Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Girl Meets Bossa Nova

last week hang out at Bernards ( center point ) wit the group of ICLS gang to bid farewell for Ogawa. What caught my attention when i'm there is the background music. Then i try to look look for the song asking the boss... a sweet voice from singapore ..Olivia Ong

she's only 21 this year , but now starting her carreer at Japan when she was 16. infact when i first heard the voice , i thought someone age like 20 up up or 30 up up..... was amazed when get to now she only 21 last year.. wat amazed me, when she recorded her first debut " A Girl Meets BossaNova" , she's only 19 .... and currently getting her 2nd album.. But yet , "A Girl Meets Bossanova" that album can put u into nice sleep, melts people heart down .. if you are the type of person who love to be alone at home sometimes, if you love BossaNova.. then u can always put her songs on .. let the music floats around your house. try listen to this.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Beach Cleaning

Another project by KLCC Leo members , beach cleaning at Lukut on 28th Jan. Infact some of us already went there one day before for so fewllowship project. when i reached there 27th around dinner time and then we had a lovely dinner , seafood dinner ,10 meals for only rm240. in KL .. for sure you cant get this price. moreover, thanks to a Lukut Lions member Lion Au Yong for helping us negotiate wit the price .

1. 'Ham Dan' Crabs ( duck eggs is that wat u call ? watever )
2. fried Sotong
3. black pepper deer meat
4. tom yam fish ( pou yu )
5. spicy Bakun vegetable
6. drunken prawns
7. Har Gor .... don ask me wat in english
8. fried Hor Chiean
9. steam fish

Encore food
10. home made Taufu

william came join us little late wit his friends ah Hien , Justin , LV to finihs all the food. by the way the steam fish the gave wrongly, by the time they wanna take back.. sorry , half fish gone.
After the dinner , we went back to the apartment, thought of having a stroll at the beach but due to a tiny rain ...well, forget about it. few of them started to play some games whoever lost will ahve to drink kau kau.... thanks to Falansai n soonyean who almost wanna made me drunk.. but turn out Falansai who drank the most..Sei Mei.
(i think SY had the video , anyone wanna see have to to make special request then)

The next morning woke up around 8am , all of us had room to sleep except soonyean, claim he wanna do his work on laptop , and Elaine cliamed no sleep watching desparate housewives whole night... don ask me wat they did. i slept like a pig... woo Hoooo... :P

then went for a famous restaurant for roti n eggs ..that was cheap.. all for only rm50.

at 10am we started our project helped by Lion Au Yong and KL Cheras President Lion Thomas came for support.
lovely bunch of KLCC Leos
Sometimes we gather from all different area , with different skills , different background .. but wit one common idea.. WE SERVE. We cant change the world , but we can make things happen little by little. Beach cleaning is something we can afford to do.. although we cant clean the whole PD beach. but at least we do.

is kinda sad when all of us were busy cleaning the the place ... and of coz will be happy if u jus sit there n watch us... come join us laa.... but some kids jus don. They jus sit there watchin us a like.... " haha. need to clean a not, c'mon la.... "

4 useful youngman (front) and 4 useless youngman (behind)

Anyway, this is wat happen in you keep on sitting there doin nothin nor little change for ueself..

sitting wandering for future ??? 30 years later still sitting wandering where to burried

Monday, January 22, 2007

The AP featuring Sexy Turtle

These days a lot of band or singer wont jus sing by their own , they will sing but then featuring who n who n who , that will make them more popular n the record album more Hits.

well , for us, The AP ..since we are so AP .. we need someone to back us up.. and we are proud that Simon a.k.a Sexy Turtle join us for our rehearsal befor our next performance ,and also we don know when ....... jus thinking he might help us out.. for FREE. check out his Sexy Dance while our rehearsing....

