Thursday, April 26, 2007

CIMB bank ????

A fren of mine back from Australia together we worked at Sepang during the F1 , and we had some conversation over a bank topic , and he's a bayii, or know as Punjabi ...

Guruth : among all the bank u know, which one is the best ...

Me : err well.. i'm not sure, best in wat way ?? citibank ?? HSBC ?? Maybank ??

Guruth : citibank ?? wat do they know.. they will always call u , but always shown in phone
'Private Number ' , not friendly at all.... ..HSBC, we r malaysian, wat they know
about our culture... ..Maybank ?? jus becoz they are malayan banking doenst mean
they good , but still they put ' malay' , don u think is too discriminate.

Me : well , depends wat u looking at and wat angle...

Guruth : is terms of u will felt comfortable once u saw the name... u know they care about

Me : tell more about it.. which bank..

Guruth : CIMB Bank...

Me : oh really.. don't know that ,they had a better interest rates ? higher ??

Guruth : No .. but they take care of eveyone... C.I.M.B = Chinese , Indian, Malay... most
important , they take care of Bayii also.

Me : .............

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