Monday, April 21, 2008

Licence To Speed

Finally after 2 years , got my Licence from AAM , and officially Marshal on track. Unka Leong kept on saying wanna call AAM to call off my licence ... " No Sir , i Been a Good Driver " .... " I don drive fast , only speed 180...... wahahahhhahaha "

Went for the Exam , infact kinda phobia because have to do study AGAIN.... i don wanna read books, no more books for me... no more exam. But i just try my best with it , trying to look for answers across neighbour :P , helping each other.

Marshal for D 4 .... not bad after all. With this pass , i can walk in n out , front n back at Sepang without buying tickets for any international races nor local races. But everytime , i'm a Pit N Grid Marshal where lucky enough to see all the drivers , and even to be their body guard ..... but of coz , wearing the heavy suits already no matters to me, jus think as going for free saunna.

when i was a kid ... i loves car , loves to watch extreme sports like F1 , MotoGP . Don intend to be one of them , but wish to part of their team. Today i guess this really dreams comes true. Seeing them on TV and seeing the person in reality is jus another undescriable feelings. well , i guess i will maintain what i had achieve ..... yet , will look for new challenge , new dreams .
What next for me..... hmmm.. still thinking , any clues ?????

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