Thursday, September 27, 2007

The old new wedding singer

Last weekend went to Penang attending a fren wedding , well , if u talk about wedding in malaysia , something that everyone agrees with .... " Wedding never starts puntual " , is a facts man ......

These days i used to work closely wit the wedding planner in Klang valley , supplying the wedding bands regardless from jazz band , orchestra band for wedding even some chinese oriental band instrumental played , is all in a package , nothin special about it . all my singers are talented , young , and energetic ..... But , while i was at Penang , my fren hired a duo wedding band singer as well. So , wat so surprising about the duo was ....... they are around age 60 to 70 ++ , both age added up more than 100 years old... my god... before they started singing, we thought that , ah yaa... give these old man some applause later as mayb they will be singing some old songs all the way , and that's really prove me wrong , i can say some of the young singer in KL might not as powderful as them.

all of us stopped for the meal n stoned when the duo started to rock the room singing Sean Kingston " Beautiful Girl " .

Well , we thought that was it.. but then , the Duo became more fire up with "Who's let the dog out " , and that's really getting more n more high attention , for a second, i thought i was in concert though. the most amazed me was both of them started sing from 730pm non stop till 1030pm. that's wat really respect me the most. where else in KL hardly any band singer will do this .

there's a saying in chinese " The Older the Ginger The Spicy They Are " ... errr, about that translation la. And then i learned that , for music lovers , age really isn't a matter as long as u love stage performance. then back to KL , straight away started my new project.. instead of just sing in the wedding , i will provide dancing package. For sneak preview , here's my best dancer i ever had. :P

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Snowy's back

yeaaa ...Snowy's back home safe and sound after her tumour operation. And jus 2 days hospitalised cost around rm800++ . However the hospital service was good after all , all package include nice sharring room with her mates , breakfast and lunch provided as we skip the dinner , or else the bill will have goes up to 1k.

hahaha , please don feel pity for her .. she even get more pampered now. my mom even feed her food and take damn good extra care of her ... ... not to mention when i sick , i don get this kinda treatment. some dog jus have the luck , and snowy always get the best one.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Addicted to Secret ....Again

Finally last week Rob call us for movie , "Secret" directed by Jay Chow , infact this romantic movie is best if we go to watch with our girl friend , or bring along galsss , it will melt their heart down in the cinema and then we can hang over tissue to them or lend them our shoulder to lean on....HOWEVER....

turned out me ,soonyean and robert went for it ... 3 best gay fren (gay = happy) , robert was so touched that he kept letting out his tears , and .... well..... have to lend him my shoulder instead, Damn... BEWARE for robert finger tricks , i think he will used that to pork people face everytime he sees someone ( trick used from the movie ).

Let's not compare any movie .. but i really really give a good credit for this first timer jay chow directing his first movie , it basically brings back to school time , during our high school memories , where it will reminds us or time when we have puppy love at school .... some cool gang to hang around wit fun and laughters , playing silly jokes , teasing gals , scolded by principles , cheating during exam times , skipping classes , walking in the drizzling rain wit someone we admire .....i sat down wit couples of my high school frens again few day back ... recalling the times we had in school time , of coz there's no turning back for us , we had to look forward , to another level , to creat another beautiful stage ,another sweet memories for us to remembrance after another 10 years..... :)

those were the memories during my school days ... and sometimes is good to keep this past in our life. and at least when we go into another 10 years or 20 ... is a memory to us, or a secret it can be for us or me :).

i started to learn piano when i was 9 , but stop at grade 5 ... hahaha, i don know how many of my friends know :P , and once in a blue moon , do sit at the piano to play for fun , don aspect me to be a pro , not piano ..... but after the movie , it gave me new intention sitting back to the piano to practise again , at least i'm doin something , some new challenging.....

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Motivations , The cure .....

bumped into an old fren yesterday night , where we used to jam all the time and went for performance, and again brought us back the old memories , so called those were the days.....

we used to go for performance , and that made me skip a lot of classes , for me when comes to music or drums , that's the higest motivation gave me. Or i should say , whenever i'm down or sad or in shit , music n drumming gave the push n hit me hard to bring back my ego and others back on track.

i think everyone of us deserve to be down or sad sometimes , but the important thing is , we must find ways to pull ourself back and be strong . giving excuses to be sad is jus doesnt work , at least i speak for myself here. For me , learning from drums is the push , and Deen Castronovo , a very i admire drummer that i always look up to , after i found that cure for myself .... until today , the cure still works for me.

Hahahah.. do ask me of i still managed to play like that , 10 years back maybe , now not even 1/4 i guess ... but happy for myself at least still sit infront of the drums at least once weekly to do something new... and for that , is the commitment... and the motivations ..... the cure :) .