Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Playing Drums for fun

okok... for those who interested in learning drums , for Beginners .. go to Drum Lab.

after that click " PLAY " ... and your lesson begins.
however if you wanna go for advance after that... call me :D


Monday, October 29, 2007

Another Penang Trip

In this 2 months i think i been to Penang quite a lot , and no doubt is a very lovely island located at Malaysia north site. The previous 2 times is more on work . This time i'm lucky being invited bye weiwei to attend her Graduation , although she been working for 3 years , don ask me why ...ask her or her nursing college.

The only reason again i was invited because the college only allows ONE person to attend the ceremony , and also due to some reason her parents of attending ... i was being the choosen one :P

i know when we are Leos , we do pledge . Surprisingly seeing them stood up for Nurse's Pledge too.

" i Pledge of my hand , extended n open , to help those in needs ......... "
" i Pledge of my heart , to reach for it..... and it will be touch....... "

opppss .. wrong pledge.

Anyway, these days nurse don wear anymore white n short n sexy skirt .. if u think they do , forget about it . and don even ask them why .... or else they will bring along their needle and chase after you .. so, jus don ask... wahahahaha. but i do salute to these few young and talented , responsible , lovely nurses ... and congratulations once again :)

Of coz going to Penang not just attendding her graduation , but food is something where comes to people mind when we talk about going to Penang , and the most basic common food that must eat , and everyone will love to eat non other than Asam Laksa ,Lobak , Chay Kuey Tiao and Cendol , yummy.. yummy....

besides food , this is what i love about penang , the DVD's .... wooohooo , is damn bloody cheap , usually when we get a dvd in KL around rm7 to Rm10 ... but in Penang , they only cost Rm4. usually only be found at Batu Ferringgi area , i told my myself stop buying .... but it jus cant ... TOOOO CHEAAPPPPPPPPP ...... when comes to the bill , only i realised i spent RM150 for plenty of DVD'ssssss ....

haha.. i think mostly i will spend my weekends finishing watching movie at home , and for my next trip to penang .. is not just food .. but DVD's :P

Sunday, October 21, 2007

what does Stringray eat ????

Was talking about swimming , diving with Soonyean when teatime at Subang , and then came to topic of stingray having meal ... what does stingray eat ?? i suppose sea creature what they had for food sure came from sea right... either big fish or small fish ...

anyway , KLCC aquarium they had a session where divers feed the fish , the stingray n the shark , one week they had it twice if not mistaken. so happened when Giovanni came down from Italy , brought him visited KLCC Aquarium and happen to see the feeding session . just incase if u ask me what does stringray eat ... take a look for urself.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tagged !!!!!

okok , since i'm free on this friday night and no dates , Just beacuse Uncle Leong tagged me and no inspiration to write of late, so here's a filler post to keep you all coming back .. kekeke

4 Jobs I have had in my life :-
- Teaching Drums for private / music school
- Shipping company
- Lifestyles MLM company
- Event Organizer

4 Places I have lived
- Nilai , Negeri Sembilan
- Durian Tipus , border of pahang & Negeri Sembilan
- PJ SS3
- PJ SS2

4 Countries I have been to on vacation :-
- Japan
- Canada
- Hong Kong
- China

4 of my Favourite Foods :-
- Luncheon meat fried wit eggs
- Pizza
- sushi
- Nasi Lemak

4 Places I would rather be right now :-
- home , on my lovely bed
- winter time at Sasayama guchi , Japan
- lying , relaxing at the Beach
- Doing performance, live band at the Beach

4 Friends I’m going to tag :
- Mayumi
- Lih Pin
- Montikon mike
- Friend who view this blog , wit no Blogspot , Tag yourself at my comments box :D

Thursday, October 18, 2007

2 and 1/4 Months to go

Phewwww ... early thursday morning , that's already more than half a October ... and even less than 3 months before it falls into 2008.

What else have i actually achieve for the past past monthss... and what can i do to make it a better ending for this coming 2 more months.

Time for another 2008 planning .....
Time for Xmas celebration .....
Time for my B day .....
Time for reschedule my lifestyles ......
Time for meet up some oversea friends.....
Is Time now to make time for next year to step into a brand new stage .....

Olivia lastest CD is out ... ... yet , i still enjoying her bossanova L.O.V.E .... at the mean time , sit back , relax ..clear your mind and think ... plan for a nice 2008 :D

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

SmashingPumpkin @ 1979

i really don know how many people will listen to wat i do , not the pops song these days definately not Britney .....

