Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye Bye 2009

Well , Finally comes to the end of year 2009 , what had i achieve , basically there are up n downs , and that i had mention every year. But at least i know there are some tough moments yet also some sweet one. Among the whole 2009 , these are the few things that kept in my memory as i consider a new turning point for me.

Is been really a great year working with both of them , we travel to many places , we faced a lot of fuckups ... but i think we enjoyed it and settle things off :D . Thinking back that year...... sweeeeeet :P , u guys rock...

Finally had the chance attending my lovely Catherine graduation in Melbourne. Times seems past so fast , at least she got job back there and i felt happy for her. Starting her new chapters ... wish her all the best . Seriously we had a great time there .....


She's the only who gave me hope ... she's the one who give me the energy...she's the one who gave me the courage... she's the one i will love n protect her ........ :)

Well , all happens in 2009 .... ... and as i said the only the new chapter begins right now , here......Wishing Everyone in year 2010 , Health n Wealth comes along to you and your family