Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 year end wedding dinner

Finally came to end of 2007 , less than 24 hours before we walk into 2008 .... and i think by attending the last wedding dinner on 30th , this is my 11th wedding dinner in 2007.

congratulations....... errrrr, WAIT . i mean congratulations once again working as partner emcee for the 3rd time in 2007 . HE is not dennise and she is not Josephine , and is not their wedding dinner either ....... but this 2 people tends to be a very match and talented Emcee , let me proudly introduce you Mr.Robert and Ms. Yen.

It was a big day for SoonHo , one my buddy , SoonYean's brother marriage. Months back i was called from soonyean asking me to be his left+right hand .... basically i tends to be pro with right hand laa... but since soonyean offer , is really my pleasure to help out his family as his mom n dad treat me so nice .. .... :P :P

The most talented n matching Emcee in 2007 ... i believe in 2008 more chances for them to work together , if anyone out there need Emcee , call their agent... ah hemmm, that's me. wahahaha

Alwin the videographer finally had a short period of time tasting the fish ..while our multi talented Emcee Robert took up the backup video camera job ....... bravo.. bravo...

since when soonyean had a son ????? ... naaaa , is his cute little nephew , where followed him everywhere. can see him a good father to be in future.

he's actually caught my attention quite a lot , not just me , but many of his 'fans' . i even reccomanded his grandma which model agency to bring him over for shooting , well .. i can be his agent as well , okok.... soonyean can get 2% from the profits.

of coz when came to the end , relatives , family and friends were asked on stage for photo session , first was to ask for a serious normal pose ... then second photo requested from the camera man a happy cute pose..... can see everyone definately happy , but i think soonyean (L) and UnkaLeong ( R) were extremely high. Soonyean were probably asking " God.. when is my turn and which church should i choose for ceremony " ...... while unka leong... ....sorry , i really have no idea wat's Unka Leong trying to do....... wahahaha

Once again Congratulation to ( R - L ) Mr. & Mrs Lee , bride & groom Josephine and Dennis..... and of cos special thanks to Edward a.k.a Soonyean for inviting me over to help out . Lastly , wishes Lee's family a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and may the year 2008 a blast one for all of you.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dining with the Floggers

2 weeks back when May Wan invited me to a food Blogger or known as Floggers gathering dinner at My Elephant at section 17 , i was happy and doubt , coz i told her i do blog occasionally but not too much on food , but she said was ok ......

Basically is more interrelated to Christmas + gathering + dinner of cos . Basically something have to bare in mind if we out breakfast , lunch , dinner or supper with them. For eg. chirstian do prayer before eating , Muslim do wash hand before starting meal , what about floggers ???... we cant touch the food until they finished taking pictures. what do i mean ..... ??

before food arrived ... camera ready ? check .... ...tripod ready ?? check ........ Lights bright enough ?? check........ positions seats ready ?? check.......

all dishes here?? check ...... the menu list ?? check ......

until the last dishes .... dessert here ?? check ......... the drinks ?? ohh yaa... check, check , check.....

the food ??? check .... ..inside our tummy already . The one and only main table with one or two bloggers and no floggers. The conversation we were talking about were Facebook ..... why guys don bring along comb losses problem , and some updating stories after about individual lifestyles.

basically i really had an enjoyable time with the rest and getting to know some new friends , however i had to leave in the middle due to some set up work i need to be done at KL ... and also some fun i missed at the ending dinner session. Next time i'll make sure my time will be completely free for the night , and i'm sure more interesting stuff will happen... :)

as i said , i don do food blogging much ... but if you wanna read full write up , can check the blog of Precious Pea , ugwug , awhiffoflemongrass .

Friday, December 28, 2007

My Lovely Cabinet

Finally the cabinet is on , and just able to put some of the stuff in for display , where the rest still at the store room. Again , million's thanks to all my dear fren for this lovely present , i love all of you .... World Peace.

It just looked like a new constructed shopping mall where each level selling different stuff , and of coz came the christmas season .... it makes a very warm environment.

