Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sweet Memory for 17th

Another year passed , another year younger .... this year although busy with work , but definately an unforgetable day. 2 surprises in one day... enough to kill all my tears off.

The team and i had an early setup at KLCC for coming week events. and after a rush of setting the booth , then me n gary rushed to Sungai Buloh to get some stuff , by the time we back office is alreay 5pm .... i haven have the time to sit down then Alvin shouted at all of us for an urgent meeting ...... to my surprised when i walk into the room , unexpectedly the gang sang birthday song , and honestly... i'm really touched wit that. And since Adelaine n Sha birthday falls on 22 n 24 .... then might as well we sang 3 times.

this year weiwei told me she wanna have just dinner with me , where i thought maybe will ask the rest joinning for drinking session. but the rest giving 'excuses' making themself really busy until i really believe them .... i mean i really do , with no suspicious at all.

So we just like normal celebration and went to Bubba Gump @ the CUrve ... nice dinner and chatting.... and until almost came to the bill . The restaurant captain came to our table and shout and Sing it " IS IT SOMEONE BIRTHDAY TODAYYYY " .... which obviously i stared at him , hoping he don ask me to stand on the chair ........ but then....

i was really surprised seeing robert and the rest of the gang came in with cake .... that's really a surprisedddd. With no way i can escaped and have to stand up the chair n the rest sang n shouted for the birthday wishes as like what TGIF did.

Seriously , i'm touched .... everytime , every round when comes to anyone of our birthday , we will crack our head just to surprise each other . previously Robert at his new house..... soonyean , thanks to his parents info for surprising him. And this cultural among us will keep on going and going.

second destination ... MONGKOK CHAR CHAN TENG . with other close colleagues joinning in after their rushing of work. i should have helped them.... :( , but hey.. they understand one laa.. :P

Alvin .... please , this is not Mic ok . Karaoke is just one level up if you really wanna sing.

since ChaoPang and i shared the same birthday ... i think we should share the same drinks , and i think we wont be drinking any ice milk tea for few months.

and the cherry as well .......

well , what can i say about soonyean ..... please bro , this is the last time i do allowed u playing ya.......... i mean the lightsaber .

Gary : I want my Birthday celebrate here also .. you don forget yaa
Ling : Yes darling ... no problem Darling ... i will get you the big Milk Tea also darling

Again , wat a wonderful 17th i had , celebrating with all the close friends. All i can say ...i Love you all.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm Back

i know i know.. is been a while i'm gone. peoPle been asking me write something or at least post some pics ......

well , December's here .... Xmas coming. I brought out my X'mas tree , whitE X'mas tree .. but look like it turn yellowish. Well , wanna wish all of you Merry Christmas in advance ... before i MIA again , hope not ya.


Saturday, August 09, 2008



Another New Chapter ...
New Beginning ...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Another excited sleepless month.

July's over ... is August now.

A pretty interesting and definately another sleeples month.
A lot of great news and moments coming soon.

Had a lovely lunch with UIP GM 1st day ... what else to discuss , 2009 Transformers II on cinema June 26th " Transformers - Revenge of Decepticons " . This round for sure the movie will be better than the 1st one, more decepticon , more bad guys and UIP will be coming up lots of previews and plans before the movie up next year .... do look out for some transformers events end of this year. Not to mention next year UIP wanna do it a big ones, however before Transformers, G.I.Joe will on movie screeen in May.... Isn't that EXCITED

this evening .. had a great long meeting with someone , i would said he's an investor who willing to invest a sum and ask me to incharge of his company as consultant. this really made me sleepless. i'm not saying i cant help him ... but does it affect my events projects. i think with one condition with him ,i will still work for my events, and of course priorities will focus on him , however this is yet to be finalised yet... but still Isn't it EXCITED

080808 ... who's ever birtday falls on that day. They will be millionssss of people celebrating with you together with the open cermony of Olympic 09 at beijing. Still remember last year when my parents say they wanna go beijing for the opening , and then cant even booked any hotels. but still i think watching tv LIVE will be morE clear... Isn't that EXCITED

