Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Pleasant Afternoon

" You have to be thinking about the future and investing in the future, or else you're goin to fail "

This is the main point that remain in my mind ,after a lovely afternoon conversation with someone who's a great influencer , and at least , he's my another new idol ....Tan Sri Dato Teh Hong Piow

Starting with own business is totally different compare working for someone, of coz there's nothing wrong working for others , jus that to me, i prefer working 'with' others. Yet , too many things still i need to learn from others and society.

When you're not from a profession field , always learn from zero ... that's how i was taught by someone. Able to lower one's self-estee to learn from zero is always the person i respect most , especailly someone who is elder than me when he ask me to teach and guide them , it made me so tiny and like nobody.

Conclusion , there's no short way . only one way ..... plan and work for it :)


UnkaLeong said...

Fail to plan and plan to fail :)

catsndogs said...

haha... plan or no plan, still have to work for it... :D
good luck for ur restaurant