Monday, April 30, 2007

Crazy Frog celebrating Birthday..Bling..Bling

Ah Hong a.k.a Crazy Frog celebrating his 23 birthday at Red Box... the things is, why must he choose 12am , fellows that wanna save cost. And the special about this Bling Bling Crazy frog, we have to sing few version of birtdhay song to him for his understanding n satisfaction.

hakka Birthday songs for the hakka frog...

This is wat happen when everyone sang till 4am ...

Alex n Pat .. the Drunken Master

Chris the great gambler...obviously not a good drinker

The Crazy frog is DOWNNnnnnnnn........bling bling

can i jus have orange juice next time....

Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Tower in Town

As we know some of the famous tower in the world such as

ShangHai Oriental Pearl Tower


Paris Tower


CN Tower at Toronto


Our beloved KL TOWER ... Malaysia Boleh

Now we had a NEW Tower in town , let us welcome














Carlsberg Beer Tower

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Long holidayss...

Had been little busy.. i mean not until like very very busy. But jus that i don have the priority time to go for movie for the past weeks. Hope that not a excuse to myself.

anyway , coming week will be a long holidays.. and most of my fren will be away ..some to singapore ..some to Redang (againnnn) ..some away to singapore ( damn , i suppose to go too ) .. some even lucky to go Jedah.. who esle i missed ?? oh yaa.. some even at Pangkor...

so , since everyone away ... i thought i can be a bit clam down for myself. taking my sweet time to watch movie morning.... coz is only RM6. :D.

The movie i watched in 2 consercutive days :

This is one of a funny movie that will surely reccomanded to my fren.. all my fren.. or to those AP's who intend to go for bagpack.. hehehe. Infact , it brought a lot of sweets memory for those who hadnt been giving themsleves a long holiday. Take a Break .... :)

Mr. Bean .... of coz , u will know wat to expect from Mr.Bean , don you. and the old same style of his funny ...sometimes get frustrated ... sometimes realy felt wanna spank him for screwing things off... but till the end, u will started to love him coz he will fix things back nicely n sweetly :)

I's m sure all of you definately watched this movie don u... but honestly, for Wild Hogs, i don mind to watch 2nd time if anyone of u wans to.. call me. Morning show yaa... wahahaha.
next movie.. TMNT .... SpiderMan3 ( sad cant join u guys, maybe )..... and Transformers , heard that might slightly delay till 26th July. But still.. cant wait till JULY.....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

CIMB bank ????

A fren of mine back from Australia together we worked at Sepang during the F1 , and we had some conversation over a bank topic , and he's a bayii, or know as Punjabi ...

Guruth : among all the bank u know, which one is the best ...

Me : err well.. i'm not sure, best in wat way ?? citibank ?? HSBC ?? Maybank ??

Guruth : citibank ?? wat do they know.. they will always call u , but always shown in phone
'Private Number ' , not friendly at all.... ..HSBC, we r malaysian, wat they know
about our culture... ..Maybank ?? jus becoz they are malayan banking doenst mean
they good , but still they put ' malay' , don u think is too discriminate.

Me : well , depends wat u looking at and wat angle...

Guruth : is terms of u will felt comfortable once u saw the name... u know they care about

Me : tell more about it.. which bank..

Guruth : CIMB Bank...

Me : oh really.. don't know that ,they had a better interest rates ? higher ??

Guruth : No .. but they take care of eveyone... C.I.M.B = Chinese , Indian, Malay... most
important , they take care of Bayii also.

Me : .............

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Malaysia F1 2007

This suppose to be last weekend blog due to internet down ....

Anyway, the excitment still last until this weekends, the F1 fever. The coming F1 will held in Bahrain after last week at Malaysia Sepang. And it was the moment i been waiting after 2006. this year totally was an awesome time of experience because i was able to down to track to incharge of grid 20 , which is by driver Trulli.

at sepang, the things u must take with u alll day :

headset , cap , and definately lots of lots of water ..especially when we're in the suits.

The hill stand , see see see.. mervyn n joan enjoying themselves on the grass

During the qualifying day, were surprise when Massa took the leading place for race day. infact at the 3 sessions of qualiflying ,Alonzo had the fastest lap , Massa actually won the first place winning by 1 second. hmmm.. i bet this must be some tactics by Mclaren team.

