Thursday, June 28, 2007

Transformers Premiere

The day been waiting for , Transformers .. more than meet the eyes.

was excited about this day premiere on 27th instead malaysia showcase it on 28th.

Even benfore the show started , can see all the transformers die hard fans waiting impatienty for the show to starts.

since is a premiere, the cinema did a very tight security , not allowing phone ,camera or even laptop to go inside. When the show started , all the fans were clapping hands and shouting , as i think all the people in the hall had the same common.

at the first sence , the first robot to be in transform is Blackout , Oh my god... as soon as the forst tranformation, again ,the transformers fans were shouting n clapping hand for it .. and of coz goes same to me as well. and after that for almost 15 minutes , don know why.. i jus cant hold my tears , and even my whole body were sweating , this is the moment been waiting for actually.. since last year been counting down .

Infact, everytime , every robots that appear , the crowds cheers n clapped , every robots that transformed the crowds cheers n clapped , when Optimus Prime first appeared, everyone cheers n clapped , when opitmus prime change to robots mood , everyone cheers n clapped . when they heard they say about " Autobots , Roll out "... " One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall".... " More Than Meet The Eyes " , goes the same , the crowd cheers n clapped , and of coz from that every single moment, i jus not me anymore , i just join in the crowds.

Tranformers movie will hit another block buster not jus in Malaysia i guess .. and u can imagine in TransMy there are over 1000 fans members, for wat i heard from few feedback of the members, minimum they will watch it at least 5 times .. well, i think it will break the recored of Spiderman 3 .... and for sure goes same to me , i will watched more than 5 times as well.. or 10.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rise of The APE-D-Bots

It all started this April , when i really decided to build my own 'Transformers' , i mean not jus for building for the sake of fun , but also hope to get something in return , in near future or far , or this already been one of my company project.

All this while been seeing lots of cosplay ( costume play ) in malaysia especially you can find it among the Star Wars fans , but never seen or heard from Robots . As also since last year knowing transformers movie coming out 2007 , i had been thinking of involving into some projects , related to robot stuff. And once this early april sat down wit few of my friends where there know how to do crafting well. Through out our conversation, we decided to build our own robot costume. The designing and how to be transfomation part were taking into action where everynite we have to bend down n lying down to do real man show of transforming , which non using any so called CGI .... and we actually started our job in Early May

The time were realy againt us , we had less than one month to came out wit the actual suits , we even ask for advice if using computer to designing the transformation , but it needs at least 1 month , but we don have one month before the movie realeased in June. Wit no delays , we had to come out wit a car model which we don wan to get invloved in any car industries as it may took times for them to say yes for building their car shape , and this wat the first actual model we craft.

we have to use a hard foam to cut into a car shape , tell me what is look like , it might look like a proton from a point of view .. but infact we took the model of a Evo iv + my wira ........

the cutting of foam was a fast progression , the only things that slightly time draggin was putting the composit to the foam , after it took least 2 days to let the compisit dry ... and moreover we haveto put on least 4 layers to that it will make it harder and stronger. that already took me for almost 1 week to finish this section . Later came to polishing the car and watering , this one have to put times n effort to it as to ensure the car is total flat and smooth enough.

Then the painting of the car was indeed not complicated but yet not easy as well, as same way , we have to painted for few layers to it. After that is to cut off the car into few pieces for their easy way of transform.

When the car done 1 week before the Robotcon , we had few of trials n error , and was to our surprise to manage to finish it on time. BUt i would say one thing for sure , we would give 4 out of 10 for this work. If were given 2 more weeks, i'm sure the transformation part will be even greater n nicer. We did try to give a name for it .. many funny names came out, but till the end, came to our aggrement , as this is under Absolute Pleasure Entertainment project ,we name it



Stories way back to April , when i decided to built the suits, i don wanna jus built it, i wan to make something difference to my company , what so specialty compare wit others events that i involving besides than wat others did , supplying bands to wedding or annual dinner stuff.

