Thursday, February 15, 2007

Making decisions

A book i read lately writen by AJAHM BRAHM, a monk borned in London and now in bangkok. Not becoz of specific religious, but i love to read about the thoughts from them , and this is what i wanna share wit you all in one of the small topic.

"A problem with a solution needs a decision.But how do we make the important decision in our life?

Usually we try to get someone else to make the difficult decisions for us. That's why, if it goes wrong ,we're got someone to blame. Some of my friends try to trick me into making decisions for them, but i won't. All i will do is show them how they can make wise desicions by themselves.

when we come to the crossroads and we are unsure what direction to take, we should pull over to the side, have a break and wait for a bus. Soon, usually whne we are not expecting it, a bus arrives. On the front of a public bus is a sign in big bold letters indicating where the bus is going. If that destinations suits you, then take that bus. If not ,wait. There's always another bus behind.

In other words ,when we have to make a decision and are unsure what that decision shold be. we need to pull over to the side, have a break and wait. Soon, usually when we are not expecting it, a solution will come. Every solution has its own destination. If that destinations suits us, then we take that solution. If not, we wait. There's always another solution to coming behind.

That's how i make my decisions. gather all the information and wait for the solution.A good one will always come, as long as patient, it usually arrives unexpectedly, when not thinking about it."

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