Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2nd Year Anniversary

Yeaaaa ... we made it for 2nd Year anniversary since the day we swore and say ' I do ' witness by a group of friends and relatives.

How we made it till today ..... Commitment , Tolerant , understanding .... and i'm sure there are more years to celebrate.

Well , we don go to fancy restaurant .. she don need any flowers ... as long as we happy and we had our lovely " 2nd anniversary wedding pandan leaf dinner " at Kana Curry House at SS2.

2 years commitment..... and coming with new commitment.. .on the way ....

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I just love MAY

Heading into Final week of May , the month of Music , filled wit joy ... been involved in few musics, big from Deep Purple , until few small weddings events ... not to mention lastly John Tempesta Drum Clinic. My Bestest , Greatest ,Happiest ever in 2010 ....... Music makes me strong n cheer me up .....all my life.

John Tempesta sound check before show starts....

And of coz love to thanks Ken for letting me involved in it ....

John Tempesta with White Zombie Band .... the double bass maniac. having his Road Show tour, and KL is one of the stop , You Rockzzzz...

Rasa Sayang in English ??? No Way......

OMG ... Have your ever sing Rasa Sayang songs in english version. i wouldnt check it if not i'm doin a project on it...

Then Went to check on traslation in English , this is what i got.... sing it out ... make me laugh on it man.

Malaysian lyrics

Rasa sayang, hey! Rasa sayang sayang hey,
Hey lihat nona jauh, rasa sayang sayang hey.
Rasa sayang, hey! Rasa sayang sayang hey,
Hey lihat nona jauh, rasa sayang sayang hey.
Buah cempedak di luar pagar,
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan,
Saya budak baru belajar,
Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.


I feel love, hey! I feel love love hey,
Hey when I look at that girl, I feel love love hey.
I feel love, hey! I feel love love hey,
Hey when I look at that girl, I feel love love hey.
The jack fruit is outside the fence,
Please take a stick and poke it down,
I'm just a new guy trying to learn,
So if I'm wrong then please show me the way.

Sing it ... c'mon .. put ur hands up... put ur hands up... hey..hey..... :D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekends with Deep Purple

Spending weeks there just for the special one day , Deep Purple World tour , which they spend almost one year touring to more than 10 countries , and basically this is the last show they will be playing. when u can see 5 of the uncles jamming , jumping on the stage.

Is tiring but yet when the show over always can felt the satisfaction. 2010 my first show helping at the event. Thanks to datuk bringing them in.. u have the right choice n right move.

Even Genting have the most advance System .. yet the Deep Purple technical rider still insist to get their own stuff in. is the final blast of coz.....

"Highway Star" & "Smoke on the Water" is the song never be missed during every concert...

The crowds never get tired of the show... and almost to the full house.

The encore session ...... yet still stayin strong. never know if there will still have the next roadshow tour. but yet to be a part of them.......... next , the Scorpions.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Ip man + Iron man = ???

i think this is the most funny ad. ever seen so far , so coinsidence both movie on cinema about the same time. the east meet the west.

this is what really happen when Ip man + Iron man......... IPRON MAN 2.....

Monday, April 05, 2010

A weekend at Sepang

this is a late posting .... already 2 weeks gone , yet the heat still on at china Shanghai.
However back to malaysia 2 weeks back , and this year finally i had the time to spend at Sepang F1 2010 .

This season tends to be a hot topic for Schumacher returned ..... everyone was expecting to see him on podium again. well .... just that the luck is not that for this season in KL Sepang i can say.

Same car .. but different driver yet different results.......

walking alone back to the pit before the race starts .......

During the second qualifying day , the sky looks not too friendly to all the drivers , it gave them a tests. Yet red bull still drove out their best results , the weather report was saying another thunder storm coming during race day .... well, it was just another saying..

1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8...9....10..... haaaiiii .... more than 20 grid girls this year. Not much of support race. What the heck they need so many grid gals around.

10 minutes more before the race starts ...all the engineer having final engine check.

Red Bull ,Vettle..... u're the man. Red Bull both team rocks the podium, and joining the third was mercedez.

The celebration.... the victories.... the laughter.... and the champagne.

This year they tend to upgrade the safety car... AMG ( OH MY GOD )........

Passed by Lotus Team ..say Tony being interviewed , heard him saying " was not too satisfied with the results........ " . However the newspaper the next day on Lotus was " The Lotus had done a great Job..... ". Well , see who lying now......

