Sunday, August 03, 2008

Another excited sleepless month.

July's over ... is August now.

A pretty interesting and definately another sleeples month.
A lot of great news and moments coming soon.

Had a lovely lunch with UIP GM 1st day ... what else to discuss , 2009 Transformers II on cinema June 26th " Transformers - Revenge of Decepticons " . This round for sure the movie will be better than the 1st one, more decepticon , more bad guys and UIP will be coming up lots of previews and plans before the movie up next year .... do look out for some transformers events end of this year. Not to mention next year UIP wanna do it a big ones, however before Transformers, G.I.Joe will on movie screeen in May.... Isn't that EXCITED

this evening .. had a great long meeting with someone , i would said he's an investor who willing to invest a sum and ask me to incharge of his company as consultant. this really made me sleepless. i'm not saying i cant help him ... but does it affect my events projects. i think with one condition with him ,i will still work for my events, and of course priorities will focus on him , however this is yet to be finalised yet... but still Isn't it EXCITED

080808 ... who's ever birtday falls on that day. They will be millionssss of people celebrating with you together with the open cermony of Olympic 09 at beijing. Still remember last year when my parents say they wanna go beijing for the opening , and then cant even booked any hotels. but still i think watching tv LIVE will be morE clear... Isn't that EXCITED

090808... a new journey for me , 2008 plan change ... new direction ... new dreams ... new me ... have to get adapt to the new new new... Isn't that EXCITED.

ok... so far the excitment till 10th , but more to come... Isn't that EXCITED

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