Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Great Weekends at Cineleisure RobotCon 2007

Finally again ... the shows over , this events had been putting quite numbers of us into a pressure mood. Waiting for this days to come , waiting for this days to participate , waiting for this days to enjoy , not to even wans this event to be over , but i'll sure the people who participated in this events will be planning for coming Robotcon in 2008 , and i'm sure will be a even better compare to this one.

This 3 days , all of us definately and absolutely having fun , running around the whole Cineleisure , and the most happy part for then transmy fan member is to see own toys being display on the shelf , proudly to say that. and for me, i think i'm the one who display the most less toys... wahahahaha , jus 3 figure i bought from the Transformers movie. Not to mention the most busy man is definately Mike's . i think he is even too busy being interviewd by more than 8 press or even from magazine , not to mentione later will be interview by Channel V .

The final day everyone was tired , but wat we can say ..... yeaaaa, we did it , finally.

Some highlights photos taken during the Robotcon :
Offical launching by VIP from MunSang n MyEvents

One of the Transformers from Genaration 1 .... this called money cant buy also

This is one of the cool NIke Transformers ... i wan , i wan .........

Transformers from the coming movie decepticons (above) and Autobots ( below )

Repaint Transformers from one of a Fans

this is another one cool of Transformers Lego

The TransMy Fans club posing together wit the 7 foot talll Prime

New Dynasty Lead by new Prime , would you Prefer a Prime girl ( ablove) or Prime Kids (below) . By the way, the prime gal i think some of you might have known who's she.


being interviewd , was told my hand was darn shaky ...yeaa, u r damn right man. just try to be cool.

Auctions were held during the saturday n sunday , many crazy fans exciting biding for their love's figure. Talking about crazy fans, yeaa.. i did managed to get my Dinobots Grimlock for Rm150 , which i had been looking for it for the past 15 years


Iongsik (above) and Mark ( below ) went on stage for the battle of who can transformed the fastest . HHMMmmmm ... don know if they did figure out how to do it , i think the kids beat them .

Toy Workers doing darn pretty well on their stocks ....for the past 3 days doin stock clearance at the little booth.

There's more picture to be shown , but i was told by someone .... Some Pic i took .....cant be Shown , is Totally Classified ...........


Hengster said...

where is your transformer car???

catsndogs said...

hehe.... coming soon next blog :D

Anonymous said...

this yk looks like his posing for some model shooting. hahahahaha

well done!! :)

catsndogs said...

well, he's look more in a kid's model laa... infact he was so desparate picking up the robot until the Emcee had to yell at him for being naughty.. wahahahaha