Mr. Eric, the man behind Red Bull team who done an gave all the strategic planning and as well as the designer for the team. u're the man too.....

Malaysia is only the starting the 3 countries.. yet there still have 12 more races to go. still early to know who will win the champion ship. but yet anyway how... Mercedez still may supporting team.

And knowing that F1 is one of the expensive sports, and for malaysia , it only will organised for few for years before it come to a halt. well, and again , rumors or not...... we will wait n see then.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

She's my baby

What can a guy in love with besides than her wife and family ......
i got my wife ..my family ... my coming baby to be.... :P

while i was walking at my back yard... saw this babe... and fall in love with her ......

we went for a ride ... we had a great time .... we were really fall in love....

ok , since i have 6 of them ... is about time management.... monday , tuesday ,wednesday , thrsday , friday , saturday.........

and ur are definately sunday .......i don know how and i don know when... but your mine
baby..... :).

Oppss ... too early to dream now .... wakeup wakeup....... :P . but like they say , if only you dream.
Law of Attraction.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blacl Eye Pea cool concert

this is real a real cool concert by Black Eye Pea .... nice co-ordination.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Counting down to 1st of Chinese New Year

Had a lovely family reunion dinner , back home had a rest and chit chat with mom dad . Then decided have a rest and online check on some details ... but then have a browse through at youtube came across to few site... recalls back on first time i walk into jamming studio with my old friends.

Some friends know i do jamming and perform , but what are the music or band that influence me when i started, well ... i can share with you , but i don't know how many of you can accept this music.


Dear friends an readers , wishing all of you , you and especially you a very prosperous CHINESE NEW YEAR, may the yer of the tiger bring you lucks , health and wealth.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Australia part 1 - Food

If u ask me what what is the best food in Australia ... well , i really cant figure any special one besides that i do enjoy the Aussie breakfast which located at the station.

but they had nice bread where can get it anywhere .... but in terms of chinese food , naaa.... why have to eat chinese food when u at others people place. But nothing much special and those are some food which i came across during my trip.

Vietnam crispy chicken rice

Vietnam noodle.... damn big bowl ...........

Fish n Chip ..... famous in Aussie

My lovely Aussie breakfast .....

This is so far the best Aussie breakfast i had .....

Yummy .... my dad breakfast , for sure he cant finish that much... who help him out..... ME.....

weiwei corn bacon ....... the name damn long .. .. but is nice

Latte n Capochino ....... never stop drinking.. it just taste....great...

The Giant Size of Tiramisu .... claime to be the smallest piece

crunchy ... nice... crispy......

Healthy Salad ......

Nice strawberry cake....... well , sit on it ....... i don mean it ok.. but it still taste nice after all.

Is taste just different ......

This is enough to make you full .......

well , basically this is what i had during the trip......
now i feeling hungry......

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Start counting with new laps

New year started with new plan , new plan which is starting back my jogging ..... i stopped jogging in year 2008 October , and until end of 2009. Well , i don't wanna talk about it what happen in between , but i'm happy that i can back on track again.

well , checking back my shoe rack ..... i really lack of a good pair of running shoes ,well ..... although i have few plenty of shoes , yet honestly i still need a good running shoes. And seriously i really forgot when is the last time i bought shoes. Well , since my sis inviting me join her for the Putrajaya night walk , and been practising my stamina ..... so without wasting time , went to mid valley for little survey , without much hesitation , got myself a New Balance running shoes... taaa daaaa........ yes , cant wait for tomorrow evening for another practise session. :d

hey dude ..... i havent start the grand opening wearing new shoes yet .....
looks like Rapheal gonna get piss off by the rest.

Somebody gonna get hurt real bad .........

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First Step for 2010

New Year latest resolution , Stay Healthy & Wealthy.
Yes yes ... starting my very first mission on healthy program , went for jog & walk with my sis infront of the garden. Been long not doin this , now managed to jog for 2 big round n walk for 2 1/2 round.

reason for doin this coz of just one mission ...... you wont believe this. i just registered Putrajaya Night Marathon on 6th February 2010. somehow i also doubt about my own self , but glad from my sis encourgement , toke up the challenge.

Putrajaya Night Marathon ... 7.7km....ready or not....... here i come ....

Friday, January 01, 2010

Hello 2010

Is been a great fresh start at 2010 ....
i know is gonna be a great year , all need to do is well plan ....

yooo hoo......... i'm back with more updates.