Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bangkok trip : part 3

Saturday - Today we intend to be a half day tourist , again thansk for uncle Leong for introducing a tour guide "Ah Chai" to us , he is such a nice friendly guy , communication vice no problem coz he can speak english, though not that good .. but he can speak good hokkien , and that makes me can speak n communicate wit him, although not that good.

Ah-chai n Me

Early in the morning he came to our hotel n pick us to the floating market , where i never been there even i came last time. Infact it is a real good experience as floating market used to be bangkok earliest way of transportation n doin business , is one of the bangkok fine culture.
basically wat you can get on land same as well you can get at the floating market.

Fried banana for my appetizer

Noodle soup , my main course for breakfast

Coconut water , definately u need it under the hot weather

No wonder they said is best to go floating market ealry morning, or else u will get burned by the hot sun, even the ride is only 1 hour, but hey.. more than enough. it took us longer time before we can get on board, why ... ???

Riddle : wat is the common things u can fine in bangkok even on land or river ???

jAM Boat n Jam Car


After left Floating market , Ah-Chai was kind enough to drive us to Siam Cultural Park, got to know that that pace jus opened last year. What you can find there basically a Wax muzeum , of coz don compare wit HK n London ya, basically who u can find there like President Ho Chi MInh ,Mother Teresa, some famous great musician , ex president of thai ..... and of also few chnese great inspiration leaders

Deng XiaoPing , Wong CheeHow , Mao Zedong

Basically when we finished the wax muzeum n drove us back city , jam all the way .... we jus ask him to drop us at the Siam area , and that where the shopping session begins for weiwei. However not much time were left as we have to rush back to hotel as waiting one of my fren Somphop cameto pick us for a lovely dinner ... ok, don ask me where is that place , coz he jus drove us up to northen sie of thai where is a very nice cozzy environment for dining. The food was too good until i forgot to snap some pics... :P

To be continue ....

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