Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Once again , Happy Father's Day , to all the fathers out there.
Early in the morning, thought of celebrating wit dad lunch time instead of dinner as both us have something on at night. So i decided to buy him lunch at this special day at Shogun , but didnt expect when i called in, they told me is fully book, so understand laa in this special day , basically every restanrant fully book.

So, decided to change plan B , which is drive down to The Curve and had lunch at Dragon I ,actually i did call them for reservationm but same they told me no reservation taken on this day but only walk in guest. Infact Dragon I is famous for their Shanghai Dumpling ( Siao Long Bao ) .

SzeChuan salty chicken ( for sure szechan food gonna be spicy )

we ordered 2 sets dumpling , but they gave us 3 , and charged us 2 sets.. why ? fathers day maa.. :P

plain vege

Crispy Duck ... served wit ManTou ( bread )
The lunch took us nearly 2 hours , but expected to be like this , but incase we had it dinner, for sure it will be more pack. But the important is we had a lovely lunch :)
Happy fathers day.. once again.....


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wahh..what a nice makan session for ur dad. I'm sure he appreciated it. :-)

wmw said...'re such a sweet guy! I think you're the first guy's blog I read about taking his dad out on Father's Day!

Sze said...

fantastic looking food. can't believe i forgot to eat the pork + man tou thing.

catsndogs said...

lemongrass : well, i think he do appreciate la, although he was sound more like "..hmmm.. not bad this food, this restaurant"..

wmw : huhh ?? i think the rest also bring their dad out right...jus hope my mom don see this coz i blog about papa day but not mama day.

sze : by the way, that's my parents favourite dish, and i didnt eat at all, coz i don like the meat.. too fatty ,oily . i'm already one by the way..wahahahahaha

soonyean said...

the babi looks good. gonna go there soon for mom's bday + belated father's day treat.

catsndogs said...

soonyean : can i come along, i also so called KAI ZAI to ur mom.... kekekeke