Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye Bye 2009

Well , Finally comes to the end of year 2009 , what had i achieve , basically there are up n downs , and that i had mention every year. But at least i know there are some tough moments yet also some sweet one. Among the whole 2009 , these are the few things that kept in my memory as i consider a new turning point for me.

Is been really a great year working with both of them , we travel to many places , we faced a lot of fuckups ... but i think we enjoyed it and settle things off :D . Thinking back that year...... sweeeeeet :P , u guys rock...

Finally had the chance attending my lovely Catherine graduation in Melbourne. Times seems past so fast , at least she got job back there and i felt happy for her. Starting her new chapters ... wish her all the best . Seriously we had a great time there .....


She's the only who gave me hope ... she's the one who give me the energy...she's the one who gave me the courage... she's the one i will love n protect her ........ :)

Well , all happens in 2009 .... ... and as i said the only the new chapter begins right now , here......Wishing Everyone in year 2010 , Health n Wealth comes along to you and your family


Friday, August 28, 2009

Relaxing On Friday evening ...

ok.. ok .. Chad was good. but thought of having another relaxing friday.. or coming long holiday. Gary just share with me this talk show and we been laughing up n down in this friday evening at office.....

well .... HAPPY MERDEKA n.... HAPPY HOLIDAY .......

watching Chad performing at friday evening

woooo ...friday evening, what can we do... this feel like watching Red Hot Chilli Pepper Live , watching Chad Smith from Back stage playing drums.... way to go Chad Chad...

at 2:33 , Chad dropped his stick while trying play some tricks .... well , i guess no one will mind that. but recall back i did that once during a show rehearsal , and luckily is a rehearsal , i slipped n drop the sticks too , camara were shooting at it , that's ambarrased man .... but it's a sweet memories though. :)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Break in ....

is been a while since last i blog ... busy with life , busy with work , busy with lots of preparation. however life still treating me good , busy but meaningful , never been felt this way. The previous month was struggling with my work , yet also struggling about should i re-contract for another year. well , most of my fren knew i been doin my own event , and since last year i contrat wit a company for just a year ..and it made me a busy man , or can someone tell me actually this is the way should like i have to forgo lots of stuff. But how ever i been thinking lots about my future , since now there a chance and there is someone giving me this chances... and also since i;m still young ... lots of things i need to learn , why should i not ..... opportunities don comes twice new contract , a good offer as well. hmmm.... to do or not to do.... any advice ??

well , and this week a busy week .. not because of work , but my mom's place been break in. for just 2 hours , luckily nothin much were stolen except some of my mom's jewllery , and my some of my money which i withdraw few days back where sup
pose to settle some stuff , unbelievable. well , luckily my parent were out ... like my sis said , no witness, the only witness is Snowy ... but i doubt she can tell and rocognised the face. hmm... maybe will leave it to the police to investigate with snowy.... gal, u r our only last hope.

well , to read more details n see how it happens, read my sis blog.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Hard to accept the fact.. which is MJ left us ...
but i guess we will miss him much....
and this is the most touches moment i can say ....


Thursday, June 04, 2009

School Break coming .... toyzz time

Another challenging projects .... The company brought in Educational toys , where low cost is required, eventhough we need to do our own video production , and our own people to do the website.

how tough is it ....

Instead of spending 30k above to do a CD ... might as well we DIY . changing the meeting room into studio. Gary volunteer himself to do the Demo while Kam holding the video recording , luckily he had experience in that , so also lucky for us....

i think each time gary is struggling of demo every single products ...... but we managed to deal with it , how many we need to record . Oh well .. not many , just 40 .........

hmmm.. does this looks like Optimus prime truck ??

errr ...... 2 down , 38 to go............

hahaha... well , the struggling time at least over , now is the headache moment , the marketing part. How we gonna do it .... No idea.

But at least for those who interested investing into the kids toys , can also drop me a mail :)
but at least manage to get 2 promotions venue for this month ..... 1u and Ikano. the so called hotest spot.

