kiara Hill riding horse early morning when i went for a jog. 2nd time same in 2006 during F1 event and that was his last year as PM. third time at medical center visit at F1 event.... :D

Massa walked out to the track for car parade.

Alonzo being interviewed .... the press said he was neglected this time as he was not as fame as last year , well ...rumours i guess . still i will support u .....

Mr.Handson aka jessen walked back after the car parade.

The famous rookie Hamilton ..... get ready for the race

This is the moment where 2 laps before the race over , u can see all the photographer rush n get a closer to look for a best view to snap pictures. hehehe ... the best view already taken by me laaa..... :P

The crews , the mechanic , the bosses n managers waiting for Ferrari back after the winning.

Kimi had the luck to won the first ..... yet , still , i like ferrari team but don like kimi , a cocky guy ..... i thought i was the only one hate him , "hate" ... i cant figure any words... or maybe let me re-phrase. " i thought i was the only one 'du-lan' him ..... but then many of us , the marshall also have the same way....... "
Why ahh ... long story. to make it short , he got AP.

the winning team 1st Ferrari , 2nd Petronas BMW , 3rd Maclaren
the drivers : 1st Kimi aka du-lan , 2nd Kubica , 3rd Kovalainen

This is the team AT&T sponsor by Air-Asia , and even saw SoonYean boss , mr. Fernandaz walking out the Metal gate before the race starts. is honor for me buka pintu for soonyean boss..... and then i ask his boss send regards to soonyean also. The boss praise u lei.... :P

After the race , the cars have to park at side lined up for medical checkup......

Managed rush on time to see the drivers interviewed ... nice job for Petronas as this is the 2nd time on stage , good luck for Kubica in next race.

ok ok.. kimi .... good good...

KOvalainen ..... a star is born , congratulations but still a long way.
This year ended early as usual each team will have parties on. Didnt join their party for long , but just drop by to greet some drivers. the next thing is to rush back for a nice sleep.

Next round, Bahrain ... here comes the 3rd round.

hehehe ... managed to take the video for starting , before the green lights on, all the racers on preparation.

After the race started , the first round when the drivers pass .. it took only 1 minte and 20 seconds.

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