Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sayonara , Ogawa Sensei

is hard to say goodbye everytime when someone leaving ..especialy when someone really close to you.

i had join japanes class at ICLS for nearly 6 months and luckily had passed my beginner 1 n 2 . someone ask me why i still wanna go n study even i can speak... honestly , i'm not that good i have to admit , jus wanna brush up my skills.

my first day attending the class when the japanses teacher address herslf as Ogawa sensei , which i guess all of us will think of Ogawa massage chair.. and also nice that is easy for us to remember her name. a sweet , tiny , caring sensei where we never get bored during class. and everyweek waiting for the coming wednesday ..... but not expecting the homework of coz. and the class not jus of the sensei , but the classmates were funny and we had a great time together and also a good study environment.

Ogawa sensei mom , brother n aunt came down yesterday , and all of us were so happy to buy them dinner. as usual , few of us was thinking we can communicate wit her mom.. but then turn out we have to ask sensei to do translation... hahaha. i think stil needs more practise ne....

To me, Ogawa sensei is not jus sensei to us.. is more like friend , all of us were in good bond. And sad to say she will leave us here n back to japan ,all i can do is only wish her all the best in her future and things goes smooth for her.

せんせい 、お しりあい に なれて 嬉しい です 。
また こんど、 マレシア きって ください ね 。。。

shirely-san , Ogawa's mom ,Ong-san , Sue Kim-san , Ogawa desu , Moon-san , Emily-san , Nicholas-san aka Dorobo san
Me , Ogawa's brother Osamu , Ogawa's Aunt , Cody-san

seafood dinner --- Suekim-san , Nicholas-san , Ong-san
Kathan-san ,Ogawa desu , cheehow-san


gledwood said...

I studied Japanese for a while. It's not THAT easy, is it. So you can write the language as well? That takes quite some doing.

If you're wondering how I found your blog I was clicking "next blog" from the top of mine when yours came up.

You're welcome to drop by mine if you like, I'm at Mine is a diary blog too but it's quite different from yours ...

All the best now


catsndogs said...

hahaha... thanks for droppin by.
interesting site u had as well :)

gledwood said...

Yeah I put you "bookmarked" is that the phrase? In my links list.

Come on, post some more!!

sue kim said...

T_T sobs.. i miss Ogawa sensei already!!! ... this class rocks! me will always look forward to class with you giys!!

ja ne..

sue kim

catsndogs said...

rocks ??... yeaa.. this class batu. hahaha, but sue kim , u will be goin to japan soon ma.. so nice