3rd floor , dangerous electronic department . usually these are the stuff where have to put them up at safer place , or else they will cause big distraction.

2nd floor , the motosports departments , eventually i love this set of F1 as this was my last year birthday present from the same gang ... see, i still display them nicely , and special thanks to soonyean coz the lego setup by him :)

1st floor , the space galaxy department , where most of the item related to science fiction , but so far managed to display few star wars items.. more coming up

Ground Floor , little toys department , basically all my little robot heros were happy to be inside at lower ground.

Anyway , still more toys not enough space to display , and i think i will get another cabinet , or guys .... can buy for my 2008 birthday present in advance ahhhh ???????

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas !!!

Once again , Merry Christmas to everyone , may all the joy and dreams comes true to all of you.
i think the Christmas eve celebration used to be a annual events for us ... which is having great time with a bunch of great friends at the same old cool place , Crown Regency apartment , located at central of KL clubbing area.

It was our honor to have Mr. Robert Heng to be our organizer for Xmas eve 07 celebration , and i think we all agreed that he is so great in organizing this party , like some chinese say " If he say he is no.2 , no body will dare to be no 1 " ...... way to go dude .

most of us arrived at the apartment around 6pm or 7pm besides than Robert ,SoonYean , Merve n Joan , they were there since noon and started the Mahjong , and i don think we will skip the mahjong session every year . Then they went for the next door Secert Recepi for a gatheirng dinner which this year i had my dinner earlier as i didt'y have my breakfast n lunch.

The present soon to be exchange after 12am mid night , most of us were hoping to get the big one of coz.

mahjong..mahjong .... oh my mahjong , can u actually believe Joan, Merve , Ztuan and Elaine were actually played all night long until 7am in the morning. even when i was asleep , i can even hear Zetuan laughters the most ... bet he must won a lot , kekekekeke.

and this year SoonYean brought along his PS2 , can see how excited soonyean with his soccer match until he cant close his mouth.

And came to a time where our Organizer have to stop all our activities as he had prepare some games for us ' Win Loose or Draw ' .... it was pretty excited seeing both teams drawing n screaming , and i thought we agreed earlier on drawing ' Famous Place '...... NO MORE DRAWIN ON EDWIN PLACE ....... wahahaha :P , i thought someone would came out with places like ' cheehow house' or ' robert house ' or maybe 'soonyean house' ..... it will be fun to draw that. :P

half our before the clock struck 12am ...we walked to KL plaza for count down , sad to say that this year KL plaza was not as merrier as last year , and they even didn't have the front main lights on .. hmmm, wondering if that place was banned due to what we did they last year.

anyway, that doesnt stop us from celebrating the countdown , we all walked across the street to Pavilion , the latest shopping area.

see , i wasnt that heavy after all ..... hahahaha

not to forgeting Merves .... i don know why everyone loves to touch his private part so much.. hmmmmm .

3...2....1.... Merry Christmas :) , and also before goin back to our apartment , let's have a group photos.

The first thing back to apartment of coz is present exchange .... and this is what i got , and is from tammy i think... thanks ya.

i'm sure everyone enjoying their present exchange moment .... and most of us were seriously looking forward for Daryan present , coz he gave out a coffee blender or something ???

Since Simon the Chef not able to join us for this year christmas , therefore i have to be the backup chef to cook maggi mee for the rest ...and as usual , i was treated the same way , after finish cooking , i have to eat my supper secretly. the only difference was , this year not the same person accompany ( check out Last Year )

Never missed our Twister game , and this really killing my muscles ....

well, you know what they said .. they night is still young , is almost 3am and the street still fill with laughters and celebrations mood , moreover we are at the 4th floor , and easily can heard some drunken people shouting in the middle of street.

