Thursday, March 01, 2007

chilled out at WineRoom

A nice cozy place i love to drop by when i'm down , when i'm happy , when i need to celebrate watever i need to celebrate , a place for a jazz & Bossanova Feel pubs -- WineRoom.
It located at Jalan Doraisamy , Asia Heritage Roll , next to Sherotan Imperial Hotel , or what people will know for The Loft clubbing area , jus the other end :)

Since JinnLing goin back to Australia soon , and we never been there together (Catherine as well, sorry ya.. i promise next round will bring you there ) . What i love so much about there becoz of the live band. Mr.Purnama, one of the shareholder of WineRoom ,who loves music as much a i do ,and also a drummer there , a funny friendly guy.

Dont aspect and bang head songs like limp biskut , or hardcore like AC/DC stuff .. u cant find those. but if u r a 80's or early 90's. i'm sure u will enjoy, and your free to down to the dance floor to swing about. Anyone future drop by there let me know ya, i don mind be ur accompanion.



deusvenia said... wanna go..when?

lets do it sometime soon...been wantin to go but never gotten the chance at it...

fri nites or is there any nights suggested to go to get the best out of it?

catsndogs said...

basically u can go anynights u wan.. besides sunday nite.
the band usually started around 1030pm.
well.. i ask many people.. but those people not interested goin. so i used to drop by once a week.
call me if u feel like goin :D

Lilian Tan said...

and i wanna go wine room again with ya...

catsndogs said...

sure... but for sure i wont drink anymore white wine ... n whisky wit u.
if u wan.. buy me.. juice and guava juice.

Lilian Tan said...

y not??? u afraid i have to carry u back?