Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bangkok trip : part 2

since i took the 11pm flight. When the time i reached bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport already 3pm something. have no idea where the heck is Hotel Samran but only ask the counter. the girl was polite enough to direct me to the bus which leads me to the neaby station where i suppose to stop.

since is friday, and that's where the Jam started by the time i found my stayin place already cloce to 530pm. With a quick wash-up, then will have to meet up Uncle Leong for dinner at Saladeang.
by the way, this hotel recommanded by SoonYean mom is perfectly a ideal place for someone who is not so choosy about a sleep place. well, unless u guys wanna go for 5 or 6 stars hotel, nearby there's few. But what i can say nearby the area have everything u need , like the nearest skytrain is Rachathewi station, and lots of hawker stall at night. Rob, u might consider this hotel next time when coming BKK again , the price about the same.. well, unless u still wan the 'complimentary show' u been searching at lonely planet la... hahahaa. Samran PLace included breakfast which is not bad after all. The best thing is , next to Samran PLace have a Foot and Massage centre which is obviously clean.
by the way, online booking is much much cheaper compare to walk in

check the hotel site out www.samran.com

basically unka leong was kind enough brought me back to Saladeang , the restaurant " HAI " we went last year wit SY n Rob ( or did we go there ) , here are some food recommanded by Unka Leong.

uncle Leong , can help me with the name of the dishes again..... :D
To be continue...


Lilian Tan said...

i'm...the bkk queen...

catsndogs said...

hey lilian.... u can consider moving to bkk and then work as tour agent over there. import some singaporean n malaysian into bkk for holidays trip.
for sure u have business as a group of my fren love goin bkk also... hahahaha

Lilian Tan said...

nah...dont like ur idea. i rather enjoy myself or bring someone n enjoy with him/her.

perhaps u could be tt someone?


UnkaLeong said...

Clockwise From Top Left : Gai-Yang (Fired Chicken), Yum Woon Sen (TungHoon Salad), Lab Moo(Broiled Minced Pork), Som Tum (Papaya Salad)

catsndogs said...

YAAA... thanks uncle leong, anyway. had written down all the food that we had..... in future jus bring the list n show them..wahahaha