Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rise of The APE-D-Bots

It all started this April , when i really decided to build my own 'Transformers' , i mean not jus for building for the sake of fun , but also hope to get something in return , in near future or far , or this already been one of my company project.

All this while been seeing lots of cosplay ( costume play ) in malaysia especially you can find it among the Star Wars fans , but never seen or heard from Robots . As also since last year knowing transformers movie coming out 2007 , i had been thinking of involving into some projects , related to robot stuff. And once this early april sat down wit few of my friends where there know how to do crafting well. Through out our conversation, we decided to build our own robot costume. The designing and how to be transfomation part were taking into action where everynite we have to bend down n lying down to do real man show of transforming , which non using any so called CGI .... and we actually started our job in Early May

The time were realy againt us , we had less than one month to came out wit the actual suits , we even ask for advice if using computer to designing the transformation , but it needs at least 1 month , but we don have one month before the movie realeased in June. Wit no delays , we had to come out wit a car model which we don wan to get invloved in any car industries as it may took times for them to say yes for building their car shape , and this wat the first actual model we craft.

we have to use a hard foam to cut into a car shape , tell me what is look like , it might look like a proton from a point of view .. but infact we took the model of a Evo iv + my wira ........

the cutting of foam was a fast progression , the only things that slightly time draggin was putting the composit to the foam , after it took least 2 days to let the compisit dry ... and moreover we haveto put on least 4 layers to that it will make it harder and stronger. that already took me for almost 1 week to finish this section . Later came to polishing the car and watering , this one have to put times n effort to it as to ensure the car is total flat and smooth enough.

Then the painting of the car was indeed not complicated but yet not easy as well, as same way , we have to painted for few layers to it. After that is to cut off the car into few pieces for their easy way of transform.

When the car done 1 week before the Robotcon , we had few of trials n error , and was to our surprise to manage to finish it on time. BUt i would say one thing for sure , we would give 4 out of 10 for this work. If were given 2 more weeks, i'm sure the transformation part will be even greater n nicer. We did try to give a name for it .. many funny names came out, but till the end, came to our aggrement , as this is under Absolute Pleasure Entertainment project ,we name it



Stories way back to April , when i decided to built the suits, i don wanna jus built it, i wan to make something difference to my company , what so specialty compare wit others events that i involving besides than wat others did , supplying bands to wedding or annual dinner stuff.

The first person that came across my mind is UIP , coz they produce this movie , and also licenced for it. i thought i can get strongly support by them. Infact when i first met up wit them, they were highly amaxed of wat i'm doin , jus that thye think my robots doesnt came along related to Transformers movie ,Yes is a robot costume, interesting ... but sadly is not related to movie. However the UIP didnt shut the door immeadiately , when they told me , do u know someone is organising a RobotCon in June ....( woo hoo, sunshine..sunshine ) . that's were UIP get me in touch wit Raymond , one of the organiser of the events, and i'm proudly n happy to say that raymond do help me a lot and giving me the chance for a space to slot into this events.

The Day been waiitng for , launching of APE-D-Bot

APE-D-Bots helping out Prime for security

Ah Heng n James sit at the booth , jockey of APE-D-Bots

Since the management say no cars allowed in the mall , so i have to ask APE-D-Bots go to car park look for a space for himself.

Building up a robot always a dream of mine .. jus that never thought my 2007 plan running as wat i scheduled. And not jus building a car , but in near future , few more suits will be built , ( so that it wont be so loney for jus one suit, hahahah ) .

I'm happy that few car industries which i had been walking in to them selling them this idea , and they were totally shocked of wat i created. and to Citron car , they used to have the robots ad where you can find it at YouTube , were amazed of it as well . i think for custome renting for robots , u know where to find now. jus give me a little time , and by next year RobotCon 2008 , they wont be jus one APE-D-Bots.


soonyean said...

fuuuyoooohhh!....damn canggih...

wmw said...

Hahaha....really cool. And the pic of the car in the car park cute!

catsndogs said...

soonyean : if u like, i can ater make one for ur size... :P

wmw : well , can park 4 mreo cars lei :)

Kenny Mah said...

Wow, I didn't know that's how the car models were made... so cool! Thanks for showing the one-by-one-step of making them!

And the Transformers movie was far better than I expected! Can't wait for the sequel! :D

catsndogs said...

kenny : thanks for dropping by ... agree that the movie was awsome. will be watching my 5th times coming week.... :D