Friday, January 05, 2007

Love is in the air in January

Wat a brand new starts for brand new 2007 . Just this January receiving 4 friends getting marry. of coz need to congratulate them in advance and can stop for a while let me take a big breath ahhh .

However last year 2006 total of attending frends or relatives wedding already 13. That's already a big number for me when my uncle told me he's uncountable. C'mon , i'm only a little boy maaa....

BUt among all the dinner i attended 2006, i thought one of my fren wedding the glamarous, 120 tables. But 30th Dec 2006 , i think my cousin beat them...Not about quantity .Although not up to 120 tables. but is high up to 120 meter up up up .... wedding in the sky , KL Tower

my beloved cousin Esmond n Helen ,Which they will come out wit there own ice cream brand soon --" Hel-mond"

A perfect view of Petronas KLCC twin tower from table 17


Lucy said...

Happy 2007 chee how!!!!!

I havent been seeing you for LONG LONG TIME.......

hopefully we'll meet up soon in this brand new year!!

Fengster said... your wedding will be on the twin tower???

cheehow said...

mine ??..
well.. u jus have to wait n see