090808... a new journey for me , 2008 plan change ... new direction ... new dreams ... new me ... have to get adapt to the new new new... Isn't that EXCITED.

ok... so far the excitment till 10th , but more to come... Isn't that EXCITED

Monday, July 28, 2008

weekends at Clone War Launching

Star Wars : Clone Wars will be out at cinema August 15th , however the toys already out weeks before. Hasbro jus launched their world wide mid night pre-launch , done it at MId valley and Toy Workers at subang. This is world wide launching and the trick is , only whne the clock struck 12am 26th .... only allowed people to grab it. No cheat cheat.. why ?? coz the Habro GM was there to witness a well.

well , talking about economy bad ... u will be amazed seeing people crazy for Star Wars toys figuring. , the highest amount who spend on that night by a collector is RM3,000 ++ , follow by rm2400 ++... :P

Millienuem Falcon worth RM750 , 10 sets .... all sold. follow by others vehicle mood . within 15 minutes , 3/4 ofthe toys were gone.

Darth Vader new apprentice ...Darth Sam....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Drummer Boy

Yesterday had a fantastic night at wisma MCA ...nopeeeee , it not about politics. although i felt like burning down the building.

NIce to have Edward n Nick join me at the drums clinic by Simon Philips , drummer of the band TOTO. i think all of us enjoyed our 2hours there.

Edward initially struggling if he wants to drop by.. cos why called a Drum clinic ?? he was afriad will the drummer half way pull the audience up for demo, then he fix them if any mistakes.... nice try Ed , u're sitting too far for him to call u anyway.

Every year Bently Music school use to invite some famous drummer to KL for a clinic , or what we known as workshop. The will perfrom , do demo , promote their drums and QnA session. For me is like a charging session and also meeting up some friends n few ex-students.

Like what Simon Philips said .... playing drums is just being innovative. and never afriad to learn , learn those that we used to avoid. Is true though , in life ... we used to escaped , escaped from of what we lack off and afraid not doind good , but only showing our strenght. But i guess to slove our weakness is to help us build our strenght..... :)

woooo ... what a philosophy from drums i had thought of... let me disgest myself first yaaa.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Little Drummer Boy

OMG ... 7 years old kid and can play a damn well drum solo. i think his parents let him grab n feel the drum stick when he was one , touching the bassrum when age of 2 , playing the toms when he's 3 , by age of 4 play all combinations , age of 5 go for band jamming ... until age of 7 , on tv performing... KNN.....

This is where Jacob Jam with his Dad .......

Well ... i'll make sure my son break his record. wahahah.. by before that. will going for a Drum Clinic by Simon Philips tonight.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Recharged at HongKong

yeaa baby ... here i come again HongKong . i don know why i like it so much , some may felt it bored , but some might love it because they say is shopping paradise , but for me i don do much shopping .... well, i do infact....... little only laaaa....

Booked the ticket during january from from KL to MACAU . infact after march only they came out the latest direct flight to HK ..... what the .... anyway , both destination doesnt cost that much , so is ok then.

My cousin was recently transfer from Sg to HK due to work , she's kind enough to ask me take care of her apartment while she's away for her business trip , she was stayin at far far away of west area at SheungWan . I came to HK so many times , but never before like this trip where i have to take a tramp or they called it " Ding Ding" for every single trip , in order for us to get to the nearest MTR.

This was Lee's first trip to HK ..... thought i can be his little tour guide. but i think he's doin comfortable with his map , here we go to explore the unexplore of HK......

hahahahaha.. this is really killing me. i never thought of that every time i took the MTR, when Lee first saw this, he was laugh till almost death, one of HK destination " to Tiu Keng Leng " .
Lee : Oh my god , wat did Daryan ( aka Kheng Leng ) do last time when he came to
HongKong until he made the hongkong people so mad at him.
Me : hahahahaha .... u go back n ask him :D

One World One Dream ... Olympics , less than 50 days to come... yahoooooooo

One thing i dislike about HK is...... they don have much public toilets. not to mention at the shopping mall , i was almost came to a burst and thought able to get a pee at the mall.... this is wat they only do " Tenant use only" .......... #$@%#&&(*%@#$@&#*$(*(

JC Group ... jackie Chan office. this is also my first time here with Lee , we walked round n round n round , direction given by an ice cream uncle , maybe we werent buying enough ice cream from him i guess.

