Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't Put Expectation On It!!!!!!!

Movie time .. movie time... i know this summer will have loads of loads of nice movie coming , Summer ??? malaysia 365days also summer right ...... anyway , " The Forbiden Kingdom " by 2 Martial arts super star ... the Double J , Jackie Chan & Jet Li. I wont say its a bad movie , but i think everyone had waited long for this 2 superstar to work together. I don put High expectation on them ... but i still enjoy the martial arts fighting part. i'll give 6 out of 10 :D

BUT ... talking about Expectation ... i wonder how would it be for next year this 2 movie besides Transformers : Revenge of Deceptacon ( if the Hasbro people gave the right info , since they jus t had meeting with the US )

Dragon Ball Z ... Son Goku acted by Justin Chatwin. Yep ... the rumours say so .. white guy as Son Goku instead of Asian. And rumours said that Chow Yun Fat will become His master. Well , i had not much againt that , as long as the director know what he's doing , and make the movie looks good... defination of good ???? like i say .. no high expectation on it.

hahaha... Wat about this ?? among them , i only figure it out Wesley Snipes( 2nd left) as Pantro , but i think the Sword of Omen a bit cacat right .......

ANd again , how true is that ...... Don put Expectation on it yaa , as it might only be rumours.

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