Saturday, January 13, 2007

2007 Biggest Resolution.. BE GAY

having dinner few days back wit an old fren. We chatted for almost 2 hours , sharing wat's our new year resolution. Was surprise when got to know he broke up with his gf which they had been together since high school. i mean, i cant do anything ... but jus comfort him. And again , to my surprised when he told me " wat the heck , i think i will remain single and i wanna be GAY, that's wat i want.. jus try to be gay ". ...knn. ok ok ok.... i admit my english is a bit weak or little bit powderful in understanding. however the conversation took quite sometims before i really convince by him , then from that moment. i just told him " True , true ,agree ... startin from this year additional resolution .. I WANNA BE AS GAY AS POSSIBLE.


Friday night rob call me for dinner together few gangs join up. we went to Murni as usual for dinner. having sweet time when it started to rains, so we might jus call it a day. rob have to send me n sy back to merve house to pick up our car. jus a short jouney sy put on his so called favourite song of the month " Mr.curiousty" .. then i jus decided ' hey.. is only rain right , tak-kan balik so early in friday night' . ask rob pulled over n ask everyone back to robs car heading for 'tong sui' ..... and not to forget picking up mr macho ah fook. 5 guys in a car heading to 'gei tak shek' ..... no doubt it rains. but we had lovely , enjoyable time , chatting around, joking , gossiping , teasing each others , jus guys ... no girls. although sy , merve n fook having some competition goin on from that night. but..... :P

well , we had a lovely cozzy friday night. We r so so so gay that night.....

oh yaa.. for those english is weak n powderful like me.. gay also means happy.


Fengster said...

well, will be as gay as I can be.

Anyway... Had a great time that night.. we should do it more often.. All Boys from the past! Having tea and hoped it will be the same until we grow old..

soonyean said...

hey hey hey, what competition? I don't want other girls to misunderstand ok. Say I gay also nevermind la....