And since i'll still strugglin if were to contract another year .......
oh well .... will see one at a time . step by step ..... do drop by the website

Monday, June 01, 2009

Half Way Check List

i know i know ..... i'd not been online blogging.
u can say me lazy or anything .... yea , probably i'm ... and a bit busy.

1st June ... Oh my.. Oh my .... it half year gone. What had i done ?? well ... had not been doin any travel of my own. but been doin travel for business trip . iniatially thought it was fun , but i was wrong.... one word ..HETIC.

6 more months to go before it comes to 2010 .........

6 more months to go before it comes to my birthday ....

6 more months to go before it comes to Christmas ....

3 more months to go before it comes to Merdeka .....

5 more months to go before my contract ends ......

2 more months and 9 days before it comes to my 1st year anniversary

3 more weeks before Transformers 2 up on big screen .....

what most excite me is.... ..... ....

118 days to go before it comes to my BIG DAY :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I don think i want to see this again in next shipment.......
these days used to think that i learn a lot from different angle .. infact i do learn a lot from shipment arrangement , stock chasing , calculation of $$$$ ..... from A to Z.
last time when i involved in events , in just getting in touch with customer n supplier .. then arrange everything and servicing.

But now i still continue helping to plan for events ..... but the only extra stuff which is i need to look into is really like what i say from A to Z as well.

if u ask me is it good.... for sure for me there is good n bad, but hey.... my mom always ask me look at the bright side. and i been a goodboy always listen to her.

but today is another brand new start ... we ship in educational toys. and the truck came with 119 cartonsss. Lucky lorry uncle help me to carry some from the truck , which made me only carry 59 carton out of 119......

Oh my .. this is only the beginning. Anyone wanna help out for part time .... i'll buy dinner :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

You Think You Can Sing

found this site at youtube which again make me laugh like mad .... my english is not so good , that's why i never like singing english song in Karaoke . coz i don wanna see myself turn out in youtube like this guy ......

Mariah Carey - Touch my body

Friday, March 20, 2009


Is been so excited again after 2 years .... times passed. since the 1st transformers movie , some of us been talking about transformers 2 ..... and it seems like just yesterday conversation.

and now is already march ... but i can tell that June is just around the corner. and is really really around the corner......

The premier .. anyone wanna join me for this , 3 days before official launch wordwide. means we have or we are the first to watch it.... yahooooo.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentino 18SX

I guess this year valentine is a bit quiet , not much of advertising and promotion in the market. Or i think i speak only for myself. But at least last year i still have projects of valentineS in hand , but not totally this year. is it becoz of the market influence ??

However , everyday also valentines for me, so makes not much special , i had a wonderful dinner , i call it "Famitines dinner" ...... which is valentines + my family. wahahaha. well , try it to have your loves one all together dining at the same table , it will be something great.

But , nothing greater than driving all the way to Selesa Hill Resort to support my buddy marriage proposal plan , way to go Robby Beng ..... Me ,weiwei n Merve drove all the way and have to be there before 930pm. plan goes smooth , but later after the proposal , according to grace Merve blew the cover coz seeing him wear white .. and the way he walks ????? .... :P

anyway how .. i'm happy with Rob , starting another of his new chapter in life.. but seriouly , like wat grace say , never seen him so uncomfortable before :P , the way his hand shaking which gave grace a suspicious whole night :) , lame acting laaa.

well well well ....... don ask me what happen after that , rob say step by step .... having enough fun. i think this is his mean fun ... at selesa.... at valentines day ...... :D


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

G.I.JOE : The Rise of COBRA

For those who born in the 70's .... this is one kind of the movie that we all were waiting for. WOOO HOOOOO ......

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Revenge of the Fallen

Yes ... after 2 years , finally ... coming soon. Transformer 2

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Year , New Hope

Dear all ,

i know is been a while not posting , not being lazy but it's really little busy.
Here i wanna wish all my friends .......