Yellow by The AP Feat.Dancing Sexy Turtle

Big Me by The AP Feat Sexy Turtle Dancing

When Ferrari Meets Doraemon

wat the... fu.... Do Ra ee..mon

Again , wanna thanks to all my lovely frens who gave me this lovely birthday present in 2006 Dcember :P . few of them had contributed the present but never seen the full setup.
and of coz wanna thanks to my buddy Mr. LEE SOON YEAN for helping me 90% , Simon aka Chao Pang aka Sexy Turtle 7% and me myself 3% ....for setting up the Ferrari lego ... i really love it very much. :P

Not to forget wish Soon Yean a happy birthday also ... i miss the Denkiama section. To view more , can always view on my buddies blog

PS ...Robert , i cut n paste this time coz i didnt attend the dinner yaa.. is fair to do so, right ??
not being lazy yaaa :P

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Extremely GAY today ...

yes yes yes .. i'm gay. people been asking me if i really becoming gay. YES... U BET. Even when i put ' i wanna be Gay Everyday ' at MSN , frens been asking me a lot..... or should i say concerning , boys n gals , thanks for your concern...

Today went meet up a new friend which we had soemthing in common . Both us like music a lot , both us like mlm ( he's wit S company ) cos have more free time , both us also about the same time setup own company relaetd to music entertainemnt. which i think we will have a great time working together. cant wait till the month of Feb..March... aww.. time past too slow ahhh :D. However , jus felt that having another lively day... how gay i m.. undescribed

yaa .. talk about gay. i don do any discrimination.. jus that i do have some really Gay friends, and found that they do happy, jus mayb they felt comfortable for wat they are , of coz everyone have their own freedom or rights to choose among their sex. or Should we blame anyone ?? or shouldnt we .... is very individual. let me know wat u think ......

at the mean time.. check out some really gay moment around me....

our relationship i mean
friendship started long long time ago ...... far far away

Sometimes people don use mouth to express ... they use legs to express....... friendshipppppp

errr ... no comment. ....who put the photo here

people like to say ... i'm nothin , i'm nothin.. when they is really something.

everyone like so tense up .. robert and his big asssss

some ppl like to show off their cars... some like show off their gf .. but some jus.....

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Absolute Pleasure Entertainment

all this while i jus like music , i like organised stuff n little project after i involved wit Leo Club. but then never think that i will do something which both related.

as Absolute Pleasure Entertainment lauched last 18th December 2006 till now, not even a month i'm glad i able to achchieve wat's in my planning.

First of all , i wanna thanks my both boss for allowing me come out from the company to started my own job. No doubt i wil promise i still will be wit them n help them in watever i can .. in short. i will still spend 30% of my time in Lifestyles doin training job for u all. win win yaa....

secondly , i wanna thanks my parents for understanding me for wat i m doing and believing me n given me the support especially my dad ( which he claims he wanna get involved in sales nmarketing site, cool )

thirdly , i wanna thanks myself for being so damn guts for this breakthrough ....

fourth , i wanna thanks Alvin for such a great great help in designing the compamy logo.
any one out there needs design, u have to try out this guy, a great fren of mine at high school which jus got married lately.. unbelivable.

great design by Alvin , he does not only cards , wedding cards , company, u wan it.. u name it.... :)

Fifth .. thanks to all my fren out there , my x-supplier of bands, singer and for those i forgot to mentioned. I LOVE U ALL...... WORLD PEACE.

back to APE... the name came actually i wanna relates back to out group of frens or our band The AP , but tak-kan i have to introduce to someone my company name as Attitude Problem Entertainment ??? that's a dull..... and jus from no where. Abolute Pleasure came to my mind as 'Pleasure' means enjoyment , happiness ,satisfaction according to Cambridge Dictionaries Online. but at least to me music is about enjoyment n relax.....