The main intention of this HongKong trip was actually to attend our sister's club , Leo club of the PEAK , 30th anniversary. Ah Lee's giving the present to the PEAK president , Winnie...

since we are the VIP guest, nad also their close sister's club ... we were invited on stage to sing along. I don know the song but jus read the words out.... i don know how well Ah Lee can read mandarin , i think he enjoying waving his arms ..... the PEAK were kind enough to ask Ah Lee gave a speech in English.... so, no funny joke like wat Robert did to his cantonese speech.

Besides shopping , what esle can do it HongKong.... FOOOOOOOOOD of couse , Ah Lee enjoying his lovely time eating chao taohu, " Smelly Taohu" .

HongKong is famous for it's nice view , regardless is day or night .... you will still caught by her beauty.

yeaa .. last day before i have to rush back to Macau to catch my flight. thought i was late so i took a super ferry , cost me 245HKD. well , also my first time infact .......
i thought my flight was 1130am, when i rushed to the airport ... the counter told me .
"Sorry sir .. your flight is 1:35pm" ....again #$@%&%*(%@$^@&.

Edited from Shaolin Soccer

i knew many of you watched Shaolin soccer directed from stephen chow sing chi ... but when i jus came across this edited version, is kinda funny. :D

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Topic of the month continues .....

RM50 for my car petrol , more than 20 litter , last more than 350km .....


RM50 for my car , 18 litter , less than 300km ....

what can i say , someone please quote me a nice bike , please....

goshhh , will out of country to refresh myself , be back next week , happy weekends in advance yaaa .

Will Smith Still the Fresh Prince

Will Smith ... one of the Hollywood actor i admire , knowing him since early 90's for his first family sitcom " Fresh Prince of Bel-Air " until the latest movie which will shown in theather , Hancok ,a homeless superhero, yet he still the fresh prince in Hollywood.

If you still have memories of him in " Fresh Prince of Bel-Air " , check this out , still as funny as before.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Topics of the month

Today is Agong Birthday ..... King's Birthday , also public holiday. Long time i have not enjoying holidays during public holidays, happy to have no project this week .So jus like to being lazy at home , listening to music , watching TV.

Not even felt like going out , WHY ??? this is the most common topics when comes to any comversation, FUEL INCREASED by 40% . Evryone will starts blaming the countries , blaming the government , blaming here n there , even blaming their bosses for not increasing salaries. In fact, does it matter ?????

YES n NO .... no doubt it really causing many middle n low income people facing financial problem. When Fuel increase , slowly , gradually everything will follow the foot step. From food till entertainment. When u ask them " Like that also increase ah".... they will reply you " Fuel increase maaaa....... " . What can we say ??? #$@#^#&^*#@^$&

However , the petrol increased is already a facts ... we cant changed anything. Why don jus focus on how to increase own extra money to cover on petrol. Like me , have to go create more extra projects to investor ... for employees , forget about begging your boss asking them raising salary. look for part time income ... unless some of u are satisfied of wat and where you are.

Before petrol increse :
A : hey , come out to have a drinks ..........
B : sure , will you buy me drink instead if i come.......
A: No problem

After petrol increase :
A : hey , come out to have a drinks later..... on me
B : where ??? how far ??? i can pay for the drinks ....are you goin to pay for my car petrol ??????
A: #$%@$^@&#*$*@$

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Yet the first six month almost gone , did a short runaway and need to clear my mind ... and at the mean time, planned for coming six month and incoming 2009.