Smashing Pumpkins , on of my favourite love love band as well , infact started to listen to their song because of Jimmy Chamberlin , Smashing Pumpkins Drummers , one of the respectful drummer i admire, then once he was caught for drugs , and it slown down the band a while .However when the band started to re-group , that was the happiest moment for the fans , yet it did not last for long and then they announced to split up YEAR 2000 and Billy Corgan then formed another band named Zwan .

the smashing pumpkins songs i would recommend is '1979' , one of their biggest hits and also made Billy Corgan shaved his head . Well , at least a not noisy song for someone who don like alternative music , if you are SP fans , i'm sure all their album will be a great Wow.......

" 1979 "

Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm a Creep

SELAMAT HARI RAYA .... to all my Muslim n non-muslim friends , Happy Holidays , knowing is a bit late for the wishes , but with all my heart here.

3rd day of Raya holiday and never been this relaxing at home , watching DVD that i bought for ages , out wit friends for dining n drinking session .. jus wanna be lazy a litle bit.

Been to youtube these few days as well , checking some old stuff like NKOTB , pavement , red hot chilli pepper and Rodiohead ...after checking Sze blog about Radiohead latest album In Rainbow , and made me been listening to his Creep , one of my best love love songs from Radiohead , or can check out for Sze Blog


Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Kids On The Block

if you ask me these days any favourite boy bands , that would certainly a big NO NO for me , friends know me for more in Live Band or hardcore , metal , rapcore .....

Yesterday night went for Grace birthay at Mongkok , Edwin came late and i don know how he came out wit the topic of boy band and then singing NKOTB songs , then few of us started to start singing .. OMG . i think from high school till now , the only boyband or i should say the only boy band i still like or enjoy listening is New Kids On The Block. The first song i came across was Step by Step , checking back the youtube , i would say they are one of the early boyband who dance hip hop and also do rap as well. Jonathan Kinght, Joey McIntyre ,Danny Wood ,JOrdan Knight and Donnie Wahlberg , if some of you not know Donnie mayb you will know his brother Mark Wahlberg ( italian job , PLanet of the apes.... ) :D

Those were the high school time ,whenever their album out , i will definately buy one , and not to mentione , and don know how i got the money to buy their CD , in those days, buying a CD instead a cassette would be big WOW , and not jus the cassette and CD , even the posters , stickers , key chain ...... awwww , such a sissy , but hey ... at least i have one boyband i admire until now...

i don't know how many of the 90's people stil remember them ... or i think the 20's would prefer these days boybands.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Now Everywhere Can Cut

Low cost Airline AirAsia came out 3 or 4 years ago and turned out to be a major successful to the public who cant afford to fly with expensive flights , brilliant idea and smart move. And people never stop thinking new idea to target the market , the only to become a survival and succecessful is to be INOVATIVE n DIFFERENCE , no doubt ... and then a bit of luck.

we got AirAsia up the air and now we have HairAsia on the ground , surprisingly this is under Thomas n Guy hair Group , now you can save your time going to barber shop if u find the salon too expensive or when u wating for someone and don mind spending time having a nice air cut... well, you figure that out...

AirAsia with "NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY "....... i figure that out if they don mind for a slogan like ... " Now Everyone Can Cut "... or ..." Now EveryWhere Can Cut "

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Birthday .....Dad , Mom

my god ... is October now , soon will be Raya , then Christmas , then 3 more months to 2008 coming , it seems too fast , is imm..po...ssii....bleeee........... .. kra...aa...a...z...yyyy....

Anyway , always 1st n 4th October always my lovely months , why ... coz is my parents birthday. dad falls on 1st and mom falls on 4th . Well , instead of celebrating 2 times , i can make it 2 in 1 ...wahaha . yea right , call me cheapskate or whatever .... my parents say so no need do it twice also, they i'm good boy.... kekeke. Since both my sisters still at Aussie land , and also joey not around , this year celebration will only be me n Snowy blowing the candle wit weiwei being my camera man :P

yeaaa.. since snowy recovering from her operation , just in time to sing the birthday song to my dad n mom.

the Kepochi Snowy cant wait for the tasty chocolate cake.... " Dad , don let her eat so much , she still on medicine " ...wahahahaa.......