Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Cave @ PJ

When you're at SS2 PJ , usually what you can find is like restaurant, mamak , hawker stall or a little bit high class like fast food or the korean restaurant. But i was surprise seeeing a new fine dining area at ss2 , The Cave which is same roll as Mcdonalds.

The cave , first struck my mind was... "hahaha , having meals inside the rockie-rockie place , no way..... ". But when i walked in , you can see the sctructure inside , is just like you walking inside a cave for dining. Basically they took 2 blocks n convert the whole building into "Cave".. which i really meant it , jus like you walking into a cave. Wat special about the venue , u can see from outsite , " 24 hours for couples dining". Something really new n fresh in PJ area. Of coz at 2nd n 3rd floor the room is jus like a cave where couples or frens can gathered inside for food and chit chatting , at the 4th floor is more like open concept dining area.

Just opened 2nd day , rushing for mother's day ( sorry mom , me n sis went for meal tasting first ya) .... please , don complain if the food come slow ya. we took almost 1 1/2 hr to finish to our dinner , at the end we ask them not to add in the Service charge , coz understood that is new... and kinda slow , not kinda.. but very very , needs to improve if the restaurant wanan survive in ss2.

When you walk into a room is jus like walking into a cave , something new and very special , and wifi available ( coming soon, according to the GM ..woooooo , a pretty sweet gal also ) :P :P :P

The room or known as the cave .... there's a number outsite every cave , but i found it hard to find the numbers... only the people working there can see. my god.......

oppppss.... cave gal leg.........

Basically you can find western n chinese food at The Cave , but had not try the chinese food.... and western food mostly in a set menu , i think is more worth it. So i ordered Chicken ????? .... while my sis order Dollly fiolet fish.... excuse me for remembering the name , i think later Maywan should come here , since food blogger will be more specific in explanation..wahahah

opppsss.... we were too hungry n forgot taking picture , but this creamy tomato soup was not bad after all....

oppppppssssss....... my sis were really too hungry that she almost forgot to snap the photo , but still left small slices of dolly fish :D

hehehe.... my chicken ???? , errrr... 3 slices of small chicken breast , waited for 1 1/2 hr n took me 1 minutes to finish. ( thinking going to murni after that )
Anway , it was really a nice place for dining where you can bring along ur parents , ur loves one ... ur frens.... or even your sista.... :D . And hopefully the service will improve in a very short time , coz this a very important for a restaurant , especailly a new restaurant.

Happy Mother's Day

2nd week of May always a special day for woman ...especailly when they becomes mother in a family. Yet , people celebrate and put more attention in mothers's day compare to father's day ... what the heck, knowing that like it or not .... i will be a father , someday.......

Anyway , since my mom not around , and before the day comes , she already planned , had a date with her husband happy happay at Bangkok. But still wanna wish her and all the mom's around the world...