Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MSS weekends

Another weekends at Sepang . MSS race at Sepang for the past weekends ...MSS, also known as "Mong Seng Seng" race , basically is local race , more for local drivers to partipate , but somehow more n more Ah Moh is joining the race .... ok ok ok, MSS stands for Malaysia Super Series race , it involved races like cupcai race , 250cc bikes race , superbikes race ; not just about bikes but cars involves like supersaloon cars , classics car race ......

In short , for jus a day , there had 16 races going on , form practise lap till qualiflying n final ... and honestly this is even more tired n hetic n dulan than F1. Coz wit non stop going out n in n out n in to hold the grid board and ..... holding board in rainny days.

16 races .... and no time for photo snapping , and even have to rush for lunch.

well ... guess like this is only pic of the day , when the car being tol away after bashing n crashing.
More local race coming up this month , will be fun n hetic n dulan again ...... i think this is call passion i guess :D

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