Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year ... :D

This year Chinese New Year atmosphere came a bit late ..but still that doesnt slow us down from celebrating. few days before CNY busy helping my family doing the final preparation , all the housework cleaning , and shopping for some cookies n drink to serve the guest during the NY occasions. and not to forget getting me few new clothings for a brand new year.. a this is what chinese belief.

The best moment is one day before Chinese New Year reunion dinner , all family members will gather at the table for a special warm reunion dinner , this is a part of chinese New Year traditional culture ,as this year both my sis back from Autralia and happily we had a lovely dinner. Not forgetting every year my mom used to cook and i always be her 2nd chef.

my secret recepi fried meat-ball

Garlic ginger steam fish

hainanese chicken

Hakka steam Yam/pork

Nano Lobsters

Green vege

After the lovely meal , nothing better than sitting down infornt of tv, chit chatting among the families , and wait till the clok struck 12am and then wishing everyone "Gong Xi Fatt Choi" , ( 恭喜發財) .... but the main intention is also to get the first 'angpow' from my parents. ... :P









Joey : " Although not my year , but still ... HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to everyone "

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Making decisions

A book i read lately writen by AJAHM BRAHM, a monk borned in London and now in bangkok. Not becoz of specific religious, but i love to read about the thoughts from them , and this is what i wanna share wit you all in one of the small topic.

"A problem with a solution needs a decision.But how do we make the important decision in our life?

Usually we try to get someone else to make the difficult decisions for us. That's why, if it goes wrong ,we're got someone to blame. Some of my friends try to trick me into making decisions for them, but i won't. All i will do is show them how they can make wise desicions by themselves.

when we come to the crossroads and we are unsure what direction to take, we should pull over to the side, have a break and wait for a bus. Soon, usually whne we are not expecting it, a bus arrives. On the front of a public bus is a sign in big bold letters indicating where the bus is going. If that destinations suits you, then take that bus. If not ,wait. There's always another bus behind.

In other words ,when we have to make a decision and are unsure what that decision shold be. we need to pull over to the side, have a break and wait. Soon, usually when we are not expecting it, a solution will come. Every solution has its own destination. If that destinations suits us, then we take that solution. If not, we wait. There's always another solution to coming behind.

That's how i make my decisions. gather all the information and wait for the solution.A good one will always come, as long as patient, it usually arrives unexpectedly, when not thinking about it."

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


i'm impress of what soonyean had done and contributed some write-up about the AP members. i mean is kinda tired to explain again what's really AP means, in short, Attitude Problem. and why AP , quoted by Soonyean

" We have attitude problem by choice which means we do it under control and in full concious "

However , with those AP-ians around at the community , what does it help ??? the answer is.. nothin much. Therefore ,you cant jus letting those guys running at the streets, and therefore APCC is established. known as Attitude Problem Correction Centre. a place were given a chance to correct their attitude ??? or to make it worst.. .. watever.

we need someone to run that place ..someone who is capable , someone who really contribute,

he must have the following criteria :

1. someone who can handle stuff till way up high
2. someone who can handle the pressure all time deep down.
3. some one who is clean, not playing dirty .
4.someone who really got support from the community.

after few selection among all the AP-ians , We are proud to present you our new APCC's CEO - AP - SOONYEAN.

i'm sure this will convince all of you to vote for him as CEO , i'm sure no objection from the floor , and no rights to object also... shut-up.

No one can fly a plane way high like him or perhaps jus sit in a plane-- " thumbs up"

no one can handle the pressure deep down like him " no problem .. piece of cake " - sy on right -

No worries , we checked him already... is all clean.

The most important things is .........










he had a bloody big supporters

is my honor given the chance to do some write-up about my CEO.
to view the rest of the -AP- members , please visit our CEO blog at :

Friday, February 09, 2007

wat the Tagged....