Back from Re-charging , It's time to move on.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Cave @ PJ

When you're at SS2 PJ , usually what you can find is like restaurant, mamak , hawker stall or a little bit high class like fast food or the korean restaurant. But i was surprise seeeing a new fine dining area at ss2 , The Cave which is same roll as Mcdonalds.

The cave , first struck my mind was... "hahaha , having meals inside the rockie-rockie place , no way..... ". But when i walked in , you can see the sctructure inside , is just like you walking inside a cave for dining. Basically they took 2 blocks n convert the whole building into "Cave".. which i really meant it , jus like you walking into a cave. Wat special about the venue , u can see from outsite , " 24 hours for couples dining". Something really new n fresh in PJ area. Of coz at 2nd n 3rd floor the room is jus like a cave where couples or frens can gathered inside for food and chit chatting , at the 4th floor is more like open concept dining area.

Just opened 2nd day , rushing for mother's day ( sorry mom , me n sis went for meal tasting first ya) .... please , don complain if the food come slow ya. we took almost 1 1/2 hr to finish to our dinner , at the end we ask them not to add in the Service charge , coz understood that is new... and kinda slow , not kinda.. but very very , needs to improve if the restaurant wanan survive in ss2.

When you walk into a room is jus like walking into a cave , something new and very special , and wifi available ( coming soon, according to the GM ..woooooo , a pretty sweet gal also ) :P :P :P

The room or known as the cave .... there's a number outsite every cave , but i found it hard to find the numbers... only the people working there can see. my god.......

oppppss.... cave gal leg.........

Basically you can find western n chinese food at The Cave , but had not try the chinese food.... and western food mostly in a set menu , i think is more worth it. So i ordered Chicken ????? .... while my sis order Dollly fiolet fish.... excuse me for remembering the name , i think later Maywan should come here , since food blogger will be more specific in explanation..wahahah

opppsss.... we were too hungry n forgot taking picture , but this creamy tomato soup was not bad after all....

oppppppssssss....... my sis were really too hungry that she almost forgot to snap the photo , but still left small slices of dolly fish :D

hehehe.... my chicken ???? , errrr... 3 slices of small chicken breast , waited for 1 1/2 hr n took me 1 minutes to finish. ( thinking going to murni after that )
Anway , it was really a nice place for dining where you can bring along ur parents , ur loves one ... ur frens.... or even your sista.... :D . And hopefully the service will improve in a very short time , coz this a very important for a restaurant , especailly a new restaurant.

Happy Mother's Day

2nd week of May always a special day for woman ...especailly when they becomes mother in a family. Yet , people celebrate and put more attention in mothers's day compare to father's day ... what the heck, knowing that like it or not .... i will be a father , someday.......

Anyway , since my mom not around , and before the day comes , she already planned , had a date with her husband happy happay at Bangkok. But still wanna wish her and all the mom's around the world...


Sunday, April 27, 2008

First of May ... Celebration of Spring

Few more days to go before we walk into May , and already the 2nd Quarter of 2008 , thinking back wat have i done and achieve , wat about u guys ?? May ... a very special month , Labour day , for all the workers , is a honor to all of them ; Mothers' day , to celebrate to all mom's around the world , the love n care they give out unintentionally.

First of May , in other countries celebration is more like to welcome the spring , a new life begins ...... i do agree with that , at least for me , i think we all should have to plan for our own next stage , regardless where you are or wat you doing. Somehow , i love the song " First of May" sang by BeeGee , and another version sang by Jacky Cheung. You can feel like.... " ahhhhhh ......Yes , the Spring is around the corner ....... "

BeeGee Origin version

Jacky Cheung version

When I was small, and christmas trees were tall,
We used to love while others used to play.
Dont ask me why, but time has passed us by,
Some one else moved in from far away.

Now we are tall, and christmas trees are small,
And you dont ask the time of day.
But you and i, our love will never die,
But guess well cry come first of may.

The apple tree that grew for you and me,
I watched the apples falling one by one.
And I recall the moment of them all,
The day I kissed your cheek and you were mine.

