Monday, July 28, 2008

weekends at Clone War Launching

Star Wars : Clone Wars will be out at cinema August 15th , however the toys already out weeks before. Hasbro jus launched their world wide mid night pre-launch , done it at MId valley and Toy Workers at subang. This is world wide launching and the trick is , only whne the clock struck 12am 26th .... only allowed people to grab it. No cheat cheat.. why ?? coz the Habro GM was there to witness a well.

well , talking about economy bad ... u will be amazed seeing people crazy for Star Wars toys figuring. , the highest amount who spend on that night by a collector is RM3,000 ++ , follow by rm2400 ++... :P

Millienuem Falcon worth RM750 , 10 sets .... all sold. follow by others vehicle mood . within 15 minutes , 3/4 ofthe toys were gone.

Darth Vader new apprentice ...Darth Sam....

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