Saturday, June 07, 2008

Topics of the month

Today is Agong Birthday ..... King's Birthday , also public holiday. Long time i have not enjoying holidays during public holidays, happy to have no project this week .So jus like to being lazy at home , listening to music , watching TV.

Not even felt like going out , WHY ??? this is the most common topics when comes to any comversation, FUEL INCREASED by 40% . Evryone will starts blaming the countries , blaming the government , blaming here n there , even blaming their bosses for not increasing salaries. In fact, does it matter ?????

YES n NO .... no doubt it really causing many middle n low income people facing financial problem. When Fuel increase , slowly , gradually everything will follow the foot step. From food till entertainment. When u ask them " Like that also increase ah".... they will reply you " Fuel increase maaaa....... " . What can we say ??? #$@#^#&^*#@^$&

However , the petrol increased is already a facts ... we cant changed anything. Why don jus focus on how to increase own extra money to cover on petrol. Like me , have to go create more extra projects to investor ... for employees , forget about begging your boss asking them raising salary. look for part time income ... unless some of u are satisfied of wat and where you are.

Before petrol increse :
A : hey , come out to have a drinks ..........
B : sure , will you buy me drink instead if i come.......
A: No problem

After petrol increase :
A : hey , come out to have a drinks later..... on me
B : where ??? how far ??? i can pay for the drinks ....are you goin to pay for my car petrol ??????
A: #$%@$^@&#*$*@$


wmw said... blogger must eat out less already. Hahaha...

catsndogs said...

wmw : u think that;s will affect the food blogger ???? hehehe