Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Beach Cleaning

Another project by KLCC Leo members , beach cleaning at Lukut on 28th Jan. Infact some of us already went there one day before for so fewllowship project. when i reached there 27th around dinner time and then we had a lovely dinner , seafood dinner ,10 meals for only rm240. in KL .. for sure you cant get this price. moreover, thanks to a Lukut Lions member Lion Au Yong for helping us negotiate wit the price .

1. 'Ham Dan' Crabs ( duck eggs is that wat u call ? watever )
2. fried Sotong
3. black pepper deer meat
4. tom yam fish ( pou yu )
5. spicy Bakun vegetable
6. drunken prawns
7. Har Gor .... don ask me wat in english
8. fried Hor Chiean
9. steam fish

Encore food
10. home made Taufu

william came join us little late wit his friends ah Hien , Justin , LV to finihs all the food. by the way the steam fish the gave wrongly, by the time they wanna take back.. sorry , half fish gone.
After the dinner , we went back to the apartment, thought of having a stroll at the beach but due to a tiny rain ...well, forget about it. few of them started to play some games whoever lost will ahve to drink kau kau.... thanks to Falansai n soonyean who almost wanna made me drunk.. but turn out Falansai who drank the most..Sei Mei.
(i think SY had the video , anyone wanna see have to to make special request then)

The next morning woke up around 8am , all of us had room to sleep except soonyean, claim he wanna do his work on laptop , and Elaine cliamed no sleep watching desparate housewives whole night... don ask me wat they did. i slept like a pig... woo Hoooo... :P

then went for a famous restaurant for roti n eggs ..that was cheap.. all for only rm50.

at 10am we started our project helped by Lion Au Yong and KL Cheras President Lion Thomas came for support.
lovely bunch of KLCC Leos
Sometimes we gather from all different area , with different skills , different background .. but wit one common idea.. WE SERVE. We cant change the world , but we can make things happen little by little. Beach cleaning is something we can afford to do.. although we cant clean the whole PD beach. but at least we do.

is kinda sad when all of us were busy cleaning the the place ... and of coz will be happy if u jus sit there n watch us... come join us laa.... but some kids jus don. They jus sit there watchin us a like.... " haha. need to clean a not, c'mon la.... "

4 useful youngman (front) and 4 useless youngman (behind)

Anyway, this is wat happen in you keep on sitting there doin nothin nor little change for ueself..

sitting wandering for future ??? 30 years later still sitting wandering where to burried


Kel*Kel in UK :( said...

wake up at 8PM the next morning??
haha..how can it be 8PM in the morning?
wish i was there....

catsndogs said...

ohh .. shit... okok, will change that. :P

Hengster said...

Sorry I missed it man. Nice post!

gledwood said...

Man! I don't know if you realize how lucky you are being able to wander round in shirtsleeves the whole time ... do you know how much people from England PAY to go on holiday in your country >>??>>

Also of all the restaurants round here (in London) the Malaysian is definitely the best, DEFINITELY. It's like Thai crossed with Indian and Chinese (well, to me). I love eating with chopsticks, too.

Your blog is really funny so I've put you down on my links. I'll see ya later.


catsndogs said...

thanks gleds... if u don mind about my english as wat my friend claim my english someties can be very 'poederful'..wahaha...

well. u can always come over to malaysia. as 2007 is visit Malaysia year. and hmmm.. talking about food ,i;m interested in sending some malaysia crusine over ur country.... hahaha :P