Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Break in ....

is been a while since last i blog ... busy with life , busy with work , busy with lots of preparation. however life still treating me good , busy but meaningful , never been felt this way. The previous month was struggling with my work , yet also struggling about should i re-contract for another year. well , most of my fren knew i been doin my own event , and since last year i contrat wit a company for just a year ..and it made me a busy man , or can someone tell me actually this is the way should like i have to forgo lots of stuff. But how ever i been thinking lots about my future , since now there a chance and there is someone giving me this chances... and also since i;m still young ... lots of things i need to learn , why should i not ..... opportunities don comes twice new contract , a good offer as well. hmmm.... to do or not to do.... any advice ??

well , and this week a busy week .. not because of work , but my mom's place been break in. for just 2 hours , luckily nothin much were stolen except some of my mom's jewllery , and my some of my money which i withdraw few days back where sup
pose to settle some stuff , unbelievable. well , luckily my parent were out ... like my sis said , no witness, the only witness is Snowy ... but i doubt she can tell and rocognised the face. hmm... maybe will leave it to the police to investigate with snowy.... gal, u r our only last hope.

well , to read more details n see how it happens, read my sis blog.

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