Opening ceremony of cultural performance dance.. lucky the chief didnt aware of me taking pic.. wahaha.

However, it was amazed to see during race day when Alonzo driving Mclaren leading for almost 20seconds ahead all drivers.. unbeliveble. Yet, wanna congratuate both the Mclaren Alonzo and Hamilton. In fact Alonzo had the luck in malaysia, why ?? this is wat the same place i waited them after the winning for 2006 n 2007.

2007 Alonzo wit McLaren and team-mates Hamilton
1st n 2nd

2006 Alonzo wit Renaults and team-mates Fisichella
1st and 2nd

Same place wit different team , conclusion.. sometimes is not about the car, but the driver skills give a big advantage , the talent , the gift of coz the car helps also.

After the shows ends, this time i got lucky to see interview between Alonzon n Hamilton

and also was honor to talk to them as well.. had a conversation wit them

cheehow : Alonzo, Hamilton ... congratulations
Halimton : thanks .... ( while alonzo jus gave me a smile )

"massa, Stay tough.. stay tough.. don cry.. do ur best next round yaa"

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Houston..we got a problem

after the F1 weekends came home.. realized that had a big stormy night the previous day.. is it ?? i don know coz is like mad cow hot like hell in sepang....

anyway.. internet down... phone down... pc monitor down...
room water leaking, tangki water leaking ( luckily got to know is neighbour tangki )....KaNiNia
wat next ???

Anyway.. will blog n load some F1 pictures at sepang later when things get better.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Bangkok trip : part 4 (final)

i know this bangkok trip written blog is a bit too long , even i myslef also get bored. OK, lets do this fast n clean.

Sunday : where else to go for a sunday morning shopping ?? definately chatucak , one of the lagest weekends market in asia region. things that you can found there basically from A to Z. Basically spend almost entire morning there till noon, where the weather really kills , once in a blue moon shop like this is ok... anyway, left chatucak around 3pm and then intend to back hotel for a nice massage.

The massage centre next to Samran hotel was pretty cheap n clean , for 1 hour only cost 200baht , pretty worth it too.

when comes to sunday dinner we intend to be little bit of checking out the food ourselves. the walking distant from the hotel to Siam station wasnt that far , so no harm to had a evening stroll. wat surprised me along the way was this sign board.

when u don wan someone smoke = No Smoking
when u don wan someone Spit = No Spitting
if not allow to drink = No Drinking

WHAT if you don wan the hawker to do business in street ???????

NO HAWKING ????????

Anyway , we had our dinner outsite the Isetan area where allow them to Hawking. ( Rob ,is actually the same street we had our dinner ) . i had no idea wat to order but only looking at the menu pointing , wit no pictures but only written in thai n english. So, this is wat i had orders..a not bad dinner :P

tadaaa .. grilled beef , chicken ( forgot the name) , tomyum soup

Monday - basically suppose plan to go Grand palace , but i don know how long will the trip takes, coz i don wanna missed my flight again back to KL. done nothing much but again.. window shopping. Around 4pm , Ah-Chai is kind enough came to the hotel send us to the airport. The cost sending us to airport is 500baht. since i olny have 1000baht and 100baht x2 left. and yet Ah-Chai don have change for 500baht. and ended he only charged me for 200Baht from hotel to airport.. how sweet of him.. kekekeke.

this time i was smart enough, not going anywhere but jus sit infront of the counter waits till they open for check in. after that only went for a drink before flying off... and since i have a bit of time left. so i went for my coming weekends F1 practise, where all the top driver will have to gone through this session.

Even Schummaheur have to start wit this before he became top driver

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bangkok trip : part 3

Saturday - Today we intend to be a half day tourist , again thansk for uncle Leong for introducing a tour guide "Ah Chai" to us , he is such a nice friendly guy , communication vice no problem coz he can speak english, though not that good .. but he can speak good hokkien , and that makes me can speak n communicate wit him, although not that good.

