Saturday, January 13, 2007

Absolute Pleasure Entertainment

all this while i jus like music , i like organised stuff n little project after i involved wit Leo Club. but then never think that i will do something which both related.

as Absolute Pleasure Entertainment lauched last 18th December 2006 till now, not even a month i'm glad i able to achchieve wat's in my planning.

First of all , i wanna thanks my both boss for allowing me come out from the company to started my own job. No doubt i wil promise i still will be wit them n help them in watever i can .. in short. i will still spend 30% of my time in Lifestyles doin training job for u all. win win yaa....

secondly , i wanna thanks my parents for understanding me for wat i m doing and believing me n given me the support especially my dad ( which he claims he wanna get involved in sales nmarketing site, cool )

thirdly , i wanna thanks myself for being so damn guts for this breakthrough ....

fourth , i wanna thanks Alvin for such a great great help in designing the compamy logo.
any one out there needs design, u have to try out this guy, a great fren of mine at high school which jus got married lately.. unbelivable.

great design by Alvin , he does not only cards , wedding cards , company, u wan it.. u name it.... :)

Fifth .. thanks to all my fren out there , my x-supplier of bands, singer and for those i forgot to mentioned. I LOVE U ALL...... WORLD PEACE.

back to APE... the name came actually i wanna relates back to out group of frens or our band The AP , but tak-kan i have to introduce to someone my company name as Attitude Problem Entertainment ??? that's a dull..... and jus from no where. Abolute Pleasure came to my mind as 'Pleasure' means enjoyment , happiness ,satisfaction according to Cambridge Dictionaries Online. but at least to me music is about enjoyment n relax.....

I never thought further when after registered the company my fren told me ' omg ,it sounds so x-rated ' , and damn you r right, wat u expect then.. hahahaa.
since after the incident last time when one of our fren bachelor party, we suppose to get him a striper and turn up to be a hooker , for ur info.. hooker don dance, they shout , watever. who knows , when the business getting bigger , i might starts my own Stripe Bar ... hahahaha

okokok , seriouly now... i don know wat will happen in future . but i can see APE will give out his best services to those who wans entertainemnt. in short , we not jus target for big projects , and some small company might needs some entertainment as well due to budget. we will work together wit you regardless how much u have. but we wan to have fun together. :)

Anyone out there who needs my help , feel free to drop me a message. who knows, i might need your help as well :)


Fengster said...

Hey..congrats! On your new company! Anytime u need my help..let me know okay. Emcee lah, dancers lah, Clown lah... or just plain Kuli also can.

I am just a phone call away.

catsndogs said...

i;m really really touched by ur offer :)..
thanks man...