Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A great start for 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone who are viewing now yaa.. :D.
I'm sure everyone definately will have a great time n great way enjoying themsleve. Get to know some Malaysian Drunken Bastard still making their moves 2 days in a role went clubing .. .... well , little sad that cant see their tricks :P

10 years since i back from japan YE ( youth exchange ) , and always waiting for the days to come that my host sisters finally allow their children visit malaysia. we been keep in touch all the time, phone , email , letters ..
arriving 31th 2006 , 945pm.. by the time they came out and brought them for dinner .. or supper .. and then jus had a smooth count down at Ming Tien food court. is a stupid idea to drive them down KL... n got stuck there...... then see see look look jam jam a bit ,turn back.. :P
As the only here for 3 days , not much places to bring them but only KL ..... Again , part time travel guy bringing them some local famous place .

weilling , me, Nobu , Yoshi ,Aki n Kakihara

a nice spot snapin pic of twin-tower

we got twin tower .... they got the famous ' v '

need more exercise ....... i was ask why 272 steps, why not 300 ?? ANYONE ???

wooooo..... first time being spinned

last family photo before flying back Japan

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