When I was small, and christmas trees were tall,
Do do do do do do do do do...
Dont ask me why, but time has passed us by,
Some one else moved in from far away

Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't Put Expectation On It!!!!!!!

Movie time .. movie time... i know this summer will have loads of loads of nice movie coming , Summer ??? malaysia 365days also summer right ...... anyway , " The Forbiden Kingdom " by 2 Martial arts super star ... the Double J , Jackie Chan & Jet Li. I wont say its a bad movie , but i think everyone had waited long for this 2 superstar to work together. I don put High expectation on them ... but i still enjoy the martial arts fighting part. i'll give 6 out of 10 :D

BUT ... talking about Expectation ... i wonder how would it be for next year this 2 movie besides Transformers : Revenge of Deceptacon ( if the Hasbro people gave the right info , since they jus t had meeting with the US )

Dragon Ball Z ... Son Goku acted by Justin Chatwin. Yep ... the rumours say so .. white guy as Son Goku instead of Asian. And rumours said that Chow Yun Fat will become His master. Well , i had not much againt that , as long as the director know what he's doing , and make the movie looks good... defination of good ???? like i say .. no high expectation on it.

hahaha... Wat about this ?? among them , i only figure it out Wesley Snipes( 2nd left) as Pantro , but i think the Sword of Omen a bit cacat right .......

ANd again , how true is that ...... Don put Expectation on it yaa , as it might only be rumours.

Licence To Speed

Finally after 2 years , got my Licence from AAM , and officially Marshal on track. Unka Leong kept on saying wanna call AAM to call off my licence ... " No Sir , i Been a Good Driver " .... " I don drive fast , only speed 180...... wahahahhhahaha "

Went for the Exam , infact kinda phobia because have to do study AGAIN.... i don wanna read books, no more books for me... no more exam. But i just try my best with it , trying to look for answers across neighbour :P , helping each other.

Marshal for D 4 .... not bad after all. With this pass , i can walk in n out , front n back at Sepang without buying tickets for any international races nor local races. But everytime , i'm a Pit N Grid Marshal where lucky enough to see all the drivers , and even to be their body guard ..... but of coz , wearing the heavy suits already no matters to me, jus think as going for free saunna.

when i was a kid ... i loves car , loves to watch extreme sports like F1 , MotoGP . Don intend to be one of them , but wish to part of their team. Today i guess this really dreams comes true. Seeing them on TV and seeing the person in reality is jus another undescriable feelings. well , i guess i will maintain what i had achieve ..... yet , will look for new challenge , new dreams .
What next for me..... hmmm.. still thinking , any clues ?????

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MSS weekends

Another weekends at Sepang . MSS race at Sepang for the past weekends ...MSS, also known as "Mong Seng Seng" race , basically is local race , more for local drivers to partipate , but somehow more n more Ah Moh is joining the race .... ok ok ok, MSS stands for Malaysia Super Series race , it involved races like cupcai race , 250cc bikes race , superbikes race ; not just about bikes but cars involves like supersaloon cars , classics car race ......

In short , for jus a day , there had 16 races going on , form practise lap till qualiflying n final ... and honestly this is even more tired n hetic n dulan than F1. Coz wit non stop going out n in n out n in to hold the grid board and ..... holding board in rainny days.

16 races .... and no time for photo snapping , and even have to rush for lunch.

well ... guess like this is only pic of the day , when the car being tol away after bashing n crashing.
More local race coming up this month , will be fun n hetic n dulan again ...... i think this is call passion i guess :D

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Summer Blockbuster

At least started getting excited about Transformers 2 will be out next summer , june .....

but before that , some Blockbuster movie i'm been waiting to watch this summer..
wooo hoooo..... :D

Indiana jones 4

Batman - The Dark Knight

Iron man

Hell Boy 2 -The Golden Army

Incredible Hulk 2

This second hulk Eric bana changed to Edward Nortan as Bruce Banner (Hulk) , Edward Nortan gave the the strong impression when he acted in Italian Job as Steve , a real bastard to me ..... but since he holding the big movie, might as well give him a 2n chance.