This year Christmas i would say a bit peaceful .. and the people were too focusing on mahjong and PS2 ... and i don think anyone of us got drunk. but at least we had fun , the gathering ......
and of coz next year 2008 , robert will orgarnized again , better than this year huh.... :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

17th & 18th Celebrations

18th December , Tuesday

Times really flies , still remembered last year december when i finally made up my mind to set up a company and full time dealing with Music bands events , at first just a normal thinking as involved in music , but you know sometimes , when oppportunities comes , i just don want to have the ' i'll see how' atttitude , that's why even when the first company approached me to do a annual dinner for them , straight away i say yes .. and that time , i really don know how , because all this while , i was more in supplying bands for annual dinner or weddings , but not as organising.

However , everyone have their first time learning how to crawl before walk and then run , and slowly , gradually i started to learn up lots of things in doin as so call event management. Eventualy a lot of people thought i was from event line , thanks for the look up and i do appreciate that . As i told myself , " Learn from the foundation " ........ and now i wouldnt say i'm at somewhere , yet i still learning , looking back at the one year result for the company i had organised event for them and involved such as :

- Cash Converters annual dinner
- Robotcon @ midvalley
- organised F1 for Foreigners package
- Cycle n Carriage car Alarm system launching
- Omega watch together with Measat catwalk show
- Discovery Honda civic @ sepang
- Excel group training
- Asia Works family fun day
- Bobbi Brown
- few Private funtion party
- supplying wedding bands for dinner

hmm... that's so far i can think of , but still most of them were involved in wedding bands , and of coz for 2008 which have few projects in hand where now in progressing n preparing.
although came to year end but still not the time to say taking any holidays , is just the beginning.
all i can say .... HAPPY BIRTDHAY to A.P.E

17th December , Monday

Every ten years is a turning point , at least i'm happy for the past 10 years living at my 20's with no regretment , achive what i had planned . A lot of times , people use to say 30 is only teh startin for guys , i'm wondering what's my fren for this year who turning 30's .. and i think i'm the last one in december , ohh no.. unka Leong coming this 22nd... kekeke. yeaaaa... let's hold hand together n walk ya... wahahaha.
anyway , at least starting from 2008 jan , i know something need to be change , or something need to be adjust or i should put it this way ..... walking into a new stage , new challenge , new goals , or perhaps setting up a family , is not a must but is something where most of people will have to gone through .........

Since is monday , pasar malam at my area and robert suggested to buy something from pasar malam where i decided to get some pizza n KFC for dinner , infact no fancy food but jus a plain simple dinner . However also my first time serving this kidna plain meal ..wahaha. and previously was a bit doubt coz don know who will turned up for the dinner and yet is jus a simple dinner .... and was wondering if jus wanna ask the rest out for restaurant or stick wit the plan ... finally ended up wit the same plan.

i thought i can get at least a 32' PLasma TV , but i'm surprised to have something better than Plasma TV , which is the display cabinet from IKEA ... thank you for those who contributed in this lovely pressie. Now i can put up some of my lovely collections into the cabinet, and moreover also something i really looking forward :) , After i set up the cabinet and will take a nice pic of it ya.

errrr.... well , honestly , i don know how often i will wear this , and i can tell u all , this is actually by Fuku , see.. i mentioned earlier about Fuku , well .. i don mean n i don say he is gay , but obviously he is not although i didnt say anything about him , yess.. he still loves girls , jus that or mayb this is one of his hobby , sending lovely boxer to guys , hmmm.. i wonder he give bra or undie to girls as birthday present .

well, in chinese society , which celebration or occasion where don have this mahjong game , specially arranged for all the Mahjong Kings , even until forgot the food sessions.
Well , at least one thing be sure , the guys having fun can tell, and so do i ... and this is not the end yet , more big celebrations coming this month. As stated earlier , is a month of celebration....

Monday, December 10, 2007

100th CELEBRATIONS .....

YEAee..... " Congratulations .. and Celebrations ".....

Finally i reached my 100th Blog , and in the month of December .... i don blog just becoz i wanna make it for 100 .. i just blog when i felt to :) , but i'm happy for hitting this number .....


