Saturday, June 28, 2008

Recharged at HongKong

yeaa baby ... here i come again HongKong . i don know why i like it so much , some may felt it bored , but some might love it because they say is shopping paradise , but for me i don do much shopping .... well, i do infact....... little only laaaa....

Booked the ticket during january from from KL to MACAU . infact after march only they came out the latest direct flight to HK ..... what the .... anyway , both destination doesnt cost that much , so is ok then.

My cousin was recently transfer from Sg to HK due to work , she's kind enough to ask me take care of her apartment while she's away for her business trip , she was stayin at far far away of west area at SheungWan . I came to HK so many times , but never before like this trip where i have to take a tramp or they called it " Ding Ding" for every single trip , in order for us to get to the nearest MTR.

This was Lee's first trip to HK ..... thought i can be his little tour guide. but i think he's doin comfortable with his map , here we go to explore the unexplore of HK......

hahahahaha.. this is really killing me. i never thought of that every time i took the MTR, when Lee first saw this, he was laugh till almost death, one of HK destination " to Tiu Keng Leng " .
Lee : Oh my god , wat did Daryan ( aka Kheng Leng ) do last time when he came to
HongKong until he made the hongkong people so mad at him.
Me : hahahahaha .... u go back n ask him :D

One World One Dream ... Olympics , less than 50 days to come... yahoooooooo

One thing i dislike about HK is...... they don have much public toilets. not to mention at the shopping mall , i was almost came to a burst and thought able to get a pee at the mall.... this is wat they only do " Tenant use only" .......... #$@%#&&(*%@#$@&#*$(*(

JC Group ... jackie Chan office. this is also my first time here with Lee , we walked round n round n round , direction given by an ice cream uncle , maybe we werent buying enough ice cream from him i guess.

The main intention of this HongKong trip was actually to attend our sister's club , Leo club of the PEAK , 30th anniversary. Ah Lee's giving the present to the PEAK president , Winnie...

since we are the VIP guest, nad also their close sister's club ... we were invited on stage to sing along. I don know the song but jus read the words out.... i don know how well Ah Lee can read mandarin , i think he enjoying waving his arms ..... the PEAK were kind enough to ask Ah Lee gave a speech in English.... so, no funny joke like wat Robert did to his cantonese speech.

Besides shopping , what esle can do it HongKong.... FOOOOOOOOOD of couse , Ah Lee enjoying his lovely time eating chao taohu, " Smelly Taohu" .

HongKong is famous for it's nice view , regardless is day or night .... you will still caught by her beauty.

yeaa .. last day before i have to rush back to Macau to catch my flight. thought i was late so i took a super ferry , cost me 245HKD. well , also my first time infact .......
i thought my flight was 1130am, when i rushed to the airport ... the counter told me .
"Sorry sir .. your flight is 1:35pm" ....again #$@%&%*(%@$^@&.

Edited from Shaolin Soccer

i knew many of you watched Shaolin soccer directed from stephen chow sing chi ... but when i jus came across this edited version, is kinda funny. :D

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Topic of the month continues .....

RM50 for my car petrol , more than 20 litter , last more than 350km .....


RM50 for my car , 18 litter , less than 300km ....

what can i say , someone please quote me a nice bike , please....

goshhh , will out of country to refresh myself , be back next week , happy weekends in advance yaaa .

Will Smith Still the Fresh Prince

Will Smith ... one of the Hollywood actor i admire , knowing him since early 90's for his first family sitcom " Fresh Prince of Bel-Air " until the latest movie which will shown in theather , Hancok ,a homeless superhero, yet he still the fresh prince in Hollywood.

If you still have memories of him in " Fresh Prince of Bel-Air " , check this out , still as funny as before.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Topics of the month

Today is Agong Birthday ..... King's Birthday , also public holiday. Long time i have not enjoying holidays during public holidays, happy to have no project this week .So jus like to being lazy at home , listening to music , watching TV.

Not even felt like going out , WHY ??? this is the most common topics when comes to any comversation, FUEL INCREASED by 40% . Evryone will starts blaming the countries , blaming the government , blaming here n there , even blaming their bosses for not increasing salaries. In fact, does it matter ?????

YES n NO .... no doubt it really causing many middle n low income people facing financial problem. When Fuel increase , slowly , gradually everything will follow the foot step. From food till entertainment. When u ask them " Like that also increase ah".... they will reply you " Fuel increase maaaa....... " . What can we say ??? #$@#^#&^*#@^$&

However , the petrol increased is already a facts ... we cant changed anything. Why don jus focus on how to increase own extra money to cover on petrol. Like me , have to go create more extra projects to investor ... for employees , forget about begging your boss asking them raising salary. look for part time income ... unless some of u are satisfied of wat and where you are.

Before petrol increse :
A : hey , come out to have a drinks ..........
B : sure , will you buy me drink instead if i come.......
A: No problem

After petrol increase :
A : hey , come out to have a drinks later..... on me
B : where ??? how far ??? i can pay for the drinks ....are you goin to pay for my car petrol ??????
A: #$%@$^@&#*$*@$

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Yet the first six month almost gone , did a short runaway and need to clear my mind ... and at the mean time, planned for coming six month and incoming 2009.

Back from Re-charging , It's time to move on.