And for Betty ... surprise to know that Live tyler took over the main actress, well at least a new face.

Monday, March 24, 2008

F1 2008 Malaysia

yeaaa .... finally the race is over , and this is really unexpected results , i mean for malaysia track , is hardly to predict who will going to win. anything can possible be happen , like Toyota first round being thrown out , Massa engine goes undescribable and never ends the race an so far drivers points is 0 ......for this seasom , a great starts for Petronas BMW and so far construction standings got 19 points , leading by Mclaren 24 points.

Anyway , there's still 16 more circuit for them to race about , will see what happen when mid of the year . What most excited still ... Singpore race track , even had conversation with few of the FIA people , not just me, their own people also cant wait for the day to come. And even got news but don know how true that this might be malaysia last day light race ... means there will be a pissible malaysia will starts night race starting 2009. How true is it ... wil see what happen later laaa.

awwww .... luckily for Yip this year as he had a chance to follow the Safety Car driver on track leading the cars for all the support race during starting . Thanks for him so i had the chance to incharge on the 1st Grid

" Kids ... is important to see left n see right before crossing the road yaaa....... " :) . And also this year i was told to incharged at the Metal Gate where everytime the safety car come in or out i have to open the door.... in short ... Penjaga Pintu ( the gate man) .....

Every year there will be support race before the actualy race starts , this year the FIA include 2 news race which is the Speedcar Race , which is more like US Narcar or Daytona race. And another which is the GP2 race , basically is also F1 car which they used yearsssss ago , just that the only differrent compare with F1 is the engine.

Michelin Porsche race , which used to be a must race for every motosports events , same as any other race , they will follow the tour race and end of the year will pick the winner of Asia Porsche racers.

An unexpected visit by Tun Mahathir when he visited the medical centre when me n siva walked back to our tent after shift. This is my 3rd time seeing Tun Mahathir so close. First saw him at Kiara Hill riding horse early morning when i went for a jog. 2nd time same in 2006 during F1 event and that was his last year as PM. third time at medical center visit at F1 event.... :D

Massa walked out to the track for car parade.

Alonzo being interviewed .... the press said he was neglected this time as he was not as fame as last year , well ...rumours i guess . still i will support u .....

Mr.Handson aka jessen walked back after the car parade.

The famous rookie Hamilton ..... get ready for the race

This is the moment where 2 laps before the race over , u can see all the photographer rush n get a closer to look for a best view to snap pictures. hehehe ... the best view already taken by me laaa..... :P

The crews , the mechanic , the bosses n managers waiting for Ferrari back after the winning.

Kimi had the luck to won the first ..... yet , still , i like ferrari team but don like kimi , a cocky guy ..... i thought i was the only one hate him , "hate" ... i cant figure any words... or maybe let me re-phrase. " i thought i was the only one 'du-lan' him ..... but then many of us , the marshall also have the same way....... "
Why ahh ... long story. to make it short , he got AP.

the winning team 1st Ferrari , 2nd Petronas BMW , 3rd Maclaren
the drivers : 1st Kimi aka du-lan , 2nd Kubica , 3rd Kovalainen

This is the team AT&T sponsor by Air-Asia , and even saw SoonYean boss , mr. Fernandaz walking out the Metal gate before the race starts. is honor for me buka pintu for soonyean boss..... and then i ask his boss send regards to soonyean also. The boss praise u lei.... :P

After the race , the cars have to park at side lined up for medical checkup......

Managed rush on time to see the drivers interviewed ... nice job for Petronas as this is the 2nd time on stage , good luck for Kubica in next race.

ok ok.. kimi .... good good...

KOvalainen ..... a star is born , congratulations but still a long way.
This year ended early as usual each team will have parties on. Didnt join their party for long , but just drop by to greet some drivers. the next thing is to rush back for a nice sleep.

Next round, Bahrain ... here comes the 3rd round.

hehehe ... managed to take the video for starting , before the green lights on, all the racers on preparation.

After the race started , the first round when the drivers pass .. it took only 1 minte and 20 seconds.