Coming Soon ..... White Christmas

" Jingle bell ... jingle bell ...... jingle all the way .......................... "

The jingle atmosphere is around the corner , people were busy preparing for the celebration , the Xmas mood , People were discussing where to celebrating , who to celebrate together , what's Christmas Present to buy for friends and loves one , what Christmas food should they prepare or where to go for Christmas diner ..... haaaaa , so so so warm

for Me , is just a relaxing month and wanna meet up with friends and family and sit down .... do some thinking and preparation , get ready for a new 2008 :D

yeaaaa.... my white Christmas treee for 3rd year with me , and the special about this year , they will be a mini gathering caroling from the ' Toyie Group '.

The ' Toyie Group ' caroling list tentative are above .....
more to come joining them the caroling .... Catch them soon , near Xmas ...

Friday, December 07, 2007

Smell Like Teen Spirit

For those Idie Group or Alternative music lovers , definately Nirvana is a famous band and where people loved , not to mention about Kurt Korbain music talent.

Anyway , one of Nirvana early songs " Smell Like Teen Spirit " .... still a legend alternative rock songs .... and came across a young talented taiwanese where she did a new arrangement on that song , pretty cool , a new taste .....

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fukku The Celebrity

Pavilion seems to be the most happening top shopping Mall in KL at Bukit Bintang Walk area .. inside filled with lots of high ends and branded stuff. Infact , i never been there since opening and soft launching until i had an event working wit BobbiBrown cosmetic.

BobbiBrown having 3 days event and one of a day is located at their own shop which located ground floor. Again , a very last minute looking for japan translator for them , and all the time person who came to mind for japan translator are Jason Chen , Ah Boy , NMMC Jason and Fukku .... after short listing , Fukku tends to be the best man in mind .... anyway BobbiBrown incharge person did ask me to be there translator , but seems i'm half boiled water , hahaa... i rather be the organizer helping them :P

Due to their budget , the took of some of the performances suppose to have , and only go for make-up , and infact they did look for different make-up artist from different countries like hongkong , thailand and Japan. And obviously need the translator for the make-up artist when helping the models for make up.

Make-up artist from Japan , which Fukku seems getting very well and comfortable with them , but sad to say , found out that out of 10 , 8 of them , and most of them were gay , i mean real gay .... and that's also made fukku always a mystery to us , all this yearsss.... i mean.. is he..... errr.....

anyway , is a good platform for fukku in future ... i mean for doing translation . And i do welcome anyone who can , or who have specialty in each of them , and i'm happy to work with them , who knows , i might need your help one day .... like fukku , i knew he get good rewards and many many products worths from BobbiBrown... :P

Monday, December 03, 2007

December , Month of Celebration

yaaahoooooo .... December ..december ..Decemberrr , well .. not sure about the rest , but december sure a month for me...a very lovely lovely month for me. Basically is also a month for me to get review myself and get ready and prepare for 2008 ..... and also a celebration month

- My Birthday , getting more n more younger n more younger in heart

- Absolute Pleasure Entertainment turned one years old , is been not easy year to start , but great
to have those who gave opportunities to me :D

- 10 years memories since 97 to Japan as Student exchange

- Christmas... Christmas ....Christmas ..... :D :D :D , santa , santa , present ..present :D

Thursday, November 29, 2007

J-Style @ Cineleisure

Drop by Cineleisure at the latest pub SCARLET ... due to Extreme Night will be having an event on 7th & 8th at Bukit Jalil , night time , this is more like a car show and additional of models competition kinda events , they invited some of the sponsors and supplier over there for some private functions.......