The first person that came across my mind is UIP , coz they produce this movie , and also licenced for it. i thought i can get strongly support by them. Infact when i first met up wit them, they were highly amaxed of wat i'm doin , jus that thye think my robots doesnt came along related to Transformers movie ,Yes is a robot costume, interesting ... but sadly is not related to movie. However the UIP didnt shut the door immeadiately , when they told me , do u know someone is organising a RobotCon in June ....( woo hoo, sunshine..sunshine ) . that's were UIP get me in touch wit Raymond , one of the organiser of the events, and i'm proudly n happy to say that raymond do help me a lot and giving me the chance for a space to slot into this events.

The Day been waiitng for , launching of APE-D-Bot

APE-D-Bots helping out Prime for security

Ah Heng n James sit at the booth , jockey of APE-D-Bots

Since the management say no cars allowed in the mall , so i have to ask APE-D-Bots go to car park look for a space for himself.

Building up a robot always a dream of mine .. jus that never thought my 2007 plan running as wat i scheduled. And not jus building a car , but in near future , few more suits will be built , ( so that it wont be so loney for jus one suit, hahahah ) .

I'm happy that few car industries which i had been walking in to them selling them this idea , and they were totally shocked of wat i created. and to Citron car , they used to have the robots ad where you can find it at YouTube , were amazed of it as well . i think for custome renting for robots , u know where to find now. jus give me a little time , and by next year RobotCon 2008 , they wont be jus one APE-D-Bots.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Great Weekends at Cineleisure RobotCon 2007

Finally again ... the shows over , this events had been putting quite numbers of us into a pressure mood. Waiting for this days to come , waiting for this days to participate , waiting for this days to enjoy , not to even wans this event to be over , but i'll sure the people who participated in this events will be planning for coming Robotcon in 2008 , and i'm sure will be a even better compare to this one.

This 3 days , all of us definately and absolutely having fun , running around the whole Cineleisure , and the most happy part for then transmy fan member is to see own toys being display on the shelf , proudly to say that. and for me, i think i'm the one who display the most less toys... wahahahaha , jus 3 figure i bought from the Transformers movie. Not to mention the most busy man is definately Mike's . i think he is even too busy being interviewd by more than 8 press or even from magazine , not to mentione later will be interview by Channel V .

The final day everyone was tired , but wat we can say ..... yeaaaa, we did it , finally.

Some highlights photos taken during the Robotcon :
Offical launching by VIP from MunSang n MyEvents

One of the Transformers from Genaration 1 .... this called money cant buy also

This is one of the cool NIke Transformers ... i wan , i wan .........

Transformers from the coming movie decepticons (above) and Autobots ( below )

Repaint Transformers from one of a Fans

this is another one cool of Transformers Lego

The TransMy Fans club posing together wit the 7 foot talll Prime

New Dynasty Lead by new Prime , would you Prefer a Prime girl ( ablove) or Prime Kids (below) . By the way, the prime gal i think some of you might have known who's she.


being interviewd , was told my hand was darn shaky ...yeaa, u r damn right man. just try to be cool.

Auctions were held during the saturday n sunday , many crazy fans exciting biding for their love's figure. Talking about crazy fans, yeaa.. i did managed to get my Dinobots Grimlock for Rm150 , which i had been looking for it for the past 15 years


Iongsik (above) and Mark ( below ) went on stage for the battle of who can transformed the fastest . HHMMmmmm ... don know if they did figure out how to do it , i think the kids beat them .

Toy Workers doing darn pretty well on their stocks ....for the past 3 days doin stock clearance at the little booth.

There's more picture to be shown , but i was told by someone .... Some Pic i took .....cant be Shown , is Totally Classified ...........

Friday, June 22, 2007

Final countdown for RobotCons

Finally the day arrived , these few days, i think few of us don have a good time in bed , keep on counting for the day , RobotCon 2007 at Cineleisure . and this Robotcon event , many of the Transformers fans happily brought out all their collections to share in this 3 days event.
opps , lorry filled up full of Tranformers toys figure , hehe.. somebody gonna earning big this time .. :P

the workers working non stop setting up the stage us for this weekends events.

