Saturday, April 14, 2007

Malaysia F1 2007

This suppose to be last weekend blog due to internet down ....

Anyway, the excitment still last until this weekends, the F1 fever. The coming F1 will held in Bahrain after last week at Malaysia Sepang. And it was the moment i been waiting after 2006. this year totally was an awesome time of experience because i was able to down to track to incharge of grid 20 , which is by driver Trulli.

at sepang, the things u must take with u alll day :

headset , cap , and definately lots of lots of water ..especially when we're in the suits.

The hill stand , see see see.. mervyn n joan enjoying themselves on the grass

During the qualifying day, were surprise when Massa took the leading place for race day. infact at the 3 sessions of qualiflying ,Alonzo had the fastest lap , Massa actually won the first place winning by 1 second. hmmm.. i bet this must be some tactics by Mclaren team.

Opening ceremony of cultural performance dance.. lucky the chief didnt aware of me taking pic.. wahaha.

However, it was amazed to see during race day when Alonzo driving Mclaren leading for almost 20seconds ahead all drivers.. unbeliveble. Yet, wanna congratuate both the Mclaren Alonzo and Hamilton. In fact Alonzo had the luck in malaysia, why ?? this is wat the same place i waited them after the winning for 2006 n 2007.

2007 Alonzo wit McLaren and team-mates Hamilton
1st n 2nd

2006 Alonzo wit Renaults and team-mates Fisichella
1st and 2nd

Same place wit different team , conclusion.. sometimes is not about the car, but the driver skills give a big advantage , the talent , the gift of coz the car helps also.

After the shows ends, this time i got lucky to see interview between Alonzon n Hamilton

and also was honor to talk to them as well.. had a conversation wit them

cheehow : Alonzo, Hamilton ... congratulations
Halimton : thanks .... ( while alonzo jus gave me a smile )

"massa, Stay tough.. stay tough.. don cry.. do ur best next round yaa"


Sh@ron said...

hey , u said will bring me along to meet up Button. LIAR...
i don't care , send me his autograph ya. take care :)

Hengster said...

Bloody jealous man! So jealous Joanne and Mervyn get to stand on the hill... sigh...

oh yeah... jealous of you too CH

catsndogs said...

sharon : okok.. i will send u button photo.. or esle i can give u one of my button drop from my shirts la.. wahaha

Rob : Bloody jealous wat la... i also jealous u maa.

Mervyn said...

You congratulate Hamilton, but Halimton respond say thank you. Who is Halimton?! lol!

catsndogs said...

ohhh.. halimton is hamilton father's mother's twin daughter's aunty' little brother' sister in law's son....
u know ??? in short.... i type wrongly laa.. is hamilton, OK... SORRY....