Friday, June 01, 2007

AP final show rockzz

3oth May 2007 , is the day we been waiting for ... the final show of AP since Ian on our band is leaving to UK. At the beginning we just planned for a small show, but didnt expect to turn in this big. We managed to persuade the boss of Rokaro at PJ states let us perform for free as we promised we will bring in the crowds to jam the place.

Before i go any further, i want to take this opportunity sincerely again to thanks all the friends we know or the friends we don know , the AirAsia groups as well for coming to this event supporting the AP. And what most i wanna thanks is my cousin which brought along her sisters , her mom and even my parents along. i had been playin n performing for yearsssssssss , but this is the first time my parenst see me on stage , deep inside me , i was really really touched. all this while i used to think the don support me when i first started drummming, but i guess today it shows them the results. i love u mom ,dad .... thanks , deep deep from bottom of my heart.

Kelvin was panic n worries when 7pm n the table was full with outsiders ,where else some of our friends are not even here yet. BUt half hour later , kelvin get more worried and panic because our friends slowly , gradually turn up and don think the tables n chairs enough to fill up the place. And we even got some SMS from others friend wishing us good luck for for not able to attend , we felt touch n happy coz afriad if they turned up not ven enough seats for them.... phewwww.

845pm , the restaurant pub seems to filled up wit our friends , i think 90% out of it , without further delay we just started the ball rolling :) .

The greatest support from the AP gang , it gives us the high spirit on stage .

didnt aspect unka Leong joined the party... really touched seeing him coming over :) , next round 1 jug beer on me... :D

half time show .. Magic tricks by Chase . Fook became one of his victime , and he enjoyed it ..

we are proud to have Janice on stage for 2nd set performance , she had a powerful voice on certain songs, and baby voice on some certain songs too ( claim from the band ). But she did a real good job during rehersal time , especially her Shakira butts shaking style. Fuu yoohh...

Kelvin on Lead guitar and lead vocal , AP of the AP , the leader ,the talented and the most mumble people ever seen on earth. Never stop calling me asking for the shows if is ready , man.. etc etc

SoonYean on rhythm guitars , he did all the plucking an struming .. i think he did a good job on that day compare when rehearsing in studio , main-main saja. infact , i think this is hIs first stage performance in such many crowds....*applause*

Ian on the bass , since he will be leaving to UK , he requested to play a song sang by him , "Boston" ... no confuced ya.. he's goin to UK.

cheehow on the drums ... claims from my friend that they love to see my face expression get high especially when i played some fast songs. But seriouly that night i didnt even hear wat did they sing infront nor the guitars played , jus follow the feel n the beats.

Thanks Alvin for driving all the way from Nilai help us do the video recording , DVD or VCD will be out soon , please pre-order from your friend. incase if u find this at pasar malam , please ..don support piracy , is a crime ...

AP rules .. till then , will see when the next show ...2009 , 2010 ???


Kelly said...

Oh..since I wasn't there to support you live.
Please let me know how I can get the vcd/dvd.. so I can support the AP...
Well Done AP!!!

catsndogs said...

hahaha ...will let you u know once the editing all done :P , by the way u can keep in touch wit Ian also later, sicne he will eb at UK, can start another AP Acapelle group there :P

One Little Mouse said...
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Kelly said...

It would be nice to get to know Ian.
Let me know if he's going to perform/ do some gigs, etc..then can go support support and have fun
but...starting another AP Acapelle sankyu lar...
I'll be AP's good enough for me..kekeke