Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jay's chow concert

It was really last minutes on saturday decision when Alvin call me having an extra space working for Jay Chow concert. Initially i was tired , as i had been working since wednesday till saturday , somemore sunday another event at Sepang. Thinking that might as well just touture myself for this week , what the heck .....

Well , i do like some of Jay Chow's song , not all of coz ... do admit that this guy really talented not just in singing , but acting , directing as well... wonder what's his next step ?? politician... ????

Before the show started , we were being sent to respective area to ursher the VIP to respective seats. And managed to see some rehearsal ......special guest " Nan Quan Ma Ma "

When the gate opened , you can see how the hardcore fans rush in like a bunch of Jarassic Park Dinasour hunting for Jay's Meat. Well , they just wanna get the front role stand to see their idol ... many of them seems like under 18 , i was wondering if they tell they mom " Mom , i'm going for my SPM study with my classmates ya...... ". The next things , study Jay's chow song.

I think this is the craziest concert ever , not even Jacky Cheung concert fill up with this kinda crowds. That's explain Jay's the highest Tax payer among so many singer in taiwan.

Nice to see , NIce to Scream , when the concerts over ,is another nightmare begin. Sometimes you cannot just forget the people that working day n night to set up teh stage. Wonder how many people know that to set up a stage like this kinda concerts event needs 4 days , the fastest ... coz every single day money counts , rental of place , rental of people , rental of Transportation , MACP n PPM licensing , sponsorship arrangement and dealings , A&P arrangements ...... and many many many many many headache stuff.

AAwwwww .... the chairs, the chairs that we need to stack up to transport back to warehouse. and then to settle the part timer salary , imagine how much you goin to settle for all this. For 2 hours concert that normal people attending , infact needs a lot human strategy and planning.
NO JAY CHOW PIC , go download from google or read newspaper...... people see the main picture , but hardly seen the people behind working. But at least still ... i got free entrance to his concert , if u ask me to pay to see...... forget about it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Transformers animated !!!!!

Transformers movie did a big hit last year and it was an awsome year . And now they even came the latest animated , at the begining was kinda stange for seeing tranformers animated, but i guess if u love the 80's transformers , u will be enjoying the Movie , so here to comes to love the animated :) . Not to say to soon how it's like , but check on TV3 morning show 1st MARCH.

i was questioning myself before the Movie on cinema , can the toys transformable ..and it prove anything is possible. When came to animated , i ask again... can the animated really transforme again yaa..... and nothin is impossible i guess... :P . Here we have the preview , Buckhead of Autobots.

if you wanna see more animated transformers , check on ToyWorkers n thy wil be updating the news.

For TransMy group , it will be another great news and watch out and see what they up to next ... till then " TransMy... transform n roll out. "

Monday, February 11, 2008

08' First Day Work

After few days of Chinese New Year , visiting friends and relatives , eating many many cookies and tibits , collected many many angpow , wahahahaa .... yes, don ask me when i will give .. still is my time to collect yet, or i should say .. i still enoying collecting :P . However this year is rather a smooth and not too rush Chinese New Year , did a lot of resting at home as well.

Anyway , 5th day of Chinese New Year is time for me to start working laaaa , although some still in CNY mood and some got to know start working on 6th and 9th , how lucky. Well , as we decided early in the morning, we need to pray for our first day office opened or launching. As traditional chinese believe that first day of working and prey in the right time will bring luck , and yes i do believe coz i'm chinese maaa.. :D .

As the new office is not fully in operation , but 4 of us already started to have individual projects in hand. As in early stage we name it 'Studio77' .... but it seems the name too common. And then later we came to agreement with " Platform 77 " . The reason we name that way because platform seems to be a place for someone to have a rest before taking their next flight (work) , and most of the time , we do a lot of running here n there and whereby , when we tired , we need a place to rest , to do mind mapping , to study , to re-charge our energy . And why 77 ... hehe , coz 4 of us born in 1977 and knew each other since long long long ago.

Prey for Good Luck first day working and Prey for the future ... " Yatt Bun Man Lei "

One Week Before Chinese New Year ...... 4 of us busy setting up the brand new office ,rushing for Chinese New Year . Knowing we have to spend time for family helpin cleaning house, and also spend time out to clean n renovate the office as well. No complains because we were looking forward for the results.

Kaninia ... same , always smoke while working. But a very resposible guy, i'm loving it .....

Seems like the oldest , but never knew he's also 77 .... a quiet nice guy , very dedicated to his work and helps a lot.

The CEO .... talk big big a lot , yet totally different from first day i knew him since primary school , Our platform future lies in his hand..wahahahha

Gong Hi Fat Cai ....... ALways believe His Dreams will comes true when He follow his PASSION... and taking action.
When you put 4 believers with a same dream togethere ...... well , see what's happen soon and i believe 2008 will be another blasting year :).

Sunday, February 03, 2008


First of all , i wanna wish all my friends especially chinese and viewers ,


of coz we have Gong Xi Fatt Choi , Shang Yi Heng Long , Man shi Yuen Yi , Yat Boon Man Lei , Bou Bou Gou Sheng ...
Yet this is what i love among all the chinese wishes, " Xin Xiang Shi Cheng " .... errr , english translation should be "May Wishes Comes True ". Because this one already compile up all the wishes. :P

Is been quite a little for not updating my blogs , Just a quickie round up what i had done. As this coming year , things getting more n more smooth , not to mention about my work. Earlier as i planned that i will go travelsss , and somehow , don know how , i will be travelling few countries because of work purpose for free :P , the clients paying me for events to work for them of coz , wahahaha.... cool.

Went for my full body medical check-up few days back. Results are ...... strong and healthy, except for i'm over weight. hahaha , told Doc i did go for jogging n walk least once a week , but he ask me to double n triple up my excercise , and my eating habits must slightly change , and mjst sleep early , better sleep around 10 ..... errrr well, the first n second still ok , but the last one is hard little bit , but i'll try my best .... :P

Today went for my AAM exam for Sepang International Circuit and upcoming Motosports event , For definately and confirmed passed and will be continuing as Pit n Grid marshall for F1 at Sepang. And might be a chance to work for the events forthe first F1 night race at Singapore.. whoo hooo.. wish me luck for this :P

Lastly , APE will be moving to new office at Kota Damansara merging up with few company. In this world if we want to expand business big and fast, the fastest way is to merge and focus teamwork( Quoted by Bill Gates ) . And will be announsing ........ "Studio 77 " . Why ???? let me busy finish all the stuff as i'm rushing for CNY launching. :P

Till then , wish all of you again ...Drive safety on road when going back homtown for holidays.