Ah-chai n Me

Early in the morning he came to our hotel n pick us to the floating market , where i never been there even i came last time. Infact it is a real good experience as floating market used to be bangkok earliest way of transportation n doin business , is one of the bangkok fine culture.
basically wat you can get on land same as well you can get at the floating market.

Fried banana for my appetizer

Noodle soup , my main course for breakfast

Coconut water , definately u need it under the hot weather

No wonder they said is best to go floating market ealry morning, or else u will get burned by the hot sun, even the ride is only 1 hour, but hey.. more than enough. it took us longer time before we can get on board, why ... ???

Riddle : wat is the common things u can fine in bangkok even on land or river ???

jAM Boat n Jam Car


After left Floating market , Ah-Chai was kind enough to drive us to Siam Cultural Park, got to know that that pace jus opened last year. What you can find there basically a Wax muzeum , of coz don compare wit HK n London ya, basically who u can find there like President Ho Chi MInh ,Mother Teresa, some famous great musician , ex president of thai ..... and of also few chnese great inspiration leaders

Deng XiaoPing , Wong CheeHow , Mao Zedong

Basically when we finished the wax muzeum n drove us back city , jam all the way .... we jus ask him to drop us at the Siam area , and that where the shopping session begins for weiwei. However not much time were left as we have to rush back to hotel as waiting one of my fren Somphop cameto pick us for a lovely dinner ... ok, don ask me where is that place , coz he jus drove us up to northen sie of thai where is a very nice cozzy environment for dining. The food was too good until i forgot to snap some pics... :P

To be continue ....

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bangkok trip : part 2

since i took the 11pm flight. When the time i reached bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport already 3pm something. have no idea where the heck is Hotel Samran but only ask the counter. the girl was polite enough to direct me to the bus which leads me to the neaby station where i suppose to stop.

since is friday, and that's where the Jam started by the time i found my stayin place already cloce to 530pm. With a quick wash-up, then will have to meet up Uncle Leong for dinner at Saladeang.
by the way, this hotel recommanded by SoonYean mom is perfectly a ideal place for someone who is not so choosy about a sleep place. well, unless u guys wanna go for 5 or 6 stars hotel, nearby there's few. But what i can say nearby the area have everything u need , like the nearest skytrain is Rachathewi station, and lots of hawker stall at night. Rob, u might consider this hotel next time when coming BKK again , the price about the same.. well, unless u still wan the 'complimentary show' u been searching at lonely planet la... hahahaa. Samran PLace included breakfast which is not bad after all. The best thing is , next to Samran PLace have a Foot and Massage centre which is obviously clean.
by the way, online booking is much much cheaper compare to walk in

check the hotel site out

basically unka leong was kind enough brought me back to Saladeang , the restaurant " HAI " we went last year wit SY n Rob ( or did we go there ) , here are some food recommanded by Unka Leong.

uncle Leong , can help me with the name of the dishes again..... :D
To be continue...

Bangkok trip : part 1

After months n months where i had been waiting for, finally came to my holiday , as i was confused weather i should go coz the following week is F1 week, little busy on that , but wat the heck ... will settle those stuff only when i back.

Weeks back before leaving to bangkok , i had been doin research on places should hang around, although i been there last year , but last year was too depending on robert n i jus wanna be a follower. This time i have the responsible checking out all stuff including accomodation, food n etc etc etc as weiwei coming along with me for the trip, thanks her for able to spend out her lovely time. and i also should thanks SoonYean mum for giving me advice of wher to stay n eat.

came to the excitement day when i knew my flight was around 1040AM , i even reached LCCT 8AM , and not even Tammy and SoonYean reach there for work. Jus wondering does all AirAisa people started work so late. Anyway, since i was so early .. i thought of having my lovely breakfast before flying off , then later tammy came n joined me a short while n then she had to back to the office.

i can say .. i'd been flying so many times but never been so careless like this time. I MISSED MY FLIGHT.... Yes... aeroplane fly away liao. WHY.. cos taking my own sweet time n didnt check in even though i came so damn early. called soonyean ask for SOS , nothin he can done much coz i don wan him lose his job also... the conclusion, i had to buy additional tickets.. leaving 110pm.

missed my plane ... the real reason

to be continued...