Transformers fans gathering in middle of night , helping for the set up , and brought all their toys over for display , more than 300 toys will be display this weekends.

The 7 feet tall Optimus Prime flew all the way from China , got little bit problem at the port this evening. However , since is his big events , all things clear-up :) , waiting for his fans for photo session this lovely weekends , so ...

Autobots , Transform and Roll Out

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Transformers dynasty had arrived

As i say, this month like it or not.. will see damn lots of Transformers blogging , and also the movie.. awwwWWWW.... cant wait till next week, how come the time pass so slow.

well, if u think you have collection of robots or marvels toys for like 4 or 5 type, will till you check on Mike , the co-founder of . Visited his place lately and you will see all the collection wit your mouth open , and don be surprised when he say " Nah , is jus only 39% of my collection only , still got few more back hometown " ..... "few more " ???? measn ????? Oh yaa, by the way .. he got only few more back his home town , total of 2000++ collection ... ONLY. errr, i guess that doesnt count his elder brother collection in yet , the founder of as well.

but seriously is not easy to have this kinda passion , coz is not cheap , and can u imagine urslef cleaning those dust from the shelf in lovely sunday ... many of the rest would have rather go shopping, movie, but to MIke, this easy going n fun loving guy totally put his energy level into it. i think he can sell all the collections ( if were to sold ) to buy himself a property , but for sure he wont do that.

As i learned from him , toys collectors diveded into 2 groups , One is the Rapist : Once they bought the toys, went home , open the box , n play wit it ; second is the MIB : Meant In Box , they bought the toys home , seal it as usual n never open it . To MIke, he is both ......

ok , let's relax a while before my movie on next week , will be busy then.....

collection loading 2% .......

collection Loading 11%............

Collection Loading 17% ...................

Collection Loading 22%........................

Collection Loading 30%...................................

Collection Loading 39% ...........................................

Connection Loading failed : Error 678 ..... AHHHHhhhhhHHHHHhhh

One more week to go before the movie really put on the hits , the time has come for Transformers Dynasty. According to the director , they had already prepare for part 2 , wat's the scary part was ... they will made 5 episods for this movie , which means this movie will be at least hits for another 10 years , jus like Star Wars when they first shooting at 1977 , it gave all the Toys seller earning mad like cow , and this also gave Hasbro , the toys for Transformers licenced another chance of earning n hit big. Although the movie is not yet launch , but the toys had been start selling in the markets like hot cakes , some even out of stocks and cant find in the market , thanks to TW for being the market leader ..... U ah , hehehehe :P

wat can i say , first .. the Robotcos this week held in Cineleisure gave us heart beating faster everytime when it closer to the date , secondly the premier on 27th , oh my god.... Third , James , KNN ..... don make me step into ur place laaa.. got addcited liao ahhhh.
Transformers ...More Than Meet The Eyes

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Once again , Happy Father's Day , to all the fathers out there.
Early in the morning, thought of celebrating wit dad lunch time instead of dinner as both us have something on at night. So i decided to buy him lunch at this special day at Shogun , but didnt expect when i called in, they told me is fully book, so understand laa in this special day , basically every restanrant fully book.

So, decided to change plan B , which is drive down to The Curve and had lunch at Dragon I ,actually i did call them for reservationm but same they told me no reservation taken on this day but only walk in guest. Infact Dragon I is famous for their Shanghai Dumpling ( Siao Long Bao ) .

