Sunday, November 25, 2007

A1 race at Sepang

Is been quite a while for not updating my blog , but hey .. someone even not updated their blog as well. Reason given ... Busy n Lazy .. :P
Infact almost end of 2007 .... and coming this 2 months been quite a lot of people getting married , company getting annual dinner .. which is a good news for me indeed.

This year besides F1 race and few weeks back the Sprinta Bike race , i think i only participate 3 times including this weekends A1 race . People ben asking wat's the different between F1 n A1 race ... i can say in short , nothin much. The only different between F1 is the car manufacture representing the race while A1 is more in representating of country , for example Malaysia representative is Alex Yoong , which i believe some of u all will know him... i guess. And another difference is , F1 car is faster than A1 by 8 seconds ....

Infact motosports i love most of them is seeing their teamworks ... how the manager , mechanic and drivers works together in order to win the race from a country to a country.

the practise session of Ireland team changing tyre ... the manager is kinda @!#$!%^^ becoz of slighty mistake by his man.

As usual , everytime before the race there will be a lot of local race such as classic car race , intergra race and F3 BMW race . Sunday came to 1pm only reaching the highlights , i was sent to almost last Grid 20 which is the Mexico team.

The race started , but we have to be on the site for 2 laps jus to ensure no restart the game. Again , 3 hetic days but fill with fun n laughters with the gang on the track , and this ends 2007 .... waiting for next year events .

some photo's taken during A1 events :

A1 Malaysia representative , driven by Alex Yoong

A1 race 10 minutes before the race started

Early morning view before the race started

yeaaa .. TomSon came for the VIP pit walk and how nice for him to visit me :P

Sorry for Aussie team ...i have to pull out their car from the track for being penalty... wahahaha


wmw said...

You raced??? How did you do???

catsndogs said...

haha .. i wish i won , always a winner inside my heart....
to make it short... i'm only a pit n grid marshal over there incharging car team :P

Anonymous said...

those cars look great
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