I never thought further when after registered the company my fren told me ' omg ,it sounds so x-rated ' , and damn you r right, wat u expect then.. hahahaa.
since after the incident last time when one of our fren bachelor party, we suppose to get him a striper and turn up to be a hooker , for ur info.. hooker don dance, they shout , watever. who knows , when the business getting bigger , i might starts my own Stripe Bar ... hahahaha

okokok , seriouly now... i don know wat will happen in future . but i can see APE will give out his best services to those who wans entertainemnt. in short , we not jus target for big projects , and some small company might needs some entertainment as well due to budget. we will work together wit you regardless how much u have. but we wan to have fun together. :)

Anyone out there who needs my help , feel free to drop me a message. who knows, i might need your help as well :)

2007 Biggest Resolution.. BE GAY

having dinner few days back wit an old fren. We chatted for almost 2 hours , sharing wat's our new year resolution. Was surprise when got to know he broke up with his gf which they had been together since high school. i mean, i cant do anything ... but jus comfort him. And again , to my surprised when he told me " wat the heck , i think i will remain single and i wanna be GAY, that's wat i want.. jus try to be gay ". ...knn. ok ok ok.... i admit my english is a bit weak or little bit powderful in understanding. however the conversation took quite sometims before i really convince by him , then from that moment. i just told him " True , true ,agree ... startin from this year additional resolution .. I WANNA BE AS GAY AS POSSIBLE.


Friday night rob call me for dinner together few gangs join up. we went to Murni as usual for dinner. having sweet time when it started to rains, so we might jus call it a day. rob have to send me n sy back to merve house to pick up our car. jus a short jouney sy put on his so called favourite song of the month " Mr.curiousty" .. then i jus decided ' hey.. is only rain right , tak-kan balik so early in friday night' . ask rob pulled over n ask everyone back to robs car heading for 'tong sui' ..... and not to forget picking up mr macho ah fook. 5 guys in a car heading to 'gei tak shek' ..... no doubt it rains. but we had lovely , enjoyable time , chatting around, joking , gossiping , teasing each others , jus guys ... no girls. although sy , merve n fook having some competition goin on from that night. but..... :P

well , we had a lovely cozzy friday night. We r so so so gay that night.....

oh yaa.. for those english is weak n powderful like me.. gay also means happy.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Love is in the air in January

Wat a brand new starts for brand new 2007 . Just this January receiving 4 friends getting marry. of coz need to congratulate them in advance and can stop for a while let me take a big breath ahhh .

However last year 2006 total of attending frends or relatives wedding already 13. That's already a big number for me when my uncle told me he's uncountable. C'mon , i'm only a little boy maaa....

BUt among all the dinner i attended 2006, i thought one of my fren wedding the glamarous, 120 tables. But 30th Dec 2006 , i think my cousin beat them...Not about quantity .Although not up to 120 tables. but is high up to 120 meter up up up .... wedding in the sky , KL Tower

my beloved cousin Esmond n Helen ,Which they will come out wit there own ice cream brand soon --" Hel-mond"

A perfect view of Petronas KLCC twin tower from table 17

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A great start for 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone who are viewing now yaa.. :D.
I'm sure everyone definately will have a great time n great way enjoying themsleve. Get to know some Malaysian Drunken Bastard still making their moves 2 days in a role went clubing .. .... well , little sad that cant see their tricks :P

10 years since i back from japan YE ( youth exchange ) , and always waiting for the days to come that my host sisters finally allow their children visit malaysia. we been keep in touch all the time, phone , email , letters ..
arriving 31th 2006 , 945pm.. by the time they came out and brought them for dinner .. or supper .. and then jus had a smooth count down at Ming Tien food court. is a stupid idea to drive them down KL... n got stuck there...... then see see look look jam jam a bit ,turn back.. :P
As the only here for 3 days , not much places to bring them but only KL ..... Again , part time travel guy bringing them some local famous place .

weilling , me, Nobu , Yoshi ,Aki n Kakihara

a nice spot snapin pic of twin-tower

we got twin tower .... they got the famous ' v '

need more exercise ....... i was ask why 272 steps, why not 300 ?? ANYONE ???

wooooo..... first time being spinned

last family photo before flying back Japan