Monday, January 22, 2007

When Ferrari Meets Doraemon

wat the... fu.... Do Ra ee..mon

Again , wanna thanks to all my lovely frens who gave me this lovely birthday present in 2006 Dcember :P . few of them had contributed the present but never seen the full setup.
and of coz wanna thanks to my buddy Mr. LEE SOON YEAN for helping me 90% , Simon aka Chao Pang aka Sexy Turtle 7% and me myself 3% ....for setting up the Ferrari lego ... i really love it very much. :P

Not to forget wish Soon Yean a happy birthday also ... i miss the Denkiama section. To view more , can always view on my buddies blog

PS ...Robert , i cut n paste this time coz i didnt attend the dinner yaa.. is fair to do so, right ??
not being lazy yaaa :P


Hengster said...

lazy ...then lazy lah
bugger...u stole wei wei's doraemon ah?

catsndogs said...

hey hey... careful wat u say..
the doraemon volunteer helpin Ferrari team only... since Michael left them