However as usual , everytime when i drop by Cineleisure i will also drop by one of my high school fren open boutique called " J-STYLE " .... to show moral support to her . Of coz the "J" stands for japan for sure , most of her clothings were import from japan ..and she do sometimes even flew all the way to japan jus to check out new items .. .. don think that shirts from japan are expensive , infact she kinda selling very reasonable price , well .. u might as well go there and have a check ... by the way... those shirts just for Female . guys allow to go too.... usually their role is to pay for their partners ... :(

well , in future anyone drop by cineleisure feel free to go to 2nd Floor ... jus opposite Scarlet pub and restaurant , and you ( gals ) definately find something nice n sweet shirts inside....

well .. lucky me to have chance meet up the lady boss around at that shop where usually she wont be there... and of coz , as a high school fren , always will support anyone who came out who started own business .... now , jus called her " boss "... or " Miss Tan "

ps ... okokok , enough hardcore selling for ur shop a not ahh.... next round dinner on u

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A1 race at Sepang

Is been quite a while for not updating my blog , but hey .. someone even not updated their blog as well. Reason given ... Busy n Lazy .. :P
Infact almost end of 2007 .... and coming this 2 months been quite a lot of people getting married , company getting annual dinner .. which is a good news for me indeed.

This year besides F1 race and few weeks back the Sprinta Bike race , i think i only participate 3 times including this weekends A1 race . People ben asking wat's the different between F1 n A1 race ... i can say in short , nothin much. The only different between F1 is the car manufacture representing the race while A1 is more in representating of country , for example Malaysia representative is Alex Yoong , which i believe some of u all will know him... i guess. And another difference is , F1 car is faster than A1 by 8 seconds ....

Infact motosports i love most of them is seeing their teamworks ... how the manager , mechanic and drivers works together in order to win the race from a country to a country.

the practise session of Ireland team changing tyre ... the manager is kinda @!#$!%^^ becoz of slighty mistake by his man.

As usual , everytime before the race there will be a lot of local race such as classic car race , intergra race and F3 BMW race . Sunday came to 1pm only reaching the highlights , i was sent to almost last Grid 20 which is the Mexico team.

The race started , but we have to be on the site for 2 laps jus to ensure no restart the game. Again , 3 hetic days but fill with fun n laughters with the gang on the track , and this ends 2007 .... waiting for next year events .

some photo's taken during A1 events :

A1 Malaysia representative , driven by Alex Yoong

A1 race 10 minutes before the race started

Early morning view before the race started

yeaaa .. TomSon came for the VIP pit walk and how nice for him to visit me :P

Sorry for Aussie team ...i have to pull out their car from the track for being penalty... wahahaha

Friday, November 09, 2007

The long lost siblings

Long long time ago far far away at Finland ... a very big family , rich n famous Mr.Nokia , every year they produced tons of babies .. when they grew up , all of them went study n working at different countries , and most of them had a successful results , and gain good reputation...

As years goes by , one day , one of Mr.Nokia son ... Nokia N95 , accidentally found a same face brother , Twinsss ?? ... HOW COULD IT BE ?? ....

(L) N95 : U lok same same face , where u form , me form CHina....
(R)N95 : Ya bro , i was shocked , just like seeing myself in the mirrow , i'm from Finland
(L)N95 : Waaaa ... is a good good place wor , i hear is far far had to sit plane go....
(R)N95 : well , that true for sure. Hey dude , i think we are from same family , my mom used to
tell me about my long lost sibling.. cant it be u ? wait ..wait. mom said we had a
birth-mark , open ur mouth if we have same 12 key pads.....

.......... aaarrrrrrrrgggggggggggg............

(R) N95 : My GOD... it is you , finally i found u, what had they done to u

(L) N95 : Is ok.. i learn to be tough , in china , all Comunis , learn from Mou Zhe Dong , we keep

red book. Me happy see you now...

And then , the twins finally got re-united. So if you seen N95 siblings from China or Finland , please ... treat them same way.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sunny Weekend at Sepang

This year since after F1 , i hadn't been taking part in Sepang events , until last weekends , called up Yip for drink, as he is one of the old experience Marshal that helped me a lot .Saying there's a small cub-cai race under Petronas Sprinta race . Since i don have others event on.. might as well follow him to the track to work.