YEA.. again.. thanks once again to UNka leong for startin this tagging stuff , then being tagged from rob as well. here you go '5 things u probably know or don know about me'...

when i'm around age 4 , i stayed at ss3 and used to go to my cousin house ( jus opposite me ), everymorning my mom will pack ready lunchbox for me n bag n accompany me over jus to 'pretend' i go to school while actually i jus accompany my cousin until she go on-board.
one day as usual ,samething happen.. but the only different is i followed her up to school bus which my mom hardly find me n started to get panic. Later at kindergarten the teacher was so surprise when head count n found extra student. she called to my parents n they came to the kindergaten n knowing me like to mix around so i was registered to kindergarten.

i had a serious accident during high school when i follow my fren's dad back one aftrenoon. jus infront of damansara height ( help college building ) . a car bang on us from site, and my jaws hurts bad until now i can easily hear the 'cracking' sound inside me.. or even outsite. the doc said had to do operation which i totally freaking scared out. that's why my jaws n teeth are not even... i don have a nice teeth. :(````

i love music so much i jammed a lot during high school that i retained one year of my high school due to poor results, measn i study 7 years instead of 6 . i played drums started age of 15. joinned few bands. The so-called biggest wow for me was the time we performed at Melaka stadium during independence day and once performed at Orchard road Singapore. was so sad when i had to cut my long hair that had wit me for 4 years.

used to tease a lot by friend especially ROB....due to my powderful english.
jus becoz i am not good in english , the word between ' organism' and ' orgasm ' .... had been arousing me for years. i learned my lesson now laa, but i think the curse will keep on goin on n on... who has the cure for this curse..... help me

i actually never work for people ..due to my AP , but i love to work with people. But i was amazed of myself when i actually managed to get my own car n condo at age 26. which that's my own short term goal when i compete wit myself. and 5 years from now, i set another 5 years short term goals, hope it comes true by then

there u go.. 5 things which u might or might not know about me.... shit, i don think i can tag everone else either. unless if u tag urself, please do reminds me to read ur blog ya.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

One night 3 times

i think this is my first time and also my last time doing this...
went for clubbing at 3 different clubs in one night. KILL ME.....
my colleauge frens came down from ipoh and he ask me to bring them for clubbing. luckily had a little experience since last year xmas till now.. been following merves and rob to few places to 'wet' .

anyway , at first my colleauge told me his fren would prefer a little quite place but not too crowded. so i decided to bring them to Wine Room at Heritage roll . at least Wine Room i knew the people there. the band is good as well. after finsihed a bottle of red wine , one of his fren say not so feel about that place and wanna try more...
Then we moved to The Loft , where jus down few blocks they don intend to open any bottles but to pay the cover charge. However , we couldnt find any single seats inside as already past mid-night. we were there not more than half hour when his fren say the music not so suits their taste.. as they were playin techno bang bang music. so we left ....
lastly jump into car n ride to hang around KL happening Beach Club area. i told them a new place jus borned -- ALOHA. but seeing the crowds wit long Q , we decided to forget about it. then she heard about people mention Rums jungle to her before . so we choose to go there wit no choice. they had a live band when we went in.. after that follow by same disco tech.

but one thing for sure ... my colleauge buy me all the entrance n cover charge n bla bla bla.... like wat the chinese say " he contribute the money n i contribute my lung "..... there goes my lung.. oh lung ah lung. this will be my last time doin this for sure. or else no point if given 10 lungs to me also.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sayonara , Ogawa Sensei

is hard to say goodbye everytime when someone leaving ..especialy when someone really close to you.

i had join japanes class at ICLS for nearly 6 months and luckily had passed my beginner 1 n 2 . someone ask me why i still wanna go n study even i can speak... honestly , i'm not that good i have to admit , jus wanna brush up my skills.

my first day attending the class when the japanses teacher address herslf as Ogawa sensei , which i guess all of us will think of Ogawa massage chair.. and also nice that is easy for us to remember her name. a sweet , tiny , caring sensei where we never get bored during class. and everyweek waiting for the coming wednesday ..... but not expecting the homework of coz. and the class not jus of the sensei , but the classmates were funny and we had a great time together and also a good study environment.

Ogawa sensei mom , brother n aunt came down yesterday , and all of us were so happy to buy them dinner. as usual , few of us was thinking we can communicate wit her mom.. but then turn out we have to ask sensei to do translation... hahaha. i think stil needs more practise ne....

To me, Ogawa sensei is not jus sensei to us.. is more like friend , all of us were in good bond. And sad to say she will leave us here n back to japan ,all i can do is only wish her all the best in her future and things goes smooth for her.

せんせい 、お しりあい に なれて 嬉しい です 。
また こんど、 マレシア きって ください ね 。。。

shirely-san , Ogawa's mom ,Ong-san , Sue Kim-san , Ogawa desu , Moon-san , Emily-san , Nicholas-san aka Dorobo san
Me , Ogawa's brother Osamu , Ogawa's Aunt , Cody-san

seafood dinner --- Suekim-san , Nicholas-san , Ong-san
Kathan-san ,Ogawa desu , cheehow-san