SzeChuan salty chicken ( for sure szechan food gonna be spicy )

we ordered 2 sets dumpling , but they gave us 3 , and charged us 2 sets.. why ? fathers day maa.. :P

plain vege

Crispy Duck ... served wit ManTou ( bread )
The lunch took us nearly 2 hours , but expected to be like this , but incase we had it dinner, for sure it will be more pack. But the important is we had a lovely lunch :)
Happy fathers day.. once again.....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Magical weekend

Is been a busy week , i mean although jus close to 10 days not blogging , not even a week .. i had 3 minor projects to handle. and also the laziness conqured me during the weekends , and also my modem down ..again. been struck by lighting this year...TWICE. wtf .....

spend a day off to the curve on sunday evening, and surprisingly saw Intel doing their promotion at the concourse , one of the games i think is related like " 30sec who can dance better" ... i mean obviously nothin to be wow about , some kids , gals, boys did went up the stage and showing their skills. BUT, wat really surprising me when a malay gal went on stage, and her appearance really pull lots of lots of lots.. i mean really lots of attention.

Basically after steppin down the stage dancing for 30sec , the lady got the most applaused and most "pheww-wit" sound all over the hall . it really took her the courage to be on stage .... and now who say heavy weight ppl cant dance.

8-10 June

Subang Parade first time ever organised Asia Festival Of Magic competition , all the magician in malaysia flooded the mall within the 3 days , infact there's also magician from Singapore , China , THailand , Indonesia , India, Pakistan ( wooww ) came down and took part at this illusion magic contest. and from malaysia , we have 4 contestant , and proud to have Henzi, one of my close magician fren i work with also took part in the contest. Wat surprised and be proud of he even made into the final , although not the top 3 ... but hey, at least Malaysian have one represntative , Malaysian Boleh.

Now u don see.......

say the magic word " Wee..Wang..Wang.......Wee..Wang ..Wang ...... "

" Oh myGod "..... how he did that...... Henzi did tell me the secret. ask me not to tell anyone , i say fine...... he whisper to me .... "it's Magic "..... KNN $%#$$@^#&#&

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Truth

Few days back met some of my old frends, and first thing they said " Oh no way.. i saw your blog , u blog ??? " .....

Then i told them from A to Z ... and for some still looking at it now, " Yea , i do blog " . Infact blogging is not new to me. I don know how many bloggers actually starts to blog before online blogging actually popular. For me , all started way back 1994 , that time was so call "Diary" instead of "Blogging" ... or we called it "manual blog" , or jus put in simple word " Diary " .

" Flight CI652 , Departing 15:10 - Arriving 19:10 , My Aunt missed the flight because saw the wrong departing time ........... Uncle house quite small ,but everyone's here are friendly "

That's actually my first diary/blogging , and also my first trip to HongKong , and reason why i fly HK so frequent cause i have free accomodation all the time , don ask me how many times i been there, lost count. After since that when i back , i do wrote dairy everyday , until sometimes i also dont know wat to write . Slowly , i wrote it twice a week. The time i wrote the most when i was in Form 6 , i wrote about my school life , i worte about my how i skip class go for band perform , i wrote about my studies , friendship and also not to mention my first love .....

When i went college , yet i still do not stop writing , how i joined a new gang of friends , how i flunk my subjects , how i felt when i know i cant go US for study and on and on .... But slowly when i came out to work , and that was the time i rarely wrote anything , from twice a month until twice every 6 month , then 2 years once ( that will be my long great grandmother stories ) . But , no matter how , i still keep a habit, everytime when i went travel , i will bring along my own dairy and wrote everything i did in a day , means at night before bed, i will write down wat i had experience and so on. :)

I was asked many times why i used catsndogs for my email or why my nick , that's actually my first relationship in high school , first time went movie wit the gal, first movie we watched " The Truth About Cats & Dogs " , i don now how many of you did watch that movie , i 100% reccommand this movie, by Urma Turman . The cinema in KL now is also no longer a cinema, some of you might familiar , near Petaling street , REX Cinema . Of coz it was a sweet memories at that time, no doubt , but hey .. at least we still are friend and keep in touch , i doubt she's looking at this blog .. naaa, she don even care to online.

Infact , was surprised to know my sis's friend also view my blog , ahhhh.... what should i say, thanks ya. Still will let you know if i do drop by Spore :) . Now , will you excuse me , need to continue my work laa...