Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I don think i want to see this again in next shipment.......
these days used to think that i learn a lot from different angle .. infact i do learn a lot from shipment arrangement , stock chasing , calculation of $$$$ ..... from A to Z.
last time when i involved in events , in just getting in touch with customer n supplier .. then arrange everything and servicing.

But now i still continue helping to plan for events ..... but the only extra stuff which is i need to look into is really like what i say from A to Z as well.

if u ask me is it good.... for sure for me there is good n bad, but hey.... my mom always ask me look at the bright side. and i been a goodboy always listen to her.

but today is another brand new start ... we ship in educational toys. and the truck came with 119 cartonsss. Lucky lorry uncle help me to carry some from the truck , which made me only carry 59 carton out of 119......

Oh my .. this is only the beginning. Anyone wanna help out for part time .... i'll buy dinner :)

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