Friday, April 06, 2007

Bangkok trip : part 4 (final)

i know this bangkok trip written blog is a bit too long , even i myslef also get bored. OK, lets do this fast n clean.

Sunday : where else to go for a sunday morning shopping ?? definately chatucak , one of the lagest weekends market in asia region. things that you can found there basically from A to Z. Basically spend almost entire morning there till noon, where the weather really kills , once in a blue moon shop like this is ok... anyway, left chatucak around 3pm and then intend to back hotel for a nice massage.

The massage centre next to Samran hotel was pretty cheap n clean , for 1 hour only cost 200baht , pretty worth it too.

when comes to sunday dinner we intend to be little bit of checking out the food ourselves. the walking distant from the hotel to Siam station wasnt that far , so no harm to had a evening stroll. wat surprised me along the way was this sign board.

when u don wan someone smoke = No Smoking
when u don wan someone Spit = No Spitting
if not allow to drink = No Drinking

WHAT if you don wan the hawker to do business in street ???????

NO HAWKING ????????

Anyway , we had our dinner outsite the Isetan area where allow them to Hawking. ( Rob ,is actually the same street we had our dinner ) . i had no idea wat to order but only looking at the menu pointing , wit no pictures but only written in thai n english. So, this is wat i had orders..a not bad dinner :P

tadaaa .. grilled beef , chicken ( forgot the name) , tomyum soup

Monday - basically suppose plan to go Grand palace , but i don know how long will the trip takes, coz i don wanna missed my flight again back to KL. done nothing much but again.. window shopping. Around 4pm , Ah-Chai is kind enough came to the hotel send us to the airport. The cost sending us to airport is 500baht. since i olny have 1000baht and 100baht x2 left. and yet Ah-Chai don have change for 500baht. and ended he only charged me for 200Baht from hotel to airport.. how sweet of him.. kekekeke.

this time i was smart enough, not going anywhere but jus sit infront of the counter waits till they open for check in. after that only went for a drink before flying off... and since i have a bit of time left. so i went for my coming weekends F1 practise, where all the top driver will have to gone through this session.

Even Schummaheur have to start wit this before he became top driver

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Gledwood said...

No hawking? I thought that meant no weighing out vast quantities of drugs ... but that's just my dirty mind ...

I've always wanted to go to Bangcock, it sounds like a fantastic place. I envy you aloud!!

So you had an entertaining Easter then? Good.

Do you know anything about giant wasps? I have a plague of them. Probably serves me right for posting up that Wasps at War video ... Come to my blog and give me the benefit of your South-East Asian wasps experience. Surely you have some horrour stories about almighty nightmarishly outsized specimens buzzing into your band practice or chasing people off the toilets ... or whatever. Excuse my abstract mind ...