Thursday, March 29, 2007

Take a deep breath...

Waaaa... sorry if i had not been updating my blogs , but yet wonder will anyone seeing my blog anyway... oh well... u know....

infact , saw few of my close frens blog and somehow is like this few month many of them getting into busy mood too , that's a little include myslef, which hadnt been seeing my frens for quite sometimes.

for the past 3 weekwend been either working on something , rushing for projects , otherwise will be having seminars training , and this week will be spending time in Bangkok, and coming next week will be wokring in Sepang for F1 . but then for the weekdays somehow jus felt that time is not enough ....

anyway , will catch up wit u guys after 8th of april ya.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Free food at Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar

when comes to free food, i'm sure everybody will rush for it. ( i speak for myself la, kekeke ) , and who say in this world there's no free lunch.

surprisingly when i pass by Chao Yang today , saw a big crowd and caused a masive jam, which made me no way of U-turn ,might as well drive all the way.

People were actually Q-ing infront of the Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar ,which explain why .. they are celebrating their 33th anniversay , free food from 12pm till 3pm , awww... i would have stop by for lunch if not for the appointment .. my god, wat happen to me, i would have done that way back 6 or 7 years. i changed... wahahaha.

people Q-ing up for free lunch

I can say Penang Kayu did very well in the business as they have another franchies in Melbourne,Australia, which is not cheap ( feedback from malaysian at Melburne ). Not to mention not cheap over there ,i did tried for nasi kandar at Chao Yang Rice + chicken + sotong cost me for Rm15. how many roti canai can i eat for the amount.

Crew from tv3 ...... " yo yo yo ,nasi kandar ..nasi kandar... Best, check it out "

if they can open Nasi Kandar over melbourne , then i'm planning to start 'ah how Bak Kut Teh' over there too , now jus need to look for my investor, call me if anyone out there interested :P

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lost & Found

This is what i found out yesterday when Olivia which album " A Girls Meet Bossanova " flew all the way back from Japan to Singapore to have a mini concert. I almost had the RUSH of getting a morning bus down to Spore just for for the concert , maybe back in 7 or 8 years time i already did that. BUt guess like sometimes in life , we just need to learn how to be sacrify, to let go something n do what need to be done. in short , give n take .....
In spite of going for the concert , i attended Robert Kiyosaki seminar , incase some of you might wondering " Who the hell is he " .... well, he's the author for Rich Dad ,Poor Dad . Although reading his book already amazed me , but tonight , is time to go forward to another brand new level , i will share some what i absorbed next blog... if i still remember, till then ,
to be continued ....

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Eye On Malaysia

2007 has been designated as the “Visit Malaysia Year” , and from hotel to tourist attractions place , it helps a lot to promote malaysia image . sometimes do felt proud of myself being a Malaysian, and what malaysia had as well from KLCC Twin Tower to KLCC Tower. BUt now malaysia had its lastest toy , proudly presents to u -- "EYE ON MALAYSIA"

Well, i know sometimes Malaysia do like to creat some records like world longest ,world largest, world tallest ,world biggest stuff , but you have to understand , records meant to be broken by others. As long as we r malaysian , we jus do wat we need to do.. be focus ,fokus.... :P

After dinner last night , figure out no place to go, and not intend to cubbing or anything, so might as well pay our malaysia latest toy a visit :P. Eye of Malaysia, situated at Lake Titiwangsa, i should say this is a really nice place to bring along friends from oversea to visit, or for couples after dinner no where to paktor , or for a family , bring along ur parents , and is damn worth it... WHY ???

Sorry snowy, joey , cant bring you both along :( ( no dogs allowed )....... ok, start doin your own calculation now , even a couples charged for RM30, and for parents ( senior citizen 55 above , couple ) charge for only RM16 , or you can always take a stroll after dinner there, had a view of KLCC or take the sit on the Eye On Malaysia gondola view from the top. No worries , you will being spin for 5 big round.

Anyway , another suggestion or good news for CitiBank holders , instead goin downtown jus to pay ur bills, why don drop by here before goin to settle your bills. :P infact , is jus wat i did yesteday. wahahaha.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

chilled out at WineRoom

A nice cozy place i love to drop by when i'm down , when i'm happy , when i need to celebrate watever i need to celebrate , a place for a jazz & Bossanova Feel pubs -- WineRoom.
It located at Jalan Doraisamy , Asia Heritage Roll , next to Sherotan Imperial Hotel , or what people will know for The Loft clubbing area , jus the other end :)

Since JinnLing goin back to Australia soon , and we never been there together (Catherine as well, sorry ya.. i promise next round will bring you there ) . What i love so much about there becoz of the live band. Mr.Purnama, one of the shareholder of WineRoom ,who loves music as much a i do ,and also a drummer there , a funny friendly guy.

Dont aspect and bang head songs like limp biskut , or hardcore like AC/DC stuff .. u cant find those. but if u r a 80's or early 90's. i'm sure u will enjoy, and your free to down to the dance floor to swing about. Anyone future drop by there let me know ya, i don mind be ur accompanion.


Happy " Muhibah" New Year

I think people living in Malaysia will get used to 'Muhibah' culture , as in means chinese ,malay and indian living in a same roof . friends from oversea used to ask me ' how can i able to handle all the differnet cultures "... well , " Handle With Care " i guess.. :P

Even Indian New Year , Malay New Year or Chinese New Year us , is like " YAHOOO.. holidays". and we even mixed up every new year, who cares wat year .

For me , the top 5 Chinese New Year list i wish for will be :

1) Ang Pow ( red packets contain wit $$$$ )
2) Fireworks ( the government banned , yet i still heard lots of poppin sound )
3) Lou Sang ( chinese believe it will bring us good luck in coming New Year )
4) gathring wit old friends n family members ( my god ... 4th place )
5) Lion Dance
6) the list keep on goin....

talking about Lion dance , during my childhood back at nilai ,my grandpa place , he used to hire Lion dance, and i don know why , i jus love to see them dancing ,and the drums part . And when i back to teh city , hardly i can see any Lion dance, and my dad even bought me a small Lion head for me, and i will dance all day long wit drums beat inside my head.
I don't know when the last time i got to see Lion dance where organised by our families members. how--ever , on tuesday as usual i went to Lifestyles office coz they having New Year dinner, and surprised me that they hired a Lion Dance. As i mentioned earlier these days , not only chinese will get involved in Lion dance, even the members who play the drums, or incharged the Lion head n tail , there were consist of malay ,chinese and indians. like i say Happy "Muhibah" New Year.

The Lions peeling the mandarin orange skin off

Happy Buddah Leading the way for the Lions to pick the Vege ( Chai Ching)

"muhibah" - chinese , malay , indian