The Sprinta race is more for the little bike or known as cub-cai race , is pretty funny seeing them on the track , where u can imagine .. this is like high class "mat rempit " , usually we saw those "Mat rempit" at KL at mid-night driving recklessly , is more like suicide race . And cos government always encourage those bikers on street , to race ..race it at some place where legal , someplace with more safer .......

something struck my mind , i wondering some of the racer , are them being spotted at KL street when they do "Mat rempit " , and some of the talent agent gave them card n asking them to race for their sponsor.. wahahaha. That's is why KL mid-night created so many "mat-rempit" hoping to be spotted n become famous... :P

This time i was put handling Pit-Exit ... no more Pit n Grid , means cant see any bike .. who cares , the things is .. i cant see n talk to those umbrella girls... :(``````
i was pretty familiar with Pit n Grid area , but pit-exit is my first time , but anyway , is nice to have learn new stuff as well .... Pit-Exit is usually the area where every bike will passed by , and the exit guard-man have the power to stop any bikes or give green lights for them to go , so who ever that gets my mood bad.... i'll close that area n stop all the race . For sure i will then thrown out of job.. wahahaha...

some random photos during the events :

all the racers bike engine thoroughly check and make sure no mistake .. yet always something goes wrong , accident does happen man....

The bike need to be checked while the drives need to be hang ... :P , naa ,jsu taking their time and relax , clear mind n ready for the race , most of the racers here 98% malays... and 98% all the people in the track that weekend were malay's i can say ...

Before the race started , all the boards need to prepare n check standing by ......

Pit-Exit , where uncle fadzil and me taking care of ... don mess around wit us . However we were under the hot fun .. but thrilled with fun and laughters cos we did get along very well , uncle Fadzil can speak a damn good japan language as he been to japan worked for 3 years , and we also collected transformers toys .. woo hooooo ... fun , crazy partner with him under the hot sun.

usually this can be seen when bikers half way motor down , or when they drop their spare-parts , little bike also need rescue , coz they cant go back to the main track but have to go through the pit lane n passed by pit-exit ( ehh..hemmmm ) which is the area i am handling .

when the race starts , any broke down .. the bikers have to use the pit lane area n wait at the pit exit where ME n uncle Fadzil incharging. They have to wait until all bikes passed gone , safety car gone... counting another 10sec , then only they have the green lights to move on... too bad for Mr12 suppose to be the first Grid , then don now wat happen , turned to go for last .... but he managed to get in 3 position lei... not bad.. not bad....

race day under hot weather , besides bikers , what to expect ... umbrella girl of coz ... but don put too high expectation on the umbrella girls as they are " Made in Malaysia ".... not to compare with big race events yaaa...

phhuuuuu...yoooooo , this is the best spot and angle to see those bikers fall down , of coz they are only mini bikes , cub-cai ... but small got small fall to see , big got big fall .... is damn shock seeing them screeeech n them fall n roll roll roll roll over the grass.... wahahahahhh , then the marshal will run over n pull them off , then disqualified , well.... only the strong will stay on tracks , The satisfaction money cant buy... :P

but some prefer seeing there rivals to fall of coz , and some beginners maybe just want to learn something from their master or maybe shifu or anyone .... everyone have their own intention for sure... :P

Motosport is a dangerous sport after all i guess , special precautions n safety is very important . Although this considered a small event , yet mobile medical and doctors need to be standby all the time.

At the end , people cries for victory , people cries for being disqualified , people cries for being too hot under the weather , or people cries for not able to take picture with the girls , like me ....
2 days events ended with a face all tanned ...... not bad after all . looking forward for next events at A1GP.

yeaaa... managed to took a clip very the bikers fell down ... and the safety car passed by. Talking about safety cars , i was amazed seeing my Primary schoolmate Zane Loo driving it. Only i realized all this while , his company been driving wit every events that Sepang have for the safety cars .... He even went to UK to take a course about defensive driving , in short.. for those who interested learning drive like F1 , learn